Ladies, here are 5 things not to do in bed

When you’re in bed with your man, the last thing you want to do is perform one or more actions that will dampen his sexual ardor. For the sake of your sex life, your relationship, and your marriage, watch your movements in bed.

That said, here are some common mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Don’t be afraid of your own fantasies

Men get excited to know what things make you lose your mind just by thinking about it. Make sure you never run away from your own fantasies, if you want him to share his. Let him know how much just touching you in multiple places makes you wet, or that you like certain types of foreplay.

Don’t pretend

In bed, a man’s arousal follows your feedback, as to how you react to his touch, how his skin rubs against yours, how much you enjoy his lips or his lingering fingers on your skin . Never fake any of these reactions in bed, especially never fake an orgasm! Men will find out one way or another, and it makes them insecure and hurt.

Don’t be too critical

Don’t be too critical of him. It’s understandable that you might feel a little less satisfied with him than you might with another partner you’ve had in the past. But never go over the line and compare him to someone else, even if he asks. Don’t do it regardless of your mood, let her know that ex’s penis wasn’t enough for you, or compare it to someone else’s. Be sure to reaffirm it, tell him you like the way he uses it, and the feeling of him rubbing against you makes your eyes roll – men love that.

Don’t be distracted

Don’t get distracted by your phone constantly making noise from the text messages you receive, or start talking about extraneous things the moment you share. Men often take this as a sign of boredom and disinterest. Make sure you’re not the one making her feel that way.

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stay silent

Do you like to hear it when you share an intimate moment with your partner? So pay him the same respect and talk when you’re having fun. Something as simple as a little moan, or even saying something like ” it is so good“, will encourage and educate him more about the areas that make you moan.

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