Lio, 59, the surprise pregnancy: “This baby is really joy! »

This baby, the son of my son Igor and Pauline, is really joy“, told Lio, to Gala, in a new interview. At 59, the singer thus became a grandmother for the first time!

And if this adorable baby is now fourteen months old, the star of the 80s admits, however, that she does not yet know how to organize herself.

It must be said that Lio has “always lived in a suitcase” and never stay “more than three years” at the same location. “I am a nomad with all that that implies (…), that’s probably why I feel very fragile

“, she confided.

“Perhaps I will remain what I am: a nomadic grandmother“, specifies the one who still gives herself a little time to find a new balance in which she obviously includes her grandson!

The other battle of his life!

Already a victim of domestic violence, a few days earlier, Lio had wanted to say his determination in another fight: that for women. ” I know it upsets me too much. And at the same time, there’s something in me that tells me not to let go. It’s moving so slow that all we can do, we gotta go“, she explained in effect in We’re doing TV again.

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