Julia Fox confused Halloween with the Oscars, but it’s important that she had a good time

She was not the only one who made a goth inspired look, but she was definitely the only one who did it so ridiculously.

Every year the awards Oscars come with unforgettable red carpet looks. Of course, among them there are those that we would really like to forget. Apart from the well-dressed stars who choose glamorous gowns or even statement options, there are also those appearances that divide (I am forgiving you see) with their aesthetics and make us wonder “why?”.

One of them was the appearance of the actress and model last night Julia Fox, which was invited to Vanity Fair after party of the Oscars 2022.

Our popular persona has become accustomed to extreme and statement appearances both at the side of her ex-partner Kanye West, as well as at the Paris Fashion Week – where she made her catwalk.

This time, however, she may have overdone it, even for her own data. It’s her fault that the party was Kim Kardashian

in stunning turquoise dress Balenciaga; Did the 10 layers of eyeliner prevent her from reading the dress code correctly in the invitation? Nobody knows.

Fox chose a maxi dress made of leather in black. The dress ended in a halter neck cut and a creepy hand wrapped around her neck, and as if all this were not missing, she was holding a bag of real hair. Of course, her signature bold eyeliner did not leave. She was not the only one who did goth inspired look (Billie Eilish, Kourtney Kardashian and Hunter Schafer had similar inspiration), but she was certainly the only one who did it so aggressively.

Maybe her look was appropriate for another occasion (although many comment that it was reminiscent of Halloween), but in the sparkle and elegance of the Oscars it seemed the least out of place and, let’s be honest, a bit kitsch.

However, she seems to have had fun, so good for her.

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