Jubillar case: Séverine, Cédric’s new companion, clarifies things about their meeting

Pointed out in this news item, the one who was in a relationship with the suspect Cédric Jubillar a few months before he was arrested, Séverine, wanted to establish her truth. She explains in front of the cameras that she does not blindly defend the one who is considered the ideal culprit but who remains presumed innocent.

In the Jubillar case, there is the woman who has been missing since mid-December 2020, Delphine, her husband considered by the courts to be the number suspect, remanded in custody since June 2021, the nurse’s lover 33 years old, with whom she would have liked to start a new life, but also the new companion of Cédric Jubillar, Séverine. She caught the attention of investigators, to the point of being in police custody for concealment of a corpse, an interrogation that we imagine traumatizing and from which she emerged free. This forties now wants to set the record straight on her role in this complex investigation, agreeing to be interviewed for the RMC Story documentary.

Last spring, Séverine, a 44-year-old caregiver, appeared in the Delphine Jubillar case. In a relationship with the husband of the disappeared two months before he was imprisoned, she returns to the origin of their relationship in the investigative film broadcast on RMC Story and which is based on the work of the journalist from the Parisian-Today in France

Ronan Folgoas, author of Jubillar Mystery.

I was researching [elle a participé aux fouilles pour retrouver la jeune femme] and one day I found a sweater. There, I sent a message on Messenger to Cédric, I asked him: ‘Could I come see you, I have something to show you?’ He said ‘yes, go on a Saturday’. And it was the first time that I saw Cédric. On the 12th, I invite him to eat. And on the 13th or the 14th, it was me who went to his house and here we are together“, explains Séverine. Overwhelmed today by the situation, she wants to be honest but denies blindly defending Cédric and covering him up. According to her, for the moment, there is no proof.

Refusing to overwhelm her, Séverine has however distanced herself from the one she initially defended with ardor and who is a friend of her son. She decided to answer all court questions to clear up this case and not be considered an accomplice. Without giving evidence for the prosecution, she also admitted that she now doubted his innocence and that he could indeed be involved in the disappearance of the Albi nurse.

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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