Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 39

I lose track of time and didn’t come back to my surroundings until Kade shook my shoulder, making me jump back. “We are here, love,” he tells me and I blink. We had arrived already? i glance around to find it was late at night, yet this wasn’t the packhouse that Kade had told me about. There was no huge sandstone mansion or gardens, no fountains and tall hedges and or any people in sight. I look at the run down cabin we had parked out the front of in confusion

“Where are we?” I ask him, noticing this place was completely isolated and surrounded by forest. “A safe house. We have been having issues with neighboring packs. We don’t want to alert them to your existence. It would put you in danger,” he says. My brows furrow and I go to say something, yet he was already climbing out of the car. The wind was harsh as he walked around, opening my door. I climb out, rubbing my arms before retrieving my bag.

“How long will we stay here for?” I ask him, looking at the tiny porch that sloped on one side. The door had a huge crack and a chunk missing from the bottom corner.

“You will stay here until the mess is sorted with the other pack,” he says while fiddling with his keys.

“Wait you aren’t staying with me?” I asked, peering around at the tress, and into the shadowing darkness.

“No, I need to head home. Keep up appearances. If I don’t return, they may come looking for me, which isn’t safe for you,” he tells me.

“But this place is safe?” I ask him. He nods his head.

“I will stay for a little bit. I sent a list to my men. They stocked everything for you.

Come on, I will show you inside,” he tells me. He ushers me to follow him before unlocking the door. He has to kick it a few times to get it to un-stick; the door was swollen from what looked like water damage.

Stepping inside, the place was a dump, rubbish strewn everywhere, and it reminded me of some of the old abandoned buildings near the orphanage.

Inside was a double bed, the mattress heavily stained. No, actually, I believe it is a futon. Kade flicks the lights on and they flicker as he moves toward the kitchen

“You’ll find everything you need here. I will bring more supplies and food as soon as I can.

But with a tidy up it should be quite cozy,” he says. He hunts around in the tiny kitchen, that I could reach my leg out from the bed to touch the counter it was that close.

He returns with a box of matches and passes them to me.

“I need to go, but I will return tomorrow. Firewood is around back. You may need to chop some up. Some fresh bed linen is over there and food is in the pantry and fridge.” he tells me.

“Wait, can you help me get the fire started?” I ask him desperately. I always sucked at it and Gannon, Liam or Dustin would always start mine back in my little room back home. Sometimes Damian too.

“Don’t be silly. It’s ridiculously late, I need to get home and shower to get up for work. You can manage fine on your own for one night. I will be back around lunchtime tomorrow,” he says.

“Please, let me come with you. You can sneak me into the packhouse. No one will see me, it’s late night no one be up at this hour,” I tell him, not wanting to stay out here by myself.

“Abbie, love. I need to go. I haven’t got time for the theatrics. Behave and I will be back tomorrow,” he says, pecking my forehead. He then turns to leave me here.

I glance around, sitting on the creaky old mattress, the springs digging into my backside. It was freezing in here. It was so cold my breath was making clouds in the air.

I needed to start the fire, but after only moments of sitting, the cold seeped deep within my bones, making them ache.

I reach for the sheets and blankets, huddling beneath them and pulling my phone from my bag. I turn the screen on and see the time and sigh.

Much too late to call Gannon and wake him. Instead, I listen to his messages over and over of him telling me he misses me and asking me to call him back.

I can’t believe my mate left me here, I think to myself, before reminding myself it was for my safety.

The sun was almost rising by the time I finally managed to sleep. Only it wasn’t long before Kade was waking me. I jump, startled when a hand touches me before peering around.

“I told you I was coming by at lunch,” he says. He looks around at the place, and l yawn, stretching my arms above my head.

“I’ll make you a coffee,” he says, wandering the few steps away to the kitchen. “I expected you to have this place cleaned up.

I wanted to stay here tonight with you, but I suppose I can’t now. I can’t reward laziness,” he says, and I jump to my feet.

“I can clean it. I will get to work now,” I tell him.yet my belly rumbles hungrily, but I would ignore it if it meant he would stay the night here. Last night was unbearable.

“Sit. You don’t have time now. The sun will be going down soon,” he says, passing me the steaming mug.

“Ah, what time is it?” I ask, and he glances at his watch. “A little after 4 PM,” he says.

“But you said you would be here at lunch?”

“I got held back. I’m here now, though. Come here,” he says, patting his lap. I wiggle closer, only for him to pull me onto his lap. I rest my head on his shoulder, and he chuckles when I inhale his scent.

“When can I come to the packhouse?” I ask him.

“Soon. Hopefully. A few of my men were killed last week after the other pack attacked. As soon as it is safe you will be home with me. I promise. I hate the thought of you out here alone; I want you by my side always,” he says, kissing my cheek.

Chapter 39

“Then take me with you. I don’t care about the risk. I will have you with me. I just want you,” I tell him.

“Abbie, please, it has been a stressful enough day. Can’t we just lay for a little bit? Let me relax a little while here? I can’t risk you. You are the most precious person in the world to me,” he says, laying down.

1 slide off his lap beside him and sip my coffee. My belly rumbles again, and I look to the kitchen.

Getting to my feet, I move toward the fridge and open it, finding it bare besides some butter, campers milk, and a block of cheese.

Opening the pantry, I found dry cereal and a packet of crackers. I thought he said someone stocked the place? “Kade?” I call over my shoulder.

He looks over at me, and I point to the pantry. “I thought they stocked it?” he rubs his chin.

“Right, I will get onto them when I get back home and send someone out to grab some things for you.”

“Maybe you could take me to the shop? I am hungry, and there is only cereal and crackers,” I tell him.

“I’m sure that is enough for one day, I will be sure to bring more food tomorrow,” he tells me while waving me over.

I look at the empty cupboard before closing it and wandering over to him, only for him to pull me down on top of him.

He rolls, pushing me on my back and moving between my legs.

Kade kisses me, his tongue slipping between my lips and tasting every inch of my mouth.

His lips trail down my neck, and I gasp at the delicious sparks as he nips and sucks on my neck. He lifts my skirt, his fingers reaching for the waistband of my panties and I pull away from him, shuffling up the bed.

He growls, nipping my collarbone with his teeth as I wiggle up the bed.

“Why you gotta be such a prude? I am your mate!” he snaps when I tug my skirt down.

Yet his words washed right over me as I was brought back to the basement in the orphanage. Plunged violently into memories I wished weren’t mine, ones I wish would remain buried and never surface again.

“Abbie?” Kade whispers, gripping my face. “Why are you crying again? You are always crying! What did I do now?” he asks as tears prick my eyes, yet I can’t explain.

The shame I felt burned me hotter than burning hot coals ever could.

Kade sighs, “I guess I better go. Try to have this place cleaned up so I can stay tomorrow night,” he says while getting to his feet. Panic bubbles up, filling me dread what if the butcher found me? I would be by myself?

“But you only just got here. I can clean the place. It won’t take me long,” I tell him, but he shakes his head.

“And try to clean yourself up a little for me before tomorrow. Your clothes smell off. I don’t like it.” he says before leaving while I stared at the door after he closed it.

Once again, I am left alone for another night, only tonight, my stomach cramps so much I struggle to breathe. Pain courses through my chest, and I try to ring Kade, but he never answers. Hours pass while I endure it before finally, he calls me back.

Answering the phone, I shiver beneath the blanket, my teeth chattering so much they ache “Kade! Oh please, Kade! Something is wrong! My stomach and chest, it feels so tight. I think I need to see a doctor,” I sob into the phone.

“Is that why you have been disturbing me all night? Over menstrual cramps? For fucks sake, Abbie! I was in a meeting!” he growls.

“It’s not those sort of cramps. Even my chest hurts. It was hard to breathe,” I try to explain, yet the hollowness writhing through me was the most unbearable as if a part of me was dying, and I couldn’t find the words to explain it accurately.

“You’re being dramatic!” he snaps before hanging up, and for the first time in ages, I break.

Why couldn’t he just come and be here if he wouldn’t call a doctor? That would be enough.

I just wanted to be held, anything to take my mind off the agony that had torn through me so suddenly, yet as the time slipped by, the pain eased off. Why was he acting like this? Three times I attempted to call Gannon before putting the phone down.

Shame washed through me, I should have listened. This was not at all what I imagined finding my mate to be.

Yet I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, after everything and the fuss everyone made about me leaving.

Crawling and sniffling back was too embarrassing, and then the voices would start, the voices that criticize everything I had ever done or said, bringing back every memory.

My mind pointed out my flaws and reminded me of how pathetic I am. Reminding me that I should be grateful the moon goddess granted me a mate because no one else would have me.

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