Lesbian Relationships Dating Advice – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


So what exactly can any woman do to make sure they get their lesbian ex girlfriend back?

Perhaps lately you may just have been feeling like not matter what you try everything you do seems to push your ex girlfriend further and further away right?

Can you relate to that?

And right at this minute, and perhaps every minute of the day are you asking yourself the same question of what can you do to get your ex girlfriend back?

I have put together some mini tips that are easy to use and more important that will greatly increase your your chances of making sure that you get back together with your lost love.

Ok, so obviously right at this moment in time, you are deadly serious about saving your old relationship right?

That’s what has ultimately led you to this page in the first place!

But unfortunately your current behaviour could actually be hampering any chances you have of getting back with your ex girlfriend!

In fact, if you are OVER ANXIOUS to get your ex girlfriend back, then it’s almost certain that you are behaving in the wrong way, causing your ex girlfriend to pull away naturally.

You may even be given them more reasons NOT to get back with you, and we certainly don’t want that do we?

I understand that your behavior is simply human nature to behave how you do, we have all been there, but in all honestly it natural for your ex girlfriend to resist this kind of pressure.

So ultimately you are making her struggle against human nature and that is completely pointless, it will push her too far away, beyond a point of no return and it will simply make matters worse.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is phoning your ex girlfriend too much, I know that perhaps you really miss her, and that you think if you keep phoning she will eventually succumb to your advances, but believe me she wont.

If you take an honest look at how you are behaving, do you think you may be calling your ex too much?

Or maybe you have taking the route of constant e-mails?

Or worse still, constantly bombarding her with texts messages?

All this will achieve is to make your ex girlfriend feel sorry for you.

Now you may think that the sympathy vote is better than nothing, but all you are doing is looking needy in your ex girlfriend’s eyes.

This is NOT the way to get your ex girlfriend back.

So what can you do to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to take a step back!

First you have to stop:

Telephoning all the time.

Emailing all the time.

Texting all the time.

You have to stop doing any of the above RIGHT NOW!

Instead you want to take a completely surprising approach, the element of surprise will be your new best friend!

You have to begin by stopping all contact with your ex girlfriend for a short while.

Don’t panic, she wont forget you, in fact by ceasing all contact you will actually make her think about you even more!

Now while she is wondering why you have stopped all contact you are going to be off doing your own thing.

Throughout this period of no contact with your ex girlfriend, you will be focusing on ways that you can improve your own personal life.

You wont be sulking about your current relationship woes.

You are going to become disciplined and take on some new challenges, nothing too tough, just general things that will enhance your life immensely and prevent you from slipping back to your old “constant contact with your ex girlfriend” ways.

Now whilst you are improving your own life, the other side of the coin will see your ex girlfriend is almost sure to be going through an emotional shift in how she feels about you.

Since you are no longer actively pursuing her, all of sudden you have become more mysterious to her, because she has lost the control in knowing your ever move, now she not sure what you are doing or what you are feeling.

You see no contact has now forced your ex think about you even more which is a major step in getting your ex girlfriend back, well done you!

By giving your ex girlfriend some real breathing space, you have given them the chance to miss you again.

Now you must remember to work with human nature and not against it, human nature is going to help you get your ex girlfriend back in no time at all.

So now you know one major mistake to avoid, do not smother your ex, give her time to miss wonderful you!

Here is a quick recap:

Don’t smother your ex girlfriend.

Make yourself appear mysterious.

Play hard to get (but not too hard!).

and above all let her make the first move.

Pretty soon you will have your ex girlfriend back in your arms, where she belongs.

Source by Sally Bern

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