Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 48

Feeling a bit hungry. I wander into the kitchen. The sun was down now, and the day turned to night. The nights were the longest, so cold and empty, and that’s usually also when the most pain came. That horrible, heart-breaking pain that restricted my chest. My anxiety always peaked around this time, waiting for it to arrive Next time I speak with him, I will ask Kade to take me to the pack doctor. Something had to be wrong, or it wouldn’t be so frequent.

Walking into the kitchen. I grab a cup and fill it with milk, deciding to have milk and cookies. I am too tired to cook, not that I had any reason to be, and the stove was temperamental and only worked when it wanted to. Dipping my biscuit in my milk, I bite it, the sugary sweetness makes me giddy.

Sugar always had that effect on me. Kade said it was because I wasn’t used to having it, and after I annoyed him with my constant talking on the way here from the bag of clouds Gannon gave me before I left, he tossed them out the window and snapped at me and told me to keep quiet because he had a headache. I hadn’t had anything sweet since besides artificial sugar cubes in my coffee that Kade brought last time he came here. He said it was a treat for being good, but it didn’t even taste like sugar and had a funny aftertaste.

What if he came? Maybe I shouldn’t have anymore? I didn’t want to annoy my mate and make him leave, placing the half-eaten biscuit back. I would eat the other half tomorrow just in case he did come to see me. I hoped he would. Hoped he would have some news on Tyson, or me moving to the packhouse.

I placed the open packet in the fridge and decided to quickly spring clean to burn off some energy. I fill the sink with water and start cleaning the kitchen. Nothing I did improved its state, though.

The place was falling apart. Washing my cup, I place it on the sink upside down when I hear car tires again. My eyes widen with excitement, and I can’t help the stupid smile that spreads across my face. Pulling my hands out of the water, I quickly dry them and race to the front door, tossing it open, unable to contain my excitement.

| squealed when I saw Kade’s car parked out front, and he hopped out along with two of his pack enforcers who I had met back at the castle. Kade climbs out, looking gorgeous in his suit, and I rush down the steps, almost bouncing with joy. I ran over, about to throw my arms around me. Gosh, I missed him.

Only I am greeted with his fist. My head snaps back, and I clutch my face, blood spurting out of my nose and lip where his fist connected. Blood stains my shirt and my hands as I look at them. I am shocked, unable to process what just happened as I land on my back on the gravel.

Lifting my head, his hand reached for me before I saw the cruel sneer on his face. It was something I had never seen on him before. He grabs my hair, making me cry out, my neck arching back painfully. Kade says nothing, just rips me back toward the house; I clutch his hands, my feet slipping on the loose gravel as I try to stand.

“Kade? I cried out as he dragged me across the ground and up the steps by my hair. My hair tears painfully from my scalp when he tosses me inside. I scream in pain when I land on the hard floor on my hip. My hand’s jar as I throw them out, trying to break my fall sending

shooting pain up my arms. Kade kicks the door shut, and my eyes widen when he turns on me again.

“You fucking whore. Who were you with?” Kade bellows at me. I scrambled back on my hands and feet when he grabbed my hair again, hauling me upright.

“What do you mean?” I shriek as he yanks me into the kitchen.

“Whose car was here? Do you think I wouldn’t notice, wouldn’t feel your infidelity?” he screams.

“He brought me food; it was just Gannon,” I sob, trying to get him to let go. He does, and I stumble back into the sink when he growls, grabbing the back of my neck and plunging my face into the water.

choke and sputter in the dirty water. My hands grip the sides as I try desperately to pull my face out, only he shoves my face in harder until my cheek rests on the steel bottom. My throat burns and aches furiously as I begin to drown, inhaling the water and making my nose burn, but before I can, he ripped my head out, and I sucked in harsh ragged breaths.

“Did you fuck him, you whore?” Kade screams in my face. I breathe harder, gasping for air. My hair and face are drenched, my shirt soaked, and the water in the sink stained red with my blood.

“No, why are…?”

But he shoves my face back in the sink, and I claw and scratch at the bench top, trying to get air. Water sloshes onto the floor at my feet as struggle against him, only for him to rip me out at the last second again.

“He brought me food, that’s all.” I choked out desperately, wondering what he was talking about. Kade yanks my head back, ripping open the pantry and fridge

He snarls, reaching for me again and slamming my head into the bench. Pain explodes through my skull, and I see black as my head pounds to its own beat. I collapse onto the floor. Blood pooled in my mouth as I tried to look around through my blurry vision.

He starts ripping the canned food off the shelves, tossing them at me, and I shield my head, my body becoming bruised and battered as he tosses them at me, the bond screaming for him to stop, and my heart twisting painfully in my chest. He snarls, picking up a bag of candy.

“Did you fuck him?” Kade snarls, and I shake my head, sobbing. My hands shake as he reaches for me, and I put them up to shield my face.

Blood trickles down the side of my head, from my nose and eyebrow. It stains the floor, my hands, and my clothes.

“Please, Please. I didn’t do anything wrong,” I shriek when he grabs my hair again, ripping my head back before stuffing the candy in my mouth. I try to spit it out, choking on it. “Filthy fucking pig. You fucked him, didn’t you? Thought you could get away with sneaking around behind my back,” he roars in my face, and spittle hits my face with his enraged words.

“You want to act like a whore? I will treat you like one,” he growls.

Kade rips me to my feet by my hair, and he shoves me toward the door. I see my phone and desperately try to snatch it off the counter when he punches me in the stomach, knocking the air from my lungs as I double over.

He smashes it on the floor, my phone breaking into pieces while I try to catch my breath. He kicks me in the stomach, and I retch. The little food I had eaten bubbles up my throat and spills onto the floor along with my blood.

Black dots dance across my vision, and flecks of gold as a wave of dizziness washes through me, the room spinning around me violently. My blood drips on the ground from the gash on my head. Kade’s feet stop beside my face when hands grab me, and I am tossed over his shoulder. He kicks the door, sending it flying into the front of the yard, stomping down the steps toward his car.

“Open the trunk,” he snaps at one of his men, who rushed to do his bidding. I thrash, trying to get him to put me down, begging and pleading with him, though it falls on deaf ears when I find myself tossed into the trunk, and he slams the lid shut.

I have no idea how long he drove, but I am sent hurtling into the rear seat when he jams on the brakes. My heart beats erratically, filling my ears with the pounding sound of it when I hear the car doors slam, and I suddenly can’t breathe, panic consuming me, and I try to suck in a hiccupped breath as the trunk lid opens.

One of his warriors reaches in to grab me. I thrash, slapping his hands away and kicking when he punches me. My head whipped to the side, and I felt my eye swell shut instantly, I groaned, dazed from the blow.

“Hurry up,” Kade snarled when I felt a needle jammed in my arm. It was like someone set my veins on fire as the poison raged an inferno through my bloodstream. “Don’t worry, love, it won’t kill you, but you won’t be able to shift or heal, just a mild sedative,” Kade mocks as I peer up at him through my swollen eye that feels like it is ballooning out.

The other man grabs me, tossing me over his shoulder, and I groan, feeling sick at the motion of him walking up steps before I am dumped onto the red carpet. I can’t even sit up, wholly paralyzed yet wide awake. My mind races as I try to look around, yet all I can see is a bed with red blankets in the distance. Attached to it are different chains and ropes, and the room smells funny. The pungent aroma of incense burns my nose.

“Sit her up, and make sure she watches.’ Kade sneers when the man from before grips my shirt, leaning me against the wall. He grabs my head, which is now lolled forward; I notice I am dribbling blood and drooling down my chin. A woman walks in with barely any clothes on and blink at her.

She has on black lingerie, her hair is cut short in a pixie cut, and she is also wearing stilettos. “Yes, Alpha,” she asks, yet I notice the tremble of her fingers and the shake in her voice.

“This is my mate, Abbie. She is being punished, so we are going to put on a show for her. Get on the bed, Blaire.” The woman gasps and spins when he motions toward me with his hand, and she stumbles back, her face paling.

“Your mate?” she gasps and goes to kneel, her hands outstretched like she wants to help me when Kade snaps at her. “Don’t touch the slut. Now get on the bed,” kade snarls at her.

The woman looks horrified at Kade. “But she is your mate,” the woman says, and Kade growls.

“Are you questioning your Alpha? You remember what happened last time you questioned me?” he asks, tilting his head to the side, and she whimpers, offering her neck to him and nods. “Get your clothes off, and get on the fucking bed,” he snaps at her. She looks over her shoulder at me. My eyes welled with tears when Kade started removing his own clothes.

“If she closes her eyes, hit her,” he orders the man holding my head up. Pain ripples through every part of my body, and my heart is crushed to smithereens.

Gannon was right; there was nothing wrong with me. The pain I felt now made worse because I not only endured it for so long, but I was also now forced to watch it as he fucked this girl right in front of me for hours. The pain was excruciating. I prayed for it to end. Kade climbed off the bed and walked over to me when he was done. Tears trek down my face when he stops in front of me.

“Open her mouth,” kade says, and my eyes widen. I try to move but can’t; I can’t even speak. My tongue felt numb; I could only drool on myself. Tears burn my eyes when I feel fingertips on my chin, opening my already slack mouth. My eyes darted to the woman, Blaire, on the bed, sobbing into her hands when he stuffed his cock in my mouth.

Kade grips my hair and starts thrusting it into my mouth. The taste of her coating my tongue repulses me as he uses my mouth before emptying himself in it. I gag as I choke on it. He then lets me go, and I crash to the ground in a heap, my entire body numb, even my mind, as I stare blankly at the dust underneath the bed, unable to lift my own head.

I stare beneath the bed, no longer listening, going deaf to my surroundings. Closing my eyes, I pretend to be back in mine and Ivy’s room at the orphanage, remembering the times we would lay on the hard floor gazing out the window at night sky, making pictures out of the stars,

dreaming of what it would be like to be free. I never thought I would see the day when I would rather be back there than where I currently am

Kade left me on the floor and walked out, and it took hours before I could move my hand; I brushed my hair behind my ear. It had been annoying me and obscuring my vision for hours and tickling my nose when I breathed because I couldn’t move it; however, I regained some feeling back. My fingertips brush the scar behind my ear, and I suck in a shaky breath. “More than my life, more than my life,” I repeatedly whisper to myself as I cry.

“More than my life.

It was all I had to hang onto, all I had left now. Because it had become startlingly clear everything he had told me was a lie, everything he said about Tyson coming here was just to stop me telling Ivy. Everything I endured was for nothing and the only thing I had now was the hope I could make it back to Ivy, so with that I chanted it repeatedly in my head.

“More than my Life.”

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