Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 54: Abbie

My stomach twists with hunger. I am absolutely starving, and he still hasn’t let me eat since being here. A few girls tried to sneak me food but earned a beating for it, so I turned them down when they offered. Watching my mate fuck nearly every girl in this place was torture enough to watch, without having to watch them cop a beating for it afterward. So when the door opens, I sigh and climb off the bed, moving to my corner, knowing what to expect already.

Flopping on the ground, I lean against the wall. Only Kade enters and stops in front of me. Usually, Cassandra came in every few hours to dose me full of whatever crap it was that prevented me from being able to shift. However, she was nowhere in sight.

“Get up!” he says, kicking me in the thigh.

“Pardon?” I ask, confused. This wasn’t what usually happens. Kade always makes me watch before he would stuff his filthy cock in my mouth, forcing me to taste them. He growls, and I glance at the door when he kicks me again.

“Get up and get on the bed!” he says before reaching down and gripping my arm and hauling me to my feet. I struggle in his grip, my hand whipping out and slapping him before I drop my weight, refusing. He snarls, ripping me back off the floor by my hair and dragging me toward the bed. I thrash when his fist connects with my face. My vision blurs, and my neck aches as my head snaps back. Blood spurts from my nose as I stumble backward, my hair ripping painfully from his grip.

Dazed, I blink up at the ceiling when I hear his furious growl as he reaches for me. His face twists in rage, and his canines slip from between his parted lips. I lift my leg as he pounces on me. He grunts as my foot connects with his balls, and I roll trying to get away when he grips my hair, ripping my head back.

“You will obey your Alpha!” he snarls.

“You are not my Alpha!” I scream. He growls before shoving me back to the floor. I crawl toward the wall and pull myself up. His snarls behind me grow louder when he suddenly stops.

“Get on the bed!” he yells. I feel his command wash over me before it suddenly slips off like I was made of Teflon. It didn’t stick! And I laugh hysterically.

“I said, get on the bed!” he commands once more, but it rolls over me again and slips right off. Turning around, I can’t control the laughter escaping from me.

I have no idea why I was laughing, yet it made me laugh harder as I looked at him. The furious look on his face was almost comical suddenly, or maybe I had lost the plot. He looked at me like I was insane, but I was not getting on that bed. A beating. I could take one of those. Shit, I spent half my life taking those. So if I had to choose, I would take a beating over, letting him take more from me.

Wiping my nose, the blood stains the back of my hand. “What’s wrong, Alpha? Can’t put your Luna in line,” i taunt.

“Get on the bed!” he screams, turning red-faced. I giggle at his pathetic command.

My muscles tense, pain slivering up my spine. That command feels stronger, rushing over me like a tidal wave, the pain crippling, yet still i

expected it, endured it, survived it.

Once again, I start becoming numb to my surroundings, numb to everything. So, let him hurt me because the pain I can handle, but can he? | know it must hurt him, but me? No, pain was in my head. Something I could switch on and off, desensitize myself to. So that is what I did. Most would call me mad for what I intended to do. Calm washes over me as I let my mind float. I go on autopilot, then I poke the wolf.

  • Surprised you have a pack. Mrs. Daley’s commands packed a better punch. And she was an omega!” i laugh, and his eyes turn black, shifting in rage at my words.

His malt-colored wolf charges at me. His paws hitting my chest sends me flying back against the wall. My brain rattles inside my skull as it smashes against the brick wall. He snarls, stalking toward me, and suddenly, I am seeing double, yet not a sound leaves my lips. Not even when his razor-sharp teeth tore through my flesh as he mauled me.

“Don’t cry. Tears won’t save you. I am done shedding tears for this monster,” I remind myself. When he got no reaction from tearing into my thigh, he tore into my shoulder and arm. Blood drenches and pools around me. My body shook, but I did not make a sound, just stared and went to my safe place. Zoning out, my mind taking me to a place no one could touch me.

I was an empty shell, only coming back to my surroundings when his teeth snapped at my face. His fur puffs out as he growls when I hear a sob. In the commotion, my eyes flit toward the door to see a woman. Tears stained her cheeks, but none fell from my eyes; I felt nothing as I stared back at her fear-stricken face.

Kade growls, and I turn my attention to his enormous wolf standing over me. He whimpers when he backs up, sniffing my thigh where he tore it apart, and I glance down. So much blood, no part of me left unstained, left unmarred.

“Are you done?” I ask. My voice came out unwavering, yet I couldn’t recognize it as my own. Kade turns his furry head to the side, examining me, and I stare back, unblinking.

Kade shifts back, his bones snapping as he crouches before me. For a second, I thought I saw guilt flash across his features. “You will learn. You only had to get on the bed.” he says, his eyes scanning over my mauled flesh. “It didn’t have to be this way!” he snaps, making my eyebrows rise. I laugh and shake my head, yet I can feel my blood draining out of me. Felt the blood leave my face, the cold sweat beading over my skin, and I smiled.

“Get the Doctor!” Kade screams as I feel myself fading, the room becoming dull.

“Abbie? I.. you need to stay awake,” Kade says, and I feel the tingles spread across my skin as he tries to stop the bleeding. I was bleeding out, I knew it, and he knew it.

“Get the Pack Doctor NOW!” screams Kade as my mark burned my neck, and I relished the pain of the bond dying along with me.

“Does it hurt?” I murmur, my eyelids closing. My head falls forward, unable to keep it up when he grabs my face. His fingers pry my eyelids open, yet I only see white.

“What?… Hurry up!” Kade screams, and I hear people running up the steps toward us.

“Does it hurt?” I repeat.

“You think I wanted to do this? Of course, it hurts! …”

“Because I feel nothing.” I giggle.

“Hang on, Abbie,” Kade says, and I snort.

“For what? Certainly not for you!” I mumble, my lips going numb.

“Hang on for me. I didn’t mean it! You should know better! …..” he stutters frantically.

“Just hang on,” he says as my body feels more and more limp. I slid down the wall I was leaning on, my face pressing against the carpet, and I could hear the frantic beating of my heart drumming in my ears. I focused on that sound, waiting for the moment it would stop when everything went black.

Nothingness, complete oblivion, is what I expected. Yet when my heavy eyes open, tears brimmed in my eyes. The beep of hospital equipment reaches my ears as I blink up at the ceiling. Why? How could life be so cruel and bring me back?

“Thank Goddess!” I hear a gasp before Kade suddenly hovers over me. His hands were pawing at me, and I looked away from him.

“I thought I lost you! The Moon Goddess must have heard my prayers,” he gushes, fussing over me like he was some fantastic mate and not the person who did this.

“She heard yours, but mine fell on deaf ears.” I groaned. Fuck, if she had heard mine, I would have been dead years ago but here I am still, the so-called Goddess fucking shit up and not giving me the luxury of death.

Kade grabs my face in his hands. Sparks rush over my entire body and make my whole body heat up. The bond reacts despite knowing what


Kade fucking remarked me! Our severed bond is now stronger than ever by the feeling of the sparks that coursed over my entire body. Kade purrs while I just think of how I failed to sever the bond and was again stuck with the miserable bastard.

“That was close” Kade sighs, kissing my forehead like he was some loving mate. I just blink and say nothing.

“Well, at least you learned your lesson. Then, after all this mess, we can go home. Cassandra said she would make you a nice dinner. We need to get you up to full strength so we can complete the mating process. I will ask the doctor to give you something to bring on your heat,” he says before walking out. This could not be happening. I swallow and try to move my hand to brush my hair back to find I was handcuffed to the bed by one hand. I tug on the handcuff, yet it doesn’t budge. Sitting up, my entire body starts aching.

My leg burns the most, and so did every inch of me. Using my other hand, I tug the hospital gown down a little, groaning as I do. My shoulder is covered in stitches. Rolling the skirt up. I see my leg is the same. His mark may have saved me but didn’t heal me. That is when I noticed the drip attached to my hand. I follow the line to see the blood bag and another bag.

I choke when I realize it had the same label as the shit Cassandra had been pumping into me. No wonder I look like Frankenstein. Kade was still preventing me from shifting, and Goddess knows how long that drip had been attached to me because it was dark outside, and I wasn’t even sure it was the same day.

I lay back down when I hear Kade talking to the Doctor and listening to their voices grow nearer. Kade saunters into the room, a massive grin on his face.

“The doctor said you can come home tomorrow, isn’t that great? He will prepare the injection just before you are discharged,” he tells me.

A nurse comes in a few minutes later with a tray of food. She glances at Kade nervously, and I can tell she fears him with the way she averts her gaze to the floor and drops her head, her curly dark hair covering her face.

“Hurry! Hurry!” Kade snaps at her as she wheels a small table over that slides under the bed before turning the tabletop so it sat above me. The smell of food makes my belly growl hungrily. My mouth salivates. She sets a tray on the table, and Kade clicks his tongue and growls.

“It’s too much! I said something small until after her heat!” Kade snaps at the woman. Taking the tray, which smelled divine, he took a pudding cup off it before thrusting the tray at her. She glances at me, and my stomach screams in protest as he takes whatever was under the plate cover from me. He slaps the pudding cup on the table. The woman bites her lip but takes the tray looking at me apologetically. She goes to hand me the spoon, but Kade slaps it out of her hand.

The more I stared at her, for some reason she reminded me of someone I just couldn’t think of who? It was her eyes and cheekbones. They looked familiar. I had no idea why I felt that way.

“Idiot! It could be used as a weapon.” he snarls at her. The woman blinks at him.

“She is handcuffed, Alpha. Where would she go?”

“Until I complete the mating process, no utensils. I don’t want my mate to harm herself,” Kade growls.

“Maybe I can feed her? You said she hadn’t eaten in days. The doctor recommended this meal to help strengthen her,” she tried to argue, and I saw the malicious glint in his eye.

“It’s alright. I’m not hungry. Just thirsty.” I tell her, not wanting to get her into trouble. Yet my belly rumbles loudly. We all hear it in the quiet room.

“See?” Kade says, snatching the juice cup off the tray. He thrusts it at me, and my hand shakes as I take it from him.

“Now leave! You are the last person I want to see in her room!” he snarls, and she nods before rushing out. I stared after her as she ran out.

“Bloody fool! Are you alright, my love?” he says, and I look at Kade and nod.

It was like his personality switched back and forth. He takes the juice cup and pokes a hole before handing it back. I tried to figure out why the woman looked so familiar. I knew I hadn’t seen her before, but something about her gave me déjà vu.

Shaking the thought off. I drink my juice cup. Kade only allows me half the pudding cup and watches me dig it out with my fingers. It was humiliating, but I remained quiet, hoping he would leave soon. After about an hour of sitting in silence watching Kade fiddle with his phone, he stands up from the blue chair and walks over to me.

Leaning over the bed, he grips my chin, tilting my face up to his before shoving his tongue down my throat. The bond reacted, but I just went to my safe place, went to the dark parts of my mind, and floated.

“I need to go, but I will be back first thing in the morning. The doctor will send someone in to give you some drugs to help you sleep,” he says. I nod my head robotically.

I tried everything to get out of the handcuff, but nothing worked. It was that tight the tips of my fingers were going numb from putting strain on it trying to break out of it. My will to escape dying along with the last part of my will to live when the crippling pain washed over me.

on my side, I hug my belly with my free hand. Half an hour later, the pack doctor comes in again. The man is an older gentleman. He looks over my notes and shakes his head. He checks my drip when the woman from before comes in.

“Alana will give you something to help you sleep. And in the morning, I will give a small injection into your ovaries to bring on your heat. You were fortunate. You almost died, if it wasn’t for Kade’s quick thinking of remarking you, we would have lost you,” the doctor says.

“Yes, so lucky to live with my pig of a mate!” | sneer, and he nods, having not paid attention to what I was saying, too busy looking at the charts in his hand.

“You can give it to her, Alana, then observe her two hours,” he tells her, and the woman comes over to me. She smiles sadly as she walks around the bed and takes my arm in her hand. The doctor watches as she stabs the needle into my cannula port in my free hand.

The doctor sighs when I feel the top of my hand become wet, and I look at her. Her eyes meet mine, and I look down to see her hand covering the needle as she squirts the contents on my skin, not through the cannula, spilling it all over the bed. She then places my hand over the spot

“Hurry, I haven’t got all night.” the doctor complains.

“I’m done, Doc,” she says, dropping the syringe into the small green plastic bowl she brought in with her. He nods, and she makes her way over to my drip, changing the bags out while the doctor walks out.

She waits a few seconds before rushing over to me and grabbing my hand just as the Doctor Walked back in. I feel something metal brushing my palm, and she quickly makes out she was tucking the surrounding blankets around me.

“You may feel a little groggy, don’t fight it,” she says, staring at me before glancing at the hand she had placed a key in, and the doctor clears his throat

“Alana, bed four needs changing again. Mr. Masters wet himself again,” he groans.

“Yes, right away, Doc. Just need to change out her bag on the drip,” she says, and he nods, walking back out.

This time when he leaves, he doesn’t return. Alana rushes over to me and starts unplugging the machines attached to me, and I wait for the beep only to peer at the monitor to see she had switched it off.

“I found a spare key in Doc’s office. You have two hours to run east,” she whispers. –

“Why are you helping me?”

“My sister, Blaire, told me about you. Now, don’t waste any time. He will feel you once you get too far away,” she says before glancing over her shoulder.

Alana pulls a piece of paper from her cleavage and tucks it under my bottom. “I got your friend’s number. Blaire gave it to me. She stole it from his phone and sent it to me. He then killed her for touching his phone, but I wrote it down. You must have been worth dying for, or she wouldn’t have sent it. Blaire wanted to ring whoever it was. She never said who in the message. I would give you a phone, but all calls are monitored and listened to. East, there is a town there, ring from there. You try before you leave the town limits, and he will know about it.”

“What about you?” I ask.

She doesn’t answer, just rushes over to the window and opens it before running out, closing the door behind her. I swallow, pulling the paper out with a number scribbled on it. Waiting a few minutes to make sure no one was coming in, I then used the key to undo the handcuff. I rub my wrist before forcing myself off the bed.

My legs collapse under me when they touch the floor, and I clench my teeth to stopfrom screaming. Pain ravages me from my injuries and Kade’s infidelity, but I force myself up and over to the plastic bag sitting on the chair that Kade brought with him.

Opening it, I find a man’s shirt and some jeans. I swallow when I realize they must be Cassandra’s jeans. I looked over my shoulder at the door, but no one seemed to be in the hall. Pulling my hospital gown off, I pull the shirt on before gritting my teeth as I pull the jeans on.

My stitches tug and pull painfully. Sweat coated me from so much effort. As I walked to the window, I tried to figure out where the east was. She could have pointed that out, or I should have asked. My skin burned as the jeans rubbed my mauled leg, and I struggled to lift it over the windowsill. Breathing harshly, I pull the other over before sitting on the ledge.

After a few seconds, I brace myself for the pain and jump. It was only about a two-meter drop, but it felt like I had jumped from a lot higher when I hit the ground. Pain rattles through me as Hand on my bad leg. Choking on a sob, I fight the urge to pass out as I rise to my feet, using the wall for support.

I see no one around and take off, running as fast as my legs allow. My legs were killing with each movement and the bad one dragging behind me, but I still bit down on the instinct to stop and push on. The pain would not stop me. Ivy would come for me. I know she will come. I just need to get to that town.

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