Laura Rapp: Her ex tried to kill her in front of her 2-year-old daughter, the true story that inspired “She saved me”

This Tuesday, March 29 will be broadcast the TV movie “She saved me” on M6 which traces the true story of Laura Rapp, a young woman victim of an attempted murder by her companion, under the eyes of her 2-year-old daughter. The young woman now wishes to raise awareness…

Viewers will be able to discover the TV movie She saved me broadcast this evening in prime time on M6 and inspired by the author’s experience Laura Rappvictim of an attempted femicide one night in April 2018. The 34-year-old young woman had to face an outburst of violence from her companion, in front of her daughter Alice 2 years old at the time. A story she told in her book Tweet or die.

The writer, who inspired the TV movie in which we will find Lio on Tuesday, had returned for Paris Match about the tragic events she had to face. ” I was paralyzed with fear. What would happen to me if I filed a complaint? One night when he came home drunk, we had a fight and he threw a bottle of water at Alice, who woke up terrified and crying. When I threatened him to call the police, I saw his glare

. The one he had every time he turned to violence… she remembered.

If the young woman undertook all this work, to write a book then to collaborate with M6 for a television adaptation, it is above all for her daughter, and more generally the next generations. Indeed, at the time she feared that her daughter would be taken away from her. ” I was terrified for Alice. I had started to do research on the Internet and I knew that the justice could leave custody of our daughter to him if I left. So I stayed to take the hits instead of Alice”.

Worse still, she saw her daughter losing interest in life. She no longer spoke, mimicked choking gestures and every evening I had to check if the door was closed. She had language delays, panic attacks ” she confided in an interview given to the Parisian. Crossed by a desire to make things happen, Laura Rapp had sent a beautiful message of hope during this interview: “ I want her to grow up in a better world. This telefilm will not change my story but I would like that, in fifteen or twenty years, we say: ‘Look, there are almost no more feminicides‘. »

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