Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 58: Gannon POV

A few days later

This is what I was worried about the moment she left those castle gates. Worried about the state she would return to me in, and I cursed myself for not going against the King, for not stepping in sooner. This could have all been avoided if I had just killed him. Kyson had given me the week off to help her adjust yet she hardly spoke.

She hardly left the room at all. Almost as if it was her little bubble of safety. I knew it wasn’t healthy and her silence was deafening. disturbing almost as if she was no longer here. She even refused to shift and go for a run. Even though I would catch her constantly looking out the window at the forest.

Deciding I needed to do something about it, I went to see Kyson, wanting to take Abbie away for a while and get her out of this castle. Her depressive state was only getting worse.

I wasn’t even sure if it was because of her lost bond or if she was just haunted by the memories. The King was leaving today. He had business to take care of, and I wanted to see him before he left in case he got held up and didn’t return for a few days.

Though I highly doubted he would be gone long, The Queen wouldn’t handle his absence long, and I knew he hated leaving her. The fear in his voice when Liam and I got the call that she took off after Abbie floods me. Never had I felt so much fear. Fear for the Queen, fear for Abbie. Because I knew the only reason Azalea would defy the King was for Abbie. That night had haunted me since.

“Where are you?” the King had asked. We were on our way home with the boys after killing Mrs. Daley and the butcher. My spirits had lifted until that mind link had opened..

*10 minutes out. What’s up?” I had asked.

“I am on my way back home, but further out, I need you to get Azalea and bring her home.” the King told me which I had thought was a little odd, because why would she leave the castle at night?

“Azalea?” I asked.

“She ran off with Dustin to go after Abbie. You need to get to her until I get there.”

“Fuck! That bloody idiot should know better than to take Azalea into hunter’s territory at night!” I was furious when I found out that Dustin had helped her. Now that had shocked me, simply because such actions would have severe consequences. Though at the same time, I was

glad for Abbie’s sake. Yet I also worried for Liam, since he and Dustin were close. I knew Liam loved Dustin; I just wasn’t sure if it was reciprocated

Yet the moment the King told me of Azalea, the pact, I had overridden everything, and there was no way I was heading back to the castle. No, the pact to protect our Queen would always override everything, which now kind of bothered me because that meant overriding protecting Abbie if it came between choosing between them.

Pacts weren’t taken lightly and required the King’s blood and hours of orders forced on us so we couldn’t break them. The only one who could break it was the King.

He could force us to break it, but that would also be extremely difficult for him to do. We would still run back for her the moment the command would drop. We could also fight the orders if they were specifically putting the Queen in danger. Exactly why we all turned on the King when he banished her out of the castle. Most that signed up for it passed out and couldn’t pass the royal guard.

Only 11 of us made it through the process, two of whom were dead now. It worked similar to the council not being able to be commanded.

“Which road?” I asked, infuriated that Dustin could be so reckless.

“Highway,” the King answered. That is the worst road to travel on at night.

“Abbie?” I asked.

“Perfectly fine. We are seeing her on the weekend. You can come but bring my fucking mate home!” the King told me.

“I will bring the Queen back to you. What of Dustin?” I asked for Liam’s sake. He wouldn’t handle watching him, cop lashings or worse banishment.

“Leave him for me.” The King growled, cutting the link. I told Liam everything, and he was just as disappointed with Dustin. I had him take the boys to Clarice and made him pull over. On foot, I could cut through the trees. I had known if the Queen went after her. She sensed something from Abbie, and the worry ate at me the entire way there. Worried I would get there and find them both dead.

Yet now, as I walked through the castle to the cars, I worried she was already dead inside. She was a shell of who she was before, and I just hoped my plans to take her away from here, even if only for a little while, would bring her back to me. Walking outside, I find guards getting ready to leave

I am standing beside the King’s car when he walks out. “I thought you had the week off?” Kyson asks me, and I quickly open his door. The King ducks his head, stepping inside.

“I do, but I wanted to speak to you before you left,” I tell him while peering in the car at him, when I notice Trey. Suspicions had been raised about him. Azalea snuck past him the night she went after Abbie, but not just that, so many other things like her being poisoned, his dislike for her that the king was blind to, though he had changed his tune since he learned she was a Landeena.

Liam didn’t trust him, and that was enough for me; I usually agreed once he sensed something was off about someone because he had a knack for reading people. Liam, I swear, had an inbuilt radar for bullshit and something did not add up with Trey.

Trey clears his throat behind the King, and I step aside and nod to the King, wanting to speak with him privately. The King climbs back out of his car

“What do you need?” Kyson asked me as he stepped out of the car.

“I want to take Abbie away for a few days but wanted to clear it with you first,” I tell him.

“Of course. Where are you taking her?”

*Dont know yet, somewhere, but I will be back before my week off is over,” I tell him.

Take your time, Gannon. I can manage without you. Besides, when was the last time you had time off, anyway?” He asks. I think for a second, and not even I could remember the last time I took time off.

“Thank you.” I tell him.

“Just make sure Azalea sees Abbie before she goes,” he tells me, and I nod just as Damian climbs in the car as well. The King turns away from me, about to climb in the car, when he opens the mind-link as I go to shut the door.

“Have Doc come to take blood from Azalea for me before you leave.” He tells me, and I nod.

“Still no luck with the tests?” I ask, and he shakes his head.

“Will do. Anything else?” I ask.

“Yes, enjoy your time off,” The King tells me, and I smirk, shutting the door before going to find Abbie, who I knew wouldn’t have left the room.

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