Lemon, cabbage and 3 other foods that are not as miraculous as you think

The internet is flooded with foods that are believed to have healing properties. I think of cinnamon, which cures cancer, or even honey, which lowers bad cholesterol. But none of this is scientifically proven.

If food could cure us of everything, there would be no disease. So today I will present you five foods that do not cure.

Cabbage is not antidepressant

In the texts of traditional Iranian medicine, cabbage was prescribed to ward off melancholy. However, according to the Statistical Institute of Quebec, 12.2% of Quebec residents will experience a depressive episode in their lifetime. Depression is a complex mental illness that cannot be cured by a cabbage.

Lemon water does not balance the pH of the bloodς

Acidity and alkalinity are expressed by the pH scale, which ranges between 0 (very acidic) and 14 (very basic or alkaline). Our body maintains the pH of the blood between 7.35 and 7.45. Acidification (excess of acids) or alkalosis (excess of bases) is a sign of a serious pathological condition, even fatal. Lemon water is not a substitute for medical care.

Artichoke does not cleanse the kidneys

No study has measured the effects of artichoke consumption on the kidneys. However, the diet industry is trying to convince you that your kidneys are in need of detoxification. Renal insufficiency probably indicates kidney disease that can have serious consequences. Artichoke is not a substitute for medical care.

Apple does not strengthen the immune system

For healthy children and adults, there are no scientific studies showing the ability of certain foods to boost the immune system. At best, one can hope to maintain health or restore a weakened immune system with the help of nutritious foods. But the apple no more than any other food, can not guarantee immunity to infections.

Grapes do not enhance cognitive abilities

The results of a single study in 20 people showed a slight improvement in memory range after consuming 230 ml of grape juice. As you understand this study is only one and of course it has many gaps. Improving memory is the result of many factors and not just one food.

Cabbage, lemon, artichoke, apple and grapes have no magical powers. A single food can not be responsible for a cure. What matters is what you eat as a whole and not if you consume foods that are considered – wrongly – good or bad.

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