Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 24

“I promise I will speak to Damian first,” Kyson tells me and I s**k in a breath of relief.

“You go straight to Damian. I want your word. You won’t sneak off to your office. You won’t go look for her. Give me your word, Kyson, that you will go to him.” He was furious, but he also knew I was right. Damian was his calm place.

Those two were more like brothers who had some strange understanding. Kyson was like my brother, but those two were synced in some odd way, literally an extension of each other being raised like brothers side by side. Endured the same torment at the hands of his father. Damian was also the only one if I couldn’t talk him down that he usually could.

“Fine, just give me the drink,”

“I want to hear you say it?”

“I will go straight to Damian, okay,” I sigh before I relent and pass him the bottle. He takes it, and I don’t miss the tremble of his hands as he twists off the cap. Usually, that only happened the few times we tried to get him sober. It never lasted long before we gave up. His tremors would always be terrible, and we hated seeing him like that. The King was an alcoholic, everyone knew it, yet with Ivy, we saw hope because it was apparent he tried to not drink himself into a stupor with her.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I woke to Liam shaking me. I was still in the limo and jumped, startled, glancing around before realizing the King was no longer in the car with me.

“You wanna get inside? The King went on a warpath and had Ivy escorted out of the castle,”

“What?” I asked, scrambling to undo my seatbelt. When I fail, my claws slip out, and I slice it shoving past Liam and moving toward to door.

“What happened?” Liam asks, but I don’t have time to explain. “Is she safe? Did he hurt her?” I ask Liam, marching inside the castle.

“Her hand was busted up pretty badly,”

“He hurt her?” I snarl.

“Dustin said he didn’t intentionally. He is with her,” Liam tells me as I turn for the stairs to find Abbie screaming at the guard and Clarice trying to calm her down.

“Abbie, wait. Dustin won’t hurt her. They can’t hurt her,”

“She already is f**cking hurt! I want to go with her. Let me f**cking pass,” she growls, and I watch her eyes glow. What in the f**cking madness was going on? I had never seen her raise her voice at anyone, but right now, she looked like a cornered animal about to a***k. Clarice grips her arm, yanking her back when she tries to shove past the guard, who looked like he didn’t know what to do, but I knew if she got too loud, he would be forced to remove her from the castle.

“Liam!” I growl. This wasn’t something I had time for. It would be up to him to deal with her. Yet the moment I spoke the word, and she heard my voice, she turned to me. Relief floods her features, and she rushes over.

“Tell him to let me pass, the King.. he had them take her, Gannon,” she says, glaring back at the guard. She turns around to face me, and I press my lips in a line. Her eyes scrutinize my face for a second, and she takes a step back from me.

“You already know,” she says.

“Liam just told me I will handle it,”

“Tell the guard to let me pass,”

“I can’t do that,” I tell her, knowing doing that could cause more drama for Ivy.

“Yes, you f*g can. You’re third in command, are you not? Tell him to take me to her.”

“I will handle it. I will bring her back into the castle. I need to speak to the King first.”

“F***k the King, that b***d-” Liam clamps his hand over her mouth as my heart sputters in my chest at her words. She threatens the King and if she will have every guard on her in seconds.

“Shh, Abs,” Liam whispers to her. I grip her shoulders, trying to calm her down. It’s one thing trying to get Ivy back in the castle. The King has no ties to Abbie besides Ivy, and she steps out of line. I know he would have no problems kicking her off castle grounds.

“She’ll be fine. I will stay wherever he sent her if I have to,” I tell her with a sigh. The strange bond they shared, I don’t think I would ever understand.

Both girls were almost mute, obedient, and terrified of their shadows half the time, yet would risk their own lives for each other without hesitation. I hated seeing Abbie like this. It was almost as if she needed Ivy, like she needed air to breathe and vice versa.

Her entire body shook with her rage and fear for the girl. Her nostrils flare as she glares at me, her eyes flicking between hers and her wolf side.

“I will take you to her, but for now, I need to help calm down the king,” I tell her, stepping away from her. I head for the stairs, f*g livid.

“What do you want me to do with her?” Liam mind links

“Make sure she doesn’t threaten the king and get herself k****d,” I tell Liam.

I make my way to the King’s quarters and shove the door open. The moment I did, anger so hot coursed through me. He gave me his word that he would speak with
Damian first. If he had, this never would have happened. He turns to face me the moment walk in, and he snarls, which only angers me more. How could he?

Does he not realize how lucky he is to have a mate that f**cking wants him? To have his mate at all. Mine was dd and buried in the f**cking woods, and every day I have lived with that. Every day for nearly twenty years, I wished I could take that back; the pain she caused me was better than the hollow, empty feeling her d**h left behind. I wished I could take back what I did back then, and he was making the same d**n f**king mistake. Only his reasoning was f***g ridiculous. She didn’t hurt him; she did nothing to him.

For twenty years, I lived in torture until Abbie came along. He kills her or breaks their bond. There is no coming back from that. He just couldn’t control his d**n temper, and seeing that made me lose mine.

“Where is Ivy?” I demand while looking around the room, his hand’s fist by his sides, and I growl at him when he sneers at the mention of her name.

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