Love is in the meadow: An ex-suitor falls in love on another show!

Monday evening, M6 broadcast an unpublished episode of its new dating show “And if we met…”. Among the candidates, viewers were able to find an ex-contender of “Love is in the meadow” still determined to meet love, the real one.

Monday evening is devoted to love on M6! After Married at first sight in the first part, the channel broadcasts How about we meet? The concept is simple: cameras have followed a handful of French people, registered on dating sites or applications, when they decide to see the person with whom they are chatting online. Following this first meeting, the suitors must choose whether to continue the date by spending the weekend together or to end the relationship.

This March 28, 2022, it is the candidate Stephanie which has particularly attracted attention on social networks. And for good reason, it is not unknown to the general public. At 49, this dog-sitter, passionate about shamanism and spirituality, has participated in another romantic show in the past: Love is in the meadow.

It was in 2021, in season 16. Stéphanie was then the pretender

of Vincent, the winemaker. However, the experience had not been conclusive since the pretty blonde had quickly realized that no future was possible with the farmer. She was a vegetarian and he was crazy about meat, she was manic and he tended to leave everything behind him. It is therefore naturally that Stephanie had decided to leave the adventure, but not without having a last big argument with Vincent first. The farmer had quickly raised his voice with his suitor when he learned that she had given her dogs the leftovers from the day before. He also blamed her for making too much dressing for the salad. ” Don’t yell at me. Shut your mouth, you don’t talk to me like that. Who do you think You Are !“, she was carried away.

Stéphanie seems this time to have found her “soul mate” in the person of Stéphane in How about we meet?. After three daily virtual exchanges, they met for the first time and between them, the current passed very quickly. They even exchanged a first kiss after their date.

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