Kim Kardashian on her upbringing and most important life lessons

Three days ago, Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong. Not only were those beautiful images of the celeb, she was also very open in the interview. For example, she opened a booklet about the upbringing of her children and also the important life lessons that she wants to pass on to them.

Life lessons that everyone can learn from. Although she sometimes completely misses the point (which we are indeed referring to her statement that women have to work harder but often don’t want to), on the other hand she also has useful things to say about life.

Kim Kardashian on life lessons

First back to the photos of Vogue Hong Kong, because: wow! Not only the cover photo is beautiful, the photo where she lies on the mirror coffee table is also a beautiful picture, made by none other than Greg Swales.

Now that you’ve seen the pictures, let’s move on to what’s really important. Namely with what Kimmie K really thinks is important. The mother of four gives her offspring a number of life lessons that she herself has learned from her parents. Of which the most important in her eyes is still: “The biggest thing my own parents taught me is that family is everything – and it’s definitely a lesson I try to teach my own kid[s]†

What else does Kim want to pass on to her children?

Besides hoping that her children understand and feel that family should mean everything to them, she clearly also finds it important that her kids are nice to others: “I want my kids to be kind and to treat everybody with respect.” We just hope that her children take this advice to heart, and make less crazy statements about whether or not women work hard. uhum

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Kim Kardashian on the two most important life lessons she teaches her children

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