Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 28

I was up early before the sun had even risen fully, wanting to sneak down and see Ivy and bring her something to eat. I wondered how her first went. Getting dressed quickly, I opened the door to find Liam standing next to my door playing a game on his phone, his fingers jabbing hard at the screen while he cursed at it, making me assume he was losing whatever game it was he played.

Shaking my head, I step past him, and he follows with his head down, focused on his game.

“Stupid game,” he growls as he follows me downstairs to the kitchens.

“What are you playing?” I ask, not really caring, but if I had to listen to him curse his phone out, it would be nice knowing what he is cursing about. I wait for him to answer as he starts stabbing his phone viciously with his finger.

“A cake-building game,” he tells me, and I pull a face at that. With crazy finger poking and cursing, I assumed he was playing some k*g or shooting game.

“A cake building game, cake like you eat?” I ask, wondering if it was code for something else.

Yep, making this stupid pink unicorn thing, but the sprinkles are going too fast, and the placement is wrong. It deducted more b****y points.” he snaps before looking at me.

“Have you got a phone?” he asks as we walk into the kitchens. I shake my head, and he turns to Clarice.

“Mumsy, oh dear mumsy?” he calls in a sugary sweet voice as he excitedly moves toward her station.

“Yes, Liam?” Clarice yawns tiredly, looking like she had no sleep at all.

“Can I borrow your phone?” he asks, and she sighs.

“What’s wrong with yours?” she asks, pointing to it in his hand.

“Nothing, but I need to download a game so you can send me your coins.”

“For a game?” she repeats, pulling it from her apron pocket. She hands it to him, and he lights up as if all his Christmases come at once.

“You better not be using it for p**n like last time. D**n near gave me a heart a****k when I opened my browser to see what you’re into, you man,” she scolds.

“I promise. I am just downloading a game, so I can send myself some sprinkles,” Liam tells her, unlocking her phone as if he had done it a million times before. Clarice raises an eyebrow at him.

“Sprinkles?” she asks him, and he nods, focused on her phone. Clarice looks at me, and I shrug.

Liam sits on a stool by the counter, and I set to work making Ivy some breakfast and Gannon so I can take it down to them. It seemed like the perfect excuse to go there. The King surely doesn’t expect her to starve.

When I am done. Clarice finds me a picnic basket, and I leave Liam with Clarice, rushing out the doors toward the main foyer area to see a commotion.

A loud roar rings out from down the corridor, and I see Ester running stark n***d from the King’s office. My stomach sinks as she rushes toward me, clutching her clothes in her hands just as Damian steps out from the stairwell further up. He grabs Ester by the arm and shakes the woman with a sneer on his face.

His eyes run up the length of her, making him growl loudly at her state of undress. He shoves her away before both his hands hit the door of the King’s office, then slams shut with a loud bang. I gasp as Ester runs out the castle doors. And I turn to find Dustin glaring toward the doors she ran through, along with half the kitchen staff who had rushed out to see what the commotion was.

“He wouldn’t have, would he? Ivy, she’s-” tears b**n my eyes on behalf of Ivy. Surely the King didn’t kick his own mate out to be with the likes of her. Dustin growls before storming off, and I turn to find Clarice with a m**s glare on her face.

She presses her lips in a line before her eyes go to mine. They soften a little before she gasps. “Come on, you go down there like that, and Ivy will know something is wrong,” she tells me. I look at the picnic basket in my hands, and nod my head.

Ivy was hurting enough, and she could read me like a book. It would only hurt her more if I went down there crying about what I saw. So reluctantly, I followed Clarice, knowing she was right.

Liam is waiting by the kitchen doors when she walks toward them, and Clarice stops beside him.

“Find out what happened for me; I swear if the King” she doesn’t finish.

“He did, and I will whip him myself,” she growls, striding past him. Liam watches her go before gripping my shoulder when I go to pass him.

“I know the King. He is being a d**d, but he isn’t unfaithful. It is nearly impossible for one to cheat on their mate. At least for us Lycans anyway,” he tells me before walking off toward the guards at the end of the hall.

Stepping into the kitchen, the staff were all murmuring about the king. I listen, trying to calm my racing heart.

“She is always all over him, though I thought he learned after the last time,” Sheri tells Amanda, who sighs heavily.

“Enough ladies, we will find out. You know the King is on edge after the news he received last night,” Clarice says, cutting the ladies off.

“What news?” I asked Clarice, curious, but it was Sheri that answered. “Another family was found, more children by the river.” She explains with a grim expression on her face.

“How old were they?” I ask, horrified that more rogues were k****d. “A few around our Queen’s age, and some young ones, about five or six years old, and an elderly woman,” Clarice answers before she sniffles.

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