Mated To The Alpha Twins Chapter 65

I woke up that morning feeling the best I had in a long time. The weight that had been firmly pressed against my ch3st for years now, had all but vanished.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of total security, acceptance, and awe as I slept in the arms of the twins. I marveled at their beautiful faces, how strong their jaws were and how every little scar seemed to enhance their feral beauty.

I found myself in constant awe around the two of them. Two men, so large and dominant but had treated me with a gentleness I never knew. Their touches were feather light, their k!sses even lighter. The only time they mixed pleasure and pain was when I begged for it.

That morning I found myself sandwiched between the two of them, wondering how life could ever get better than this. Melissa had often spoke of s*ex as a damning act. “The first time is the best it’s going to get. It all goes downhill from there.” The few times Melissa drank alcohol, she went off on one of her tangents. How wrong she had been. Every k!ss, every touch–it set my body aflame. It took us an hour longer to get out of bed that morning, but every second had been worth it.

As I walked with Alec and Kade to the car, every little movement made the sensitive spot between my legs ache. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to having the two of them, and savored the soreness that reminded me of last night. I had meant to ask about marking last night, but found myself swept away in Kade’s touches.

Tori told me it would hurt, and I couldn’t help but feel the act was much more significant than I was willing to understand. Tying myself indefinitely to Alec and Kade no longer felt like a huge decision to make. I knew what I wanted, and a life without the twins wasn’t a life at all. There was no longer a decision to be made. I was all in, no matter what came our way.

Alec and Kade had talked to me that morning regarding my safety in this pack. The two of them thought it best that their Beta’s knew what I was. They had both asked for my opinion beforehand, not daring to say anything without my permission. The choice caught me off guard. I wasn’t used to anyone asking my opinion, asking what I wanted.

They both knew I’d have to shift eventually, and I was beginning to agree with them. Shifting into a wolf wasn’t something I had been excited for. Now, it was the oxygen I breathed. I couldn’t imagine anything more freeing than shedding my human skin. The dull thud of the earth beneath my paws, the way the scents and sights of the forest all seemed to change and heighten. It was thrilling and intoxicating. Despite my initial fear over what I was, Thalia had become a close part of me. Her frustration and anxiety became my own. Alec and Kade insisted that their Beta’s would be able to accompany me on runs when they couldn’t. Even though I had never met the two Beta’s, I could see how much Alec and Kade trusted them. I decided to do the same.

Jason and Zane were not what I had expected. While Kade comes off broodier and more silent, even Alec could be a man of few words. Jason and Zane were a whirlwind of excitement, charisma and perfect teeth. Sharp jawlines, lopsided grin’s, and lush hair all wrapped in a six-foot four package. Neither one was mated, as they had complained multiple times about how lucky Alec and Kade were.

“Your eyes look badass.” Jason grinned, brushing back a couple strands of his ch3stnut hair, which had fallen in his face. His hazel eyes darted back and forth between my own. “I bet you’re one tough little wolf. One blue eye, one brown.”

I glanced over at Alec, who snorted at Jason’s comment. Kade cleared his throat and the two Beta’s quickly collapsed in silence. I had to give it to Jason and Zane. They could be immature and somewhat rambunctious, but neither one dared disrespect Alec or Kade. It was a strange friendship, one based on trust and loyalty. Similar to the friendship I had with Tori, though she’s proved time and time again that she isn’t afraid of putting me in my place.

“Speaking of her wolf, there’s something you should know.” Alec grimaced before clearing his throat. “You’ll repeat this to no one. Understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.” Both Jason and Zane nodded, their humor snuffed out by the severity of Alec’s tone.

“Aurora is a white wolf. No one else can know, at least not right now.” Kade chimed in, crossing his arms over his ch3st. “During instances where Alec and I might be busy, we expect you to accompany Aurora when she wants to shift. You’ll have the complete schedule of all parole shifts, and know what areas to avoid.”

Jason and Zane were quiet for a few moments, and both sets of surprised eyes were on me. Just when I thought Alec or Kade might say something, Jason chimed in with a hearty laugh.

“Told ya.” Jason snickered.

“Good guess.” Zane mumbled, begrudgingly handing over a fifty-dollar bill to Jason.

“You guessed that Aurora was a white wolf, and proceeded to bet each other on it?” Alec asked, his face hard though his eyes twinkled with a hint of amusement.

“Oh, no.” Zane shook his head and flashed me a lopsided grin. “I didn’t guess she was a white wolf, just guessed she was special.”

“What made you think I was special?” I asked, resisting the u*ge to snort.

While I had accepted Alec and Kade, this entire world was still so new to me. I still found it incredible that I could change my form into a wolf. I couldn’t understand how the people in this pack were so used to shifting forms. The feeling in itself was incredible, despite the pain.

“You have two mates. That’s never happened before.” Zane shrugged, and flashed a smirk at Alec and Kade. “Besides, usually mates are pretty evenly matched. But you’re a white wolf, which makes you stronger than Alec and Kade.”

“We’ll keep her secret, Alpha.” Jason nodded to Alec and Kade, looking just a hint more serious than Zane did. “No one will know until you’re already.”

“Good, appreciated.” Kade nodded, some of the tension leaving his shoulders.

“Are you both prepared for what’ll happen after the pack knows?” Jason frowned, giving me a brief look of concern.

I had a vague idea on what would happen once the entire pack knew. Alec, Kade and Sage, all told me how coveted white wolves were and how they had always been in short supply. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pack experienced a heightened number of attacks after my reveal. The thought filled me with overwhelming guilt, but I had no other option but to trust Alec and Kade. Both were so sure their pack would accept me, but I couldn’t help holding some doubts. None of these people knew me, and Alec and Kade just expected them to accept me as their ruler? A ruler who brings nothing but danger. Regardless, all I could do was stay and try to minimize the damage. Running was no longer an option, and I was determined to face this future mess head on.

“We’re prepared.” Alec nodded, the muscles in his ch3st and arms coiled.

I could feel the fierce protectiveness radiating from both Alec and Kade, as well as Jason and Zane’s concern. Perhaps Alec and Kade were right, maybe the people of this pack would accept me. Jason and Zane both had taken to me right away, bowing with big flourishes as they called me ‘Luna’ every two seconds.

“Good. Because once word gets out, everyone’s going to want a piece of your mate.” Zane frowned, the worry lines on his face grew deeper as Alec’s quiet snarl rang out into the air.

I stayed behind with Jason and Zane as the twin’s went and visited Garrett and Julian. I wasn’t too keen on seeing them again, especially after the bombshell Julian dropped. Alec and Kade’s reassuring presence were the only thing holding me together at the moment.

The two of them were so strong, so selflessly brave that it made me want to step up to the plate. The thought of running the biggest pack in the United States sent my heart hammering and my pulse sky rocketing, but I trusted Alec and Kade to see me through it all.

After getting over the initial shock, Alec and Kade’s parents were both supportive. I had an entire support system, one not related by bl00d but chosen. It was the only family I’ve ever had, and the only one I might ever need.

Eventually, Tori stopped by. Jason and Zane had given me a brief rundown of what my duties as Luna would entail. The quick explanation of the twin’s duties had my head throbbing. The two of them oversaw so much in this pack.

They looked after the townspeople, made treaties with other packs, trained warriors, defended the perimeters from the occasional rogue attacks, and made sure money went to all the right places. What made me the happiest, was the fact that there were no specific duties as Luna.

I could help Alec and Kade with just about anything. My gender gave me no restrictions on ruling, and I held the same command and respect as the twins. It solidified my loyalty to the twins and this pack even more.

Tori seemed to be the only person, other than Alec and Kade, able to calm both Jason and Zane down. The two of them were hyperactive bundles of caffeine and adrenaline. With a few sharp words, she had Jason and Zane quiet and obedient. They grumbled under their breath quite a bit, but I was beginning to realize there was no one in this town who didn’t like Tori. Jason and Zane were not the exception.

Alec and Kade returned home once the sun sank into the sky and the moon arrived at full force. I had draped myself across our large bed after putting all of my clothes away. Alec and Kade’s Mom had gone shopping for me, picking me out a few outfits of my own. Her style was a little more formal than mine, but all of the outfits she had chosen were wonderful and comfortable. Even the thigh-high dresses were soft and fit perfectly.

Alec launched himself forward as he caught me lying on the bed. My giggle turned into a little wheeze as Alec shifted on top of me. Once he fully supported his body weight, I returned the lopsided smile he flashed my way.

“Hello, beautiful.” Alec murmured, planting at least a dozen k!sses to my face and neck. He buried his nose in my hair and I laughed as his breath fanned out over my neck. “You smell so good–fu*k, I missed you.”

“It’s only been a few hours.” I teased, though I felt the same way.

Even a few hours without the twins had been noticeable. They were my source of strength, laughter, joy, and compassion. They were everything I wanted to be, and my way of getting there. Even as I teased Alec, I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around him and breathe in his delicious scent.

The bed shifted beside me and I yelped as Kade jumped on the bed. For the second time today, I found myself sandwiched between the twins. This time around, we had clothes on. It wasn’t an improvement in my mind, and I found myself toying with the hem of Alec’s shirt.

“Patience, sweetheart.” Kade chuckled lowly. A heavy shiver worked its way through my body as Kade’s tongue darted out and slid against the soft skin of my neck. His deep grumble of approval was the only response I received. “As much as we’d love to tear your clothes off and take you, we have something else planned.”

“Something else?” I asked, lifting my head to look between the two of them.

Both smirked at the slight whine in my voice and pulled me from the bed. I was told to change into something comfortable. After slipping on a t-shirt and a pair of cotton sweat p*nts, I followed Alec and Kade outside.

Night was fully upon us, making the sky dark with shades of navy blue and indigo. The moon and the bright spattering of stars that danced in the sky were our only sources of light. I found myself taking deep breaths of the crisp air, enjoying the tang of humidity on my skin. I could feel Thalia stir and stretch within the confines of my mind.

Anytime I was outside, I had the u*ge to shed my skin. I wanted to bound off into the forest, letting my instincts run wild while I stepped down. Giving yourself over completely was freeing in a way I could’ve never imagined. I couldn’t conceal my excitement as Alec and Kade lead us into the woods.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting.” Kade murmured, spinning around to face me.

I could make out very little from where we stood. We were deep in the woods, not on any discernable trail. Little leaves from nearby bushes and trees tickled my skin. Through the beams of moonlight penetrating the thick forest, I could make out Kade’s face. In his hands were a little scrap of black fabric. My eyes widened as I realized what Kade wanted to do, making his smirk deepen even more.

“Do you trust us, sweetheart?” Kade asked, circling around until he stood at my back.

I shivered as his rough fingers danced along the back of my neck, brushing my long hair to one side.

“I trust you both.” I nodded, my words coming out weak and breathless.

“Good.” Kade smirked. He tied the blindfold around my eyes, checking to make sure I couldn’t see anything. His fingers dug into my h!ps, and I instinctively leaned back into his touch. My bottom grazed against the tightness in his jeans, and I had to physically pull my mind from the gutter. “Let Alec lead you. I’ll be behind you the entire time.”

I followed behind Alec for what felt like an hour. As Alec stopped, I nearly slammed into his back. Kade’s hands steadied me before I nearly toppled over.

“Can I take this off now?” I asked, already reaching for the scratchy blind fold.

“Not yet, doll.” Alec’s voice was low and smooth.

A hand wrapped around my wrist, and I instinctively knew it was Alec. He moved my hand back down to my side before scooping me into his arms. Despite how at ease I felt with the two of them, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous. Alec’s hand was tracing slow circles along my lower back, and I bit my l!p as the sparks dug deep into my skin.

“Keep biting that pretty little l!p, and I just might bite it for you.” Alec grunted, setting me down.

I was placed on something incredibly soft. I would’ve thought we were still inside the bedroom if it weren’t for the symphony of crickets chirping in the background. My fingers ran over the thick fur of whatever I had been placed on, marveling at how soft it felt. As my hands drifted even further, I felt when the blanket had ended. The grass was slightly damp under my fingertips, and I was instantly thankful for the blanket the twins had provided.

My heart leaped in my ch3st as a set of warm hands guided me down. Alec was pulling me down onto the blanket. Just as my head reached the ground, something soft and plush was placed underneath. Two sets of hands roamed my body, brushing my hair back from my face and straightening my clothes. Just as I reached for the blindfold that obscured my vision, a hot puff of breath against my cheek stilled my movements.

“I think you should leave it on, sweetheart.” Kade purred, “For now, at least.”

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