Karim Benzema: the French star reveals the secret of his happiness (photo)

Karim Benzema still talk about him. “Right now, I’m teaching him ball control! To answer our colleagues from the Team, Karim Benzema was accompanied by his young son Ibrahim. 4 years old, and already a golden coach to learn the basics. ” I have the feeling that the little ones today don’t know not control. They are only taught to score goals. Afterwards, the kids grow up and they only know how to shoot and run fast. But controlling a ball is the basis. So I teach him that every day.” The n°9 of Realwhose role model is legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo, hopes to inspire his son in turn.

Recently became the top French scorer in the history of football (415 career goals) after overtaking Thierry Henry, Karim Benzema is living the best period of his career. Let’s hope for him, his son and the France team, that Ibrahim will one day follow in his father’s footsteps…

After all, between counseling and genetics (at the same age, they look alike like two drops ofwater)why not imagine, as for Enzo and Lucas Zidane, a professional career for Ibrahim Benzema ?

His children, “it’s everything” for him

So ruthless and tough on the pitch (ask the players of the PSG) only emotional when we talk to him about his children, Karim Benzema assumes his “daron side”. Invited in 2019 on the Daily set, at the sight of a photo of his daughter Mélia and his son Ibrahim, the attacker had lost his words.

“Oh… This is many things, that’s‘East… That’s all. I don’t even have the words because it touches my heart, ”he replied to Yann Barthes. However, he had warned:he don’t show me that otherwise it will bring me to tears”. The overflowing love he has for his two children is felt through the screen, it is almost palpable. With a trembling voice and wet eyes, Karim Benzema does good for masculinity when he talks about his children.

2 children, from 2 different mothers

Her first child, Mélia, was born in February 2014. Coming from his love story with Chloé de Launay, a trained nurse from Reunion, his little girl “opened her heart” like the international French writes it on his Instagram account.

After breaking up with his first girlfriend, Karim Benzema meets the model Cora Gauthier in the streets of Madrid, when he was in the middle of business Valbuena (the story of the s*xtape who excluded him from the France team for several years, editor’s note)in the spring of 2016.

The one who will become his wife a few months later, will give birth to Ibrahim in May 2017, the second child of the striker of the Real. Both are the apples of his eye, in testifies his Instagram account.

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