Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 30

I sat with Ivy on the pier that overlooked the man-made lake by the stables. Ivy ate very little despite my trying to encourage to eat. We enjoyed the morning sun, enjoyed the rays heating my cold skin. I told her everything that happened in the castle last night. Though I Don’t think she was really listening, she seems stuck in her head no matter how hard I tried to pull back to the present moment. I hated seeing her like this.

Ivy leaned against one of the logs on the pier, watching me, yet I drew closer to the water. I Wished I was swimming with Gannon or even just going for a run; it was strange to me to have the freedoms we had here. Another thing I hadn’t told her about. I wanted to tell her, yet I couldn’t bring myself to because I didn’t want to risk upsetting her more.

“Abbie!” Ivy hissed as I sat on the edge and tossed my legs over the side and into the water.

“Gannon is right there,” I tell her, pointing him out, and she lets out a sigh. I wade my feet through the water, loving the feel of the water between my toes. Looking up, Gannon was smiling at me, and I couldn’t help the blush at the knowing look on his face. However, what impressed me most is that he kept his word and didn’t leave Ivy’s side all night, as he said. She was supposed to shift, but now doubt had crept in. I believed, along with Ivy, that the king was wrong about her birthday. But still the question remained: if that were true, how could she recognize him as her mate?

More shocking was learning of Della’s crimes. Della was Ivy’s mother before Alpha Dean’s pack k****d her. Though now we have learned that wasn’t even her real name. And that Della Hunley was, in fact, Marrissa Talbot.

A notorious hunter and the woman responsible for not only k***g the King’s sister but also an entire Kingdom that used to reside in the mountains. The Landeena Kingdom, Knowing this information and realizing her childhood was a lie, that her mother was a monster I could see weighed heavily on Ivy. It broke her, a woman she loved. Her mother was a monster and serial k**r. Accused of unspeakable crimes, and now Ivy was paying the price for them.

I hoped there was some mistake. The Della I remember was kind, loving, and dotted on both Ivy and me. She was strict, but protective of us growing up. She was my mother’s best friend. We had stumbled upon their little camp after my mother fled the back we were part of.

I have no memory of being in a pack, though I do remember having a bigger family once. My mother was a twin, and we were forced to go into hiding after her twin and my grandmother died.

Hiding from the man who k****d them, my mother never spoke of it, but I had heard whispers when a child who will forever remain with me.

“I have to head back soon. I have to go into town with Clarice to grab some supplies,” I tell Ivy, not wanting to go. Tears filled my eyes, not knowing when I would get to see her next, but I had chores to do, so I knew I needed to leave her.

Lifting my legs from the water, I wander over to her, lean down, and clutch her fingers gently. “Maybe I could ask if you could come?” I told her hopefully, but I knew it would never be allowed. Ivy doesn’t get the chance to answer when we hear screaming from the castle’s direction. My head whips toward the direction of the woman’s screams, and I see Ester thrashing and screaming her head off while two guards drag her across the manicured lawns. I try not to smile, well, they finally found her! I stand up, and Gannon turns to look up the hill in the direction of the castle, a glare on his face.

“Ha, it serves her right,” I huff, and I curse at myself when I turn back to see Ivy watching me.

“What did she do?” Ivy asks curiously. I can’t believe how stupid I was to say that! I look down at Ivy before her head turns to Ester, still thrashing as they lead her toward the front of the castle, toward the enormous iron gates.

“I worry it may upset you, but nothing happened. The King woke up before she could do anything,” I tell her while looking down at my hands, picking at her nails. Nervously I steal a peek at her, hoping she doesn’t ask more.

“Before she did what?” Ivy asks. I chew my lip, not wanting to answer, but I wouldn’t lie to her, and she would eventually find out. I just wished it wasn’t me giving her the news.

“The king woke early this morning in his office to Ester fondling him,” I tell her. Ivy pales, almost turning green at my words, and my eyes widen when she s**s in a breath, a look of pure panic on her face. She gasps as if she can’t catch her breath and her eyes p**k with tears.

“Hey, hey. Nothing happened, I promise. I heard the guard talking this morning. When he woke, he was livid and tossed her out. He then banished her from the castle, so I guess they finally found her. He didn’t do anything with her, Ivy. I promise you,” I tell Ivy. moving quickly to grab her face in my hands. She s***s in a breath, and I breathe with her, trying to calm her.

“That’s it. Breathe, Ivy. He didn’t betray you,” I whisper to her repeatedly as I try to stop her panic a****k. When she calms down, I brush my hands over her face to clear her tears. Why did I stupidly say something? I mentally scold myself.

“So he didn’t sleep with her?” Ivy asks, letting out a breath finally.

“No, she ran n**d from his office crying like her b**m was on fire,” I tell her remembering the sight making her snicker, she really took a walk of shame, and she should feel shame because not a single person was happy with her little act.

Yet the look on her face told me she didn’t see any funny side. I was about to say something else when a whistle caught our attention. We looked to the hill, and we saw Clarice wave to us.

“I gotta go, but I will try to visit you later,” I tell Ivy as I lean down, briefly hugging me before rushing off back down the pier and up to Clarice, who is waiting for me.

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