Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 68: Gannon POV

“Is she being serious?” I whisper to Azalea behind me. “Now she got him back. She won’t let him go. And if you make her choose, you won’t win,” she tells me, and my lips part. I glanced down the corridor. She had already disappeared. Is this why she had been in a strange mood?

“What do you mean, now she has him back?” I ask, turning my attention to Azalea. “Abbie was his primary carer. She raised him since he was newborn,” she tells me. F*ck! I never gave much thought to kids, but damn, this was abrupt. I sigh, and Kyson comes up the steps.

“What’s wrong?” Kyson asks, and I look at him.

“Looks like I have a son,” I say. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this, but I won’t refuse her if this is what Abbie wanted and needed. Without looking back, I turned on my heel and jogged after her.

“Abbie is pregnant?” I hear the King ask Azalea behind me, and I roll my eyes. That would require us mating, and that definitely hasn’t happened yet. And I also didn’t see it happening anytime in the near future.

It is only a couple of times that she has let me sleep next to her, and each time I woke to find her on the couch, It upset me but I knew she struggled with touch, scents, and everything in general when it came to men.

However, having her in my room, I was thankful for. It meant she somewhat trusted me, despite what she had been through.

“No, Tyson!” Azalea tells him.

“Ah, wait. You both know we can’t keep them all, right? Clarice has the two boys already, and now Abbie has Tyson. You’re pregnant. I am not running a boarding school here!” Kyson tells her, just as I turn the corner to our quarters. I rush to my room and open the door, but she isn’t there. My brows furrow as I check the bathroom, wondering where she went when I hear a babbling noise from out in the hallway.

Turning around, I follow the noise to her old room. Knocking on the door, the room falls quiet, and I grip the handle pushing the door open to find her sitting on the bed.

Tyson was still attached to her hip and eating a candy cloud she had pinched between her fingers, his little lips sucking the sugar off while she held it, watching him.

“I am keeping him. And I understand if you don’t want kids. And I know he is a special needs child, so if you aren’t comfortable with it, I understand.

I will ask Azalea to move me elsewhere if it bothers you,” she says dismissively as if she thought I would toss her away over him

“It would have been nice to be asked,” I tell her.

“I’m done asking. I’m done begging. It gets me nothing, Gannon. I won’t lose him, and I won’t give him up.” she tells me, hugging him tighter. She sniffs his hair and kisses his cheek.

“What do you mean? I never denied you anything, Abbie, nor would l!” I tell her, and she looks up at me before looking down at him.

“Kade promised. He promised, so I stayed. I stayed quiet. I stayed on the promise I would get Tyson back.

Everything was going to be okay when I got him back, only he never kept that promise,” she says. Tears slip down her face and her lips quiver.

Tyson is why she never said anything, why she remained. It wasn’t just the bond.

“Tyson is a deal breaker, just like Azzy, Gannon. Don’t make me choose. You won’t like the answer,” she whispers.

“Like Azzy?” I ask her, and she nods, her eyes softening as she stares at him through her tears.

“More than my life,” she says. Tyson babbles, leaning down to gnaw at the candy cloud between her fingers as I step into the room.

I lean down, brushing his hair with my fingers.

“And you’re more than mine,” I whisper, and she lifts her head.

“More than my life and if he is part of yours. Then he is now mine also,” I tell her, and she blinks at me before swallowing. Her lips part, and she stares at me as if wondering if she heard me right.

“Come on, he needs a bath and is clearly hungry.” I tell her, holding my hands out for him. She looks at my hands.

“No one will ever take him from you, and I will kill anyone who dares try to take our son,” I tell her.

“You’re not leaving me,” she breathes out.

“Never!” I tell her, taking Tyson from her. I set him on my hip before offering my hand to her. She slips her on mine, and I pull her to her feet.

Tugging her closer, press my lips to her temple before walking out of the room with her and Tyson. I spot Liam smirking as he stands near the door of his room as we pass.

“I hear I am an Uncle brother?” he says, and I smile down at Tyson.

“That would be correct.”

“I will go make him some food while you get him settled then,” Liam says, and I nod, watching as Abbie pushes our door open and walks to the bathroom to run him a bath.

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