Jubillar case – Séverine, Cédric’s companion overwhelmed by the situation: “I don’t know where I am anymore”

By getting into a relationship with Cédric Jubillar, Séverine found herself immersed in the whirlwind of the investigation into the disappearance of her wife Delphine. Placed in police custody and released free, it is a lost woman who appears in front of the cameras of the documentary “Investigation into the Jubillar mystery”, between her desire to respect the presumption of innocence and the accusations which weigh on this man.

Since that night from December 15 to 16, 2020, no revealing clue has been found about the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, a nurse from Tarn living in Cagnac-les-Mines with her two children Louis and Elyah, and her husband Cédric. He is the last to have seen alive his wife, with whom he was in the process of divorce. A lot of suspicion weighs on this man who has been in pre-trial detention for spousal homicide since June 2021. A few months before, the painter-plasterer had met a woman, Séverine. The l atter decided to participate in the documentary broadcast on RMC Story, Investigation of the Jubillar Mystery

produced in particular with the journalist of Parisian-Today in France who also published a book on the case, Ronan Folgoas. In front of the camera, this 40-year-old mother of two wants restore his truth.

Pointed the finger, the one who won the heart of Cédric Jubillar after his wife gave no sign of life, said facing the camera: ” He never confided in me, he never said anything to me. He would have told me anything, I would have thrown him straight. I wouldn’t stay with someone who hurt his wife. “Remarks made in front of the gendarmes when she was in police custody for concealment of a corpse and from which she quickly emerged free.

Séverine met Cédric Jubillar while participating in research for his wife: one day during a hunt, she discovered a sweater and contacted him to show it to him. They meet, then she invites him to eat. The next day or two, they are a couple and will live two and a half months together, until he is incarcerated. Clearly lost between her feelings and the situation, she expresses her distress: “ In fact after a while, I don’t really know where I am. You have to put yourself in my place too. But don’t think I’m trying to cover for Cedric if he did something. People need to stop thinking I’m covering for Cedric. Until proven otherwise, there is no evidence. Judgment, for me, is forbidden. I educate my children like that, we don’t have to judge without proof, we don’t have to accuse people without proof. Until proven otherwise, Cédric is innocent. »

If she does not overwhelm him, Séverine has distanced herself from the one she initially defended with ardor and whom she knew briefly before Delphine disappeared because he is a friend of her son. We imagine that being questioned in police custody for concealment of a corpse must have been striking. She had also decided to answer all court questions to clear up this case and not be considered an accomplice. In January at Parisian, this 44-year-old caregiver and mother of two children admitted that she now doubted his innocence and that he could indeed be involved in the disappearance of the Albi nurse. But without commenting further, while waiting for real proof.

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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