Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 42

The next week was horrendous. The day after Kade left in a rage, I tried to call Gannon only to find out my credit had run out from texting Kade and ringing him.

Plus, I rang the castle and got their answering machine, not realizing it didn’t automatically disconnect when no one answered But that wasn’t the strangest thing, though.

I checked all through the phone, and I couldn’t find his messages or his phone number anymore My phone book is completely empty, and my messages are empty.

The only number that remained was Kades. I ran out of food on the second day.

Kade always had some excuse not to visit, or when he did, it was only briefly, and he quickly killed any excitement I had about seeing him.

I never seemed to do anything right, yet today I was completely depleted. My energy reserves died along with any motivation. I missed home terribly.

I never thought I would feel at home at the castle, but coming here, I missed it. I missed Gannon: I missed Clarice, even Peter, though he drove me up the wall. Most of all, I missed Ivy.

She was my safe place.

The one person who only wanted the best for me.

She was more than my friend. She was my strength, my armor, and my reason for living.

All morning I lazed around but knowing Kade was supposed to come over today, I decided I needed to do my washing.

So I hand scrubbed my dress, knowing it would take all day to dry, when Kade’s voice boomed in my head. “Why aren’t you answering your phone?” he asks.

I blink and answer back only to remember I can’t. Cursing, I listen only to hear my phone ringing.

I raced back inside and managed to scoop it up to see Kade’s number pop up on the screen. Answering it, he instantly starts talking.

“Love, the King and Ivy are trying to call you. Answer your phone when they ring back.”

1 glanced at the screen and noticed the writing on the front with the phone emblem. “Okay. When will you stop by?” I ask him. “Today. I have good news for you.

Alpha Brock said I can come to pick Tyson up next week.

Would you like to come with me?” i chewed my lp. I never wanted to go back there again, but for Tyson, I would sck it up. “He really said that?” I ask. “Wait, does that mean I am coming to the packhouse?” I ask.

Finally, everything was turning out the way it was supposed to be “Yes, of course.

I will message the King and let him know to call you back, okay? I love you,” he says, and I murmur it back before he hangs up.

But he was getting Tyson, and I was moving to the Packhouse. I couldn’t wait to speak to Ivy. It felt like forever since I spoke to her.

Not even a few minutes later, my phone rings as I step out to peg up the last of the laundry. “Finally, you called!” I squeal, unable to contain my excitement.

Even better was that I could see her face if I wanted, yet trying to figure out how to turn my camera on without help was extremely difficult, yet the King was patient as he talked me through it.

I cried excitedly. waving to her and gushing about how much I missed her when I finally saw her face peering back at me.

“Where are you? You look like you’re outside?” Ivy asks while squinting into the camera at the background.

“At the cabin. I was hanging out washing and didn’t hear my phone. Plus, I ran out of credit. I have been trying to reach you for days. I have been so worried about you.

Kade said the King caught you before you could get to the bridge?” I ask her, and she chews her l**p, glancing away briefly “And someone could have told me how to hang up, too.

I rang the castle phone, but it went to some message machine and ate all my credit,” I laugh. It was as if the first time in days, I could breathe, and all it took was hearing her voice. “Your mate hasn’t put credit on it for you?” Kyson asks over Ivy’s shoulder.

I squinted at the screen, and my eyes went wide. “Sorry, my King. I didn’t see you in the background,” I say.

I thought he left after he explained the camera to me. His presence made me a little nervous now. I realized he was behind her all this time. “It’s fine, Abbie. I’m not angry with you.”

The King tells me, and I chewed my fingernail and nodded but didn’t say much knowing he was right there listening in i sigh.

“So, do you like it there?” Ivy asks, and I shrug, I couldn’t say much with Kyson there.

What if he told Kade if I said I wasn’t happy here? Besides, everything would be okay after next week when I can finally move into the Packhouse and bring Tyson home.

“Yeah, it’s not bad. He comes during the day, but it has been two days since I saw him last.

He says he is always busy with work and sleeps there sometimes I tell her Kyson growls behind her, and Ivy peeks over her shoulder at him, and I wonder if I said anything bad that would get me in trouble with Kade.

I couldn’t risk angering him, knowing Tyson was so close to coming back home with me. “What about the people in his pack? Do you like them? Did you make any friends?” ivy asks. “I haven’t met any of them yet. He said soon, but I need to stay at home first.

He thinks I will go into heat soon because I keep getting the worst stomach cramps. I asked him to take me to see a pack doctor because I don’t think it is that. My chest feels really tight, and it hurts.

I actually thought I was having a heart attack last night. It’s not just my stomach, and I feel fine on days when he does come here,” I admit before realizing I was saying more than I should. The King growls behind her again, and she peers over at him.

“I like it other than that, but I am hoping he will take me to visit you soon.

He promised I could.” I tell her, trying to do damage control.

Ivy Smiled, also liked that idea “If he can’t Abbie, I will send Gannon to come and pick you up to bring you here,” Kyson tells me. “Really? I never got to say goodbye to Gannon.

He walked off before I could,” I tell him, remembering the day I left. I turned away for a few seconds, turned back, and he was nowhere to be seen.

“Yes, if he can’t bring you here, I will send Gannon. I will put your phone on my plan so you don’t run out of credit too.

That way, you can call Ivy whenever you like.” Kyson tells me.

When I hear tires on the driveway, excitement bubbles within me, and I can’t wait to tell Kade that the King said he would send someone to pick me up so I could visit Ivy.

Or maybe we would stop on our way back from picking up Tyson.

I know Ivy would love to see him. “Oh, oh, I hear a car. I think he is here.” I babble excitedly.

“I love you, but I have to go,” I tell her, wanting to tell Kade the King that I could visit. “Love you too,” Ivy replies. “More than my life.” I smile.

“More than my life,” Ivy replies before I hang up. I rushed out to the driveway, only to stop in my tracks, realizing it wasn’t Kade.

It was that car again, parked along the road. My brows furrow. Maybe it was a similar car.

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