Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 38

The time had finally come for me to leave, and I was waiting out front of the castle, sitting on the steps. A small bag sat between my feet that Clarice had made up for me, so I had a few things to take with me until Kade organized clothes for me. Yet as the car pulled in, I jumped to my feet and rushed over to him. The bond tugging me to my mate, and I was ecstatic that Ivy could come with us. That I would eventually get Tyson back. Today was a good day. everything was coming together, though I would miss this place. Miss Gannon and Clarice, but Kade promised I could visit whenever I wanted.

smacked into his chest the moment he got out of the car, and he wrapped his arms around me, burying his face in my hair before pecking my lips softly. “Get in the car, my love. We need to head home,” kade whispers, cupping my face in his hands. Looking around, I tried to find Gannon but couldn’t see him. So instead I turned to the King and gave a quick bow to him.

Though shockingly Damian gave me a brief hug before I looked around again. He was just here seconds ago. Where did he go?

“Where did Gannon go?” I ask, a little disappointed. Alpha Kade grips my shoulder, turning me toward the car.

“You said goodbye to your friend?” he asks me and I look up at him, nodding. He inclines his head toward the car, and I slowly walk back to it before climbing into the passenger seat and clipping in my belt. Kade shuts my door and I watch as he talks to the King, my hands sweat and I wipe them on my pants.

After a few minutes, he climbs into the car starting it. I wave to the King and those waiting. The King stiffly waves back and I peer up at Kade. “The King looks angry.” I tell him.

“Probably busy.” is all Kade offers. We drove to the bridge where we are supposed to meet Ivy, yet as time slipped on, and the closer it neared to 7 PM the more nervous I got.

I paced along the walkway, looking to the path below. Once Seven came and went, i heard howls fill the sky and Kade gasps.

Nervously I look at Kade. “I don’t think she is coming, love, she must have changed her mind,” I shake my head, knowing she wouldn’t have.

“No. She’ll be here,” I tell him, pacing again.


“No, she will be here,” I tell him and he growls behind me. I peer over my shoulder at Kade, and he presses his lips in a line.

“The King knows of her plans. TThe gardener told him when he heard you speaking,” Kade tells me. But the gardener wasn’t there to listen.

“Abbie, don’t make me do this, I don’t want to hurt you, but we need to leave. Kyson will come for me when he finds out I was in on it.”

“How do you know about the gardener?” I question.

“One of the guards sent me a message just now,” he says, coming over playing with his phone. He shows me the screen.

“You know I can’t read, do the voice-to-text thingy.” I tell him.

“My phone doesn’t have that feature,” he tells me.

“No, we need to wait. She will come. I know she will” I tell him.

“Abbie, get in the car,” he repeats, I shake my head.

Just go,” I tell him, waving him off and turning toward the steep incline to go look for her when I feel his aura slip out and wash over me.

“Stop this nonsense and get in the fucking car! You are testing my patience. Now!” He bellows the order and I whimper as I try to fight his command yet my feet carry me to the car with frighteningly quick steps. Kade growls, slamming my door before I barely get my legs in. While I sit there shaken that he just commanded me. He climbs into the car and starts it before he sighs heavily.

“The King is mad at me. You don’t want me hurt, do you? What would the Moon Goddess think if you got your mate killed, all because you foolishly wanted to wait?” He asks

“What if she tripped or something?” I ask, worried.

He puts the car in drive, and it starts moving. I reach for the door handle, but Kade’s hand drops on my thigh, his nails digging in.

“Do you not love me? Did you not hear what I said about the King looking for me?” He growls before once again his aura slips out.

“Sit there and be quiet! Think about the consequences if the King finds me. Imagine all the ways he could hurt me.”

He orders, and I blink. My mind. overpowered and did everything he asked. For hours I imagined possible torture scenarios, my bond aching and cringing when finally he squeezed my fingers.

“I dropped my command. I’m sorry, love. I shouldn’t have commanded you,” he tells me, and I peer out the window feeling sick.

If only he knew how tortured my mind already was and then he does that. Forces me to envision his death while my bond tugged painfully in my chest. The guilt formed an endless pit in my stomach.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper.

“That’s okay. You are forgiven. I bet you’re hungry. There is a truck stop ahead.” At the mention of food, my belly rumbles.

He pulls in and there is a small diner. Stepping inside, we take our seats and Kade orders for us. He orders our food yet when it comes out I stare at the plate.

“You need to watch your figure. Can’t have a fat Luna,” he says as I stare down at the bowl of lettuce. “Lucky I am here to look out for you. I’ll make a Luna of you,” he says. I look at his eggs and bacon, but not wanting to sound ungrateful, i tuck in.

My belly rumbles after we finish eating and climb in the car. I was still hungry and I pinch my shirt that was far too loose, wondering if I was overweight. Surely someone would have told me? Maybe not, but I didn’t think I was overweight. I always thought I looked sickeningly skinny with the way my hip bones jutted out and my ribs showed..

The drive takes hours and I reach into the back-seat to retrieve my bag, pulling my phone out. I have multiple texts messages from Gannon. Yet some part

of me told me not to listen to them in the car. Kade made it very clear about his dislike for Gannon and Liam, and I didn’t feel like arguing with him over any message he sent

So I tuck the phone back in the bag when my fingers touch a wrapper. Excitement bubbles in me and I pull the bag of candy clouds out. I open it and pop three in my mouth while reaching for the dial on the radio. Only Kade slaps my hand.

He had never done that before. He always let me choose the station when in his car. “I’m listening to that! What has gotten into you? You’re acting out of sorts!” he snaps, glancing at me.

Was I acting out of sorts? Was it me? Yet why did I suddenly feel uncomfortable in his presence? Guilt smashed me for even thinking I was uncomfortable.

The Moon Goddess would strike me down for my terrible thoughts about my mate. A gift she bestowed me.

“What have you got?” Kade asks when I pop another candy in my mouth. I show him the bag, offering him some.

“Strawberry clouds, do you want one? They are..” he rips the bag out of my hand.

“I knew you were acting up! For fuck sakes, you shouldn’t eat candy. The sugar goes to your head.”

He winds the window down, tossing the bag before ! could try to grab it. “You’re so talkative and loud whenever you eat that shit he gives you!” he snaps and I shrink in my chair.

“Seriously, Abbie, think of your health. And my sanity. It drives me up the wall when you’re blubbering and bouncing on your feet!” he scolds.

He never complained before, and Gannon never said I talk too much. Yet that sinking feeling returned and I turned my gaze out the window.

Wiping a stray tear with my fingers. “You’re not seriously crying over candy?” He huffs and I feel myself slip into a mask I had learned at a young age.

A mask Mrs. Daley earned from us. One of emptiness. Tears won’t help you, no they would get us beat back at the orphanage.

Kade mutters something under his breath. Yet I turn my thoughts inward, blocking out the world and everyone in it. Going to a place no one could touch me.

Going to a place I only visit in my dreams. Grandma’s house. Where my childhood was good before it all got taken away from me when we had to go on the run.

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