Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 26

“You should know Trey is down there with Dustin.” my brows furrow at his words.

“So?” I ask, wondering why I need to know this useless information.

“He wasn’t here when the pact was made,” Liam says, and I realize that meant if the King ordered him to k**l her would. “I handle it,” I tell him.

“Be sure you do, because Dustin is already having issues with him, apparently. Everything was fine until the King kicked her out; I spoke to the driver, who apparently let it slip to Trey what happened. His reaction to the news is somewhat worrisome,” Liam tells me.

“How so?” I ask.

“He was quick to escort her out,” Liam tells me and nods, heading toward the stables. The air was cold, and I would have to send someone to get firewood. I wouldn’t allow my Queen to freeze down here. Approaching the stables, I hear Dustin snap at Trey.

“F**k the king,” Dustin snaps, and I walk in just as Trey moves to challenge him. Dustin sets the bandages down that he was using to try to wrap Ivy’s hand that was b**y. He moves to stand in front of her, clearly not liking Trey’s presence near her.

“Yes, f**k the King. Remember where your loyalties lie, Trey.” I snarl, and he pauses as Dustin straightens. He was a stupid man challenging Dustin.

I don’t care if he was once part of the Landeena’s guard when the Kingdom existed, Dustin was part of my men, and if push came to shove, I would back the men of my Kingdom before I back another.

I held no loyalty to him, and if he thinks he can f**ck with Dustin and Liam, not k**l him in his sleep, he will be in for a rude shock. We all know Liam and Dustin were close.

“They are with my king.” Trey stupidly says.

“And she is your queen,” I snarl at him, and the man whimpers before his eyes glare at Ivy with hatred I couldn’t understand. I just knew I couldn’t allow him around her if he had issues with her.

“You haven’t been here as long as the rest of us, but the king swore us all to choose his queen over him,” I tell him.

“If so, why is she down here, then?” Trey demands.

“Because the King is an idiot. Move Dustin. I will wrap her hand. Go fix up the old King’s quarters for me,” I tell Dustin, crouching down in front of her.

“Yes, Sir” Dustin says while Trey growls. I glance over my shoulder at him to see the fury on his face. What has gotten into him? Once this was over, I would have to have a word with the King. I don’t like how he is looking at her. Trey was usually quiet, did his job, which he is good at, and was observant, so it threw me a little that he was acting like this and openly.

“You’re off guard. Get out of my face,” I growl the order at him, and my aura rushes out. Trey doubles over before rushing out when I drop it.

I set to work cleaning her hand and wrapping it with the supplies that Dustin had, “It will heal once you shift. Do you think you can hold on for a couple of hours?”

“Can’t you heal it?” she asked.

“I would if I could, but only the King can heal you. My saliva or blood won’t work on you since you aren’t mine,” I tell her, cupping her face with my hand. I wished I could, but even if I could, I wouldn’t. The King would k**l me for letting my DNA mingle with his mate’s.

I pull my phone from my pocket, checking the time. “Once the moon is at its highest peak, I will take you outside, so you can shift, my queen,” I tell her.

“Please don’t call me that,” Ivy murmurs, looking away from me.

“I need to ask you something,” I tell her while unlocking my phone and scrolling through the pictures. I stop before turning my phone in hand to show her the screen.

“Do you know this woman?” I ask, praying she says no. She takes the phone from me. A sob escapes from her lips, and her bottom lip quivers. In that second, I knew the answer before she said it. She nodded, tears trekking down her face.

“She’s my mum,” Ivy smiles sadly while brushing her thumb over the picture of Marrissa. I curse too low for her to hear and hang Chapter 26 my head before shaking it and looking up at her.

“He will come around, Ivy. You just need to give him space,” I tell her, but she looks at me, confused. So no one has told her anything at all.

“What do you mean? I don’t get it. What did I do?” She asked. Knowing she did nothing, I frown when Kyson’s voice flits through my head.

“What did she say?” I bite back a growl.

“Marrissa is her mother,” I answer, wishing I had a different answer for him.

“You did nothing. It’s what your mother did. She k****d the former King and Queen and the King’s sister.” I tell her as I come out of the mind-link. She blinks, astonished, unable to believe what I was telling her.

“Just try to get some rest. After your shift, I will take you to Kyson’s old quarters.” I tell her.

“But my birthday isn’t for another couple of weeks,” she tells me as I am about to get up.

“The fact you recognized the king as your mate Ivy shows your birthday is today,” I tell her, just as I hear someone curse. The stable doors open, and Clarice and Abbie walk in. They stop by the door and glance at me. I nod to them before standing up and walking out, giving them space as Abbie rushed to her side. I stopped by Clarice at the door.

“Don’t be long; I don’t want to be dragging you to the cells for disobeying the king,” I tell her. Clarice nods, and I walk out.

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