List Of Companies That Don’t Drug Test

Drug tests are to detect the presence of any form of illegal drug or prescription in an individual’s body. The presence of these illicit drugs is tested for in a person’s urine, saliva, sweat, blood, hair, etc. So, what is the list of companies that don’t drug test?

However, the most typical test is the one of urine primarily used for screening.

Most of these illegal drugs include; Marijuana (heroin, oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, fentanyl), Cocaine, phencyclidine, steroids, barbiturates, such as phenobarbital and secobarbital.

Many of the companies require that prospective employee takes.

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List of companies that do not drug test

Several companies and job vacancies do not drug test their potential employees. Here are the companies an individual can apply to without being drug tested:


Lauded as one of the most reputable and globally recognized companies. Apple is a technology company situated in the United States.

The company doesn’t engage in drug testing for pre-employment drug screening except for specific positions.

Potential staffs for positions like; IOS developer, software engineer, managers, biomechanics researchers and so on might be asked to perform a pre-employment drug test.

Job in Apple companies that may not involve drug tests involves; retail specialists, warehouse workers, booksellers, and the likes.


This company has been one of the best retail industries over the years. You can quickly get a job with Microsoft company once you possess the needed skill and experience.

They are excellent lately known for their high payment. Like other technology tests, Microsoft company do not drug test pre-employment screening.

You will need not undergo any drug test as you attempt to apply to this company.


Google company is one of the most notable technology companies. It is commonly known for its search engine, offering lots of products.

This technology company has always been adaptive to current times and systems, and with the help of effective and innovative works, Google has been able to achieve this reputation.

It is possible to get a job from the company without pre-employment drug screening. With Google, you can get a job, and your drug test analysis may not count.

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Target is the progressive sister of Walmart. Lately, it has upgraded into input developmental ideas into its operating programs.

One of these instances is that the company barely drug tests its new employee. Of course, the company may test others in the warehouse and loss prevention position, but never would it drug test retail workers.

Being a staff of Target warranty gives you some benefits such as discounts for electronics, groceries, and many more items.

Most times, it depends on the work nature you are applying for in Target, trying jobs like cashier, customer service, stocker and the likes. You will not be required to undergo drug test screening.


This company has been doing exceptionally well lately, having over 64,000 workers working at hundreds of American locations.

Chipotle never drug tests, according to some information. Working in this kind of company is very beneficial to its workers as there are many opportunities attached with working in this industry.

There can be no alarm of fear for any interested worker who can consider this a suitable workplace, as there are many enjoyable avenues such as health insurance, education perks, and bonus programs.

Whole food

Whole food is another viable option for as many as would love a company that doesn’t drug test. Getting work in whole food industry isn’t something challenging.

Whole Foods company offers many opportunities and benefits to its workers and would need not bother about drug tests.


Michael offers job opportunities so that such can start work without a need to perform a drug test.

This company has become exceptional in art materials supply in the state. They deliver materials like; paints, canvas, or brushes.

You can always find them available in the company. A drug test is declinable in Michael’s.

It is possible to get a job here without any drug test carried out on a potential employee.


You may likely be such that loves selling and relating well with the customer. Dick’s company is a means or platform you can exercise that.

They sell materials like tents, bicycles, fishing poles, treadmills, etc. If you enjoy doing this, but you are having an issue with whether or not this company drug test or not, you can always stay calm and relax.

Though you may find such in your application form, the good news is that you can always skip it.

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Vividly, you can see that some companies drug test, while some do not at all and some may and may not because it happens that some companies do not pre-employment test.

Still, at one point or the other, maybe during promotion or injury, a worker might be compulsorily drug tested.

Hence, one must be so sure of the drug test requirement of the company at which he wants to work for proper preparation towards the demand.

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