Kim and Pete Spotted Together at Hulu Premiere of “The Kardashians”

Not only Kourtney and sweetheart Travis, but also Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are taking big steps in their relationship. Where the two first seemed to wait with their big public appearance as a couple, they have now been spotted together at the red carpet premiere of Hulu’s new reality show “The Kardashians”.


“The Kardashians”

After the iconic reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians came to an end at the end of 2020, it wasn’t long before the Kardashian-Jenners got homesick for the cameras. Streaming service Hulu announced a brand new Kardashian show a while back release on April 14

With only a little week left before it’s finally time and we can enjoy our favorite again famous family† Last night it was time for the red carpet premiere of “The Kardashians”† Not only the Kardashians themselves were here, but also Pete Davidson was there to support his sweetheart Kim.

Kim and Pete’s first public appearance

Pete (unfortunately) didn’t pose with Kim K. for photos on the red carpet. Instead, he supported her from the sidelines, after which the couple walked into Gaya Studios in Los Angeles together. Super sweet

Kim seemed overjoyed with Pete’s presence at the premiere and told E! News: “He is very supportive”, she says with a smile. When asked whether the two had doubts about walking the red carpet together, Kim answers the following: “He’s here to support me. It’s my thing, I don’t think it’s his thing to be all up here with me. So, I’m just so happy he’s here.”

We are super happy for the couple and think Kim looks very happy. We are curious when the couple decides to pose together on the red carpet.

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Spotted Together at Hulu Premiere of ‘The Kardashians’

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