Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 80: Gannon POV

Liam and I went out the back. We made a detour for Liam to get his stash of vodka. As I sat out in the back gazebo out in the main courtyard, Liam cracked the bottle open, passing it to me after he took a swig. I didn’t know where to begin, I knew it wasn’t her fault, but there was only so much | could help with. Abbie wasn’t seeing it or was refusing to see and acknowledge it.

I love Tyson, and I love Abbie, but what was the point of making him his own room if she never allowed him to sleep in it? She knows full well I would never force myself on her. All I want is to be able to sleep in my bed with her without being kickboxed by Tyson in his sleep.

“Just say it, brother. You don’t have to feel guilty for whatever it is. Not with me,” Liam tells me.

I let out a slow torturous breath, “I don’t know what else I can possibly do to help Abbie. We went and made her old room into Tyson’s new room. He loves it, but she won’t let him sleep in it. That can’t be healthy for him, her, and especially me. She says she knows I’m not Kade, and she knows I would never force myself on her, yet she continues to use Tyson as her own safety blanket. I am barely getting any sleep because of it.” I groaned, it was driving me mad. I felt like I was constantly walking on eggshells around her, trying not to step on one of her many triggers. It was becoming impossible.

“Maybe you should let her see a therapist, there is only so much you can do. Have you talked to Azalea? You know they are just as tight as we are with each other, if not more.” I shake my head.

The King had enough going with Azalea after losing their baby, Abbie is to be my mate. I had to figure out a way and not burden them with her. I hand Liam back the bottle, he accepts it taking a sip.

“Gannon, I am about to say something you might not wanna hear. Abbie was abused by not one but three spineless pieces of sh*t. It has been one drama leading into another. She has never been normal. Everything that has happened to her since the loss of her parents has proven trusting anyone leads to more of the same.” Liam tells me, I knew what he said was true I was just frustrated

F*ck we all had issues, Liam was a prime example of that with his upbringing, mine with my own yet we still had good moments and my childhood wasn’t nearly as traumatic as hers.

“She knows you would never treat her that way, but she can’t turn it off. Look how long it took me to be better, well, better than I was. Sh*t, man, I’m still all types of f*cked up after what my father used to make me do, it doesn’t go away you just learn to live with it. And half the time I still don’t,” he says, holding up the bottle and shaking it before passing it back to me.

Isip it thinking over his words. Yeah Liam was far from sane, yet he was also smart, smarter than most gave him credit for, the horrors he has lived with make me sick and only Clarice knows what he truly suffered with at the hands of his father.

I know what he has told me and maybe Dustin knows a little but he was a very guarded man that

lived with his own demons, demons I don’t even want in my own consciousness.

However, Liam was right. There was only so much I could do, “I will tell her that in order for her to get better, she has to talk to someone other than Azalea and me. It isn’t good for her or Tyson. I don’t want to lose her or my son.” If I could kill them all over again, I would make it all much longer and more painful. I was about to walk off when Liam tugged me back, taking his bottle out of my hand. “You do that, but this baby stays with me.” Gave me a wink before taking it to the head.

“I would offer, but we all know I would probably f*ck her up as much as me, yet maybe get to speak with Clarice at least. You know she used to be a counselor before she worked as a nanny,” Liam tells me and I nod before walking back to my quarters.

I walked up the stairs to our quarters when the smell of blood permeated the hall, “F*ck! Abbie!” || bolted to our room hearing Tyson screaming. Going into the bathroom made my blood run old, Tyson was trying to shake Abbie. Blood was in the tub and running down its sides as water spilled over the

sides and out the door. A bottle of wolfsbane lay on the floor thankfully the lid was back on it or it would have burned him.

“Tyson, look at me. Let me help mommy. I need you to step back for me, bubba.” I tell him while also trying to keep a hand on Abbie so she doesn’t slip beneath the water.

Tyson was clutching his blanket in a vice grip. I pulled a knife from my boot, fishing Abbie closer to me. Her head bobbing from side to side, cutting my wrist, I forced my blood past her lips.

“Tyson out!” I ordered him, feeling guilty but he didn’t need to witness this, he already saw too much. He rushes out and I turn back to Abbie, my heart thumping frantically in my chest as panic swallows me “Come on, Abbie! Don’t do this to me.” My wrist tried to heal and I bit into it to keep it open before opening her mouth forcing more of my blood into her, when that still wasn’t working I gripped her under the arms and sank my teeth into her neck flooding her system with my venom. I couldn’t lose her. How st**pid of me to leave her while she was upset.

Abbie’s eyes began to flutter, and the color began to return to her cheeks and l!ps and Tyson whimpered behind me just standing outside the bathroom door. “See Tyson. Momma’s okay, Go wait in the room and I’ll bring her right out.” I tell him and she begins to sputter and choke on the water.

Tyson reluctantly went into the bedroom, I turned my attention back to Abbie. Her eyes bulged from her head and she began to stutter, “Wha…what did you do? Why did you try to stop me?” she says, glancing around frantically when I see her eyes go back to the razor she used resting on the side of the bathtub.

Abbie gasped as she looked down at her wrists and saw her wounds healing quickly and pushing out of my arms, flailing about. I couldn’t let her try to kill herself again, I had no other choice. So I grabbed her, I sank my teeth into her shoulder this time trying to flood and overwhelm her system with my venom. She fights me and I bite my wrists jamming it over her mouth while she screams and flailed about trying to stop me. I won’t lose her!

I pinned Abbie marking her repeatedly and forced her head under the bl**dy water. I pray I didn’t f*ck up and the Lycan genes kicked in. Her hand’s claws raked my arms and she thrashed spilling water everywhere, kicking and screaming under the water when Tyson started screaming and rushed

in hitting me, screaming for her, his nails scratching me down my arms and back as he yanked on my shirt

“Da, Da. Sto,” he wailed yanking on me and I fall back on my a*s on the wet tiles and she jumped out of the water, sitting up and clutching the sides of the tub as Tyson reached for her but before he could she choked and sputter spewing up water and giving me a frightened look.

“Abbie? I.. I-” she stared at me for a second before climbing out of the tub and snatching her gown off the h**k on the bathroom door.

“Abbie, wait!” I called out to her but she was already gone and I heard the bedroom door slam just as Tyson went to chase after her. I scoop him up and he fights me.

“Wait, stop,” I tried to soothe him as he screamed for her. “Daddy wasn’t hurting her,” I tried to tell him yet I knew that was a lie. I grab Tyson, setting him on my hip and step out the doors to find Liam coming back to his room. The bottle in his hand drops and shatters on the floor.


“Find Abbie! Help me find Abbie,” I tell him and he takes off down one hall and I take the other. Yet after half an hour and no sign of her I went looking for Azalea hoping she was with her, yet when I reach her bedroom Trey tells me he hasn’t seen her. Trey looks at me horrified and grits his teeth. “What have you done?” he asks, I shake my head. I just needed Azalea.

“I need Azalea,” I tell him. “Mind link the king!” | snap at him and he swallows glancing at her door before I feel him open up the mindlink, phasing me in so I can listen.

“Trey, which moron is at my door?” the King snarls at him.

“That moron would be me, my King,” Trey said, though I could hear the amusement in his voice and the King calling him a moron.

“What is it?” Kyson asks while I impatiently move from foot to foot, if he refused I would break the King’s door down.

“Gannon wanted me to ask if the Queen would help him find Abbie,” Trey tells him.

“Tell him we are busy.” The King retorts. I growl and Trey glances at me and Tyson.

“Tell him it’s important that she left Tyson!” I tell Trey.

“I did, my king. He said he wouldn’t ask, but she left Tyson and took off, and he can’t find her.”

“She left Tyson?” The Kings ask him.

“Yes, my King and Gannon said “… “That she would never leave him behind,” the king finished for him, and I sighed.

“We’ll be right there,” the King tells him and he cuts the mind link. I look at Trey who waves me off because I was becoming antsy standing here doing nothing when I should be looking for her.

“Go., I will inform them that..” He glances down at me nervously.

“Something happened,” Trey tells me and I rush off with Tyson to check the servants quarters and the communal bathrooms,

One word from Azalea had the entire castle searching for her yet no matter where we searched we couldn’t find her. Hours pass and we all start backtracking when I spot water marks on the floor and find a bl**dy handprint by the stairs. I sniff the air picking up her scent and start climbing the stairs. We must have just missed her, I only just searched for her in this part a minute ago, Climbing the stairs I follow her scent to the King and Queens room.

King Kyson POV

I follow after Azalea. We end up with every guard looking for her when Gannon says he found her, but she won’t come out. We learn she is hiding in our quarters, and we head to our quarters to check if she was hiding up there, as he claimed. Gannon was beside himself, Tyson crying in his arms, and Gannon’s shirt was covered in blood. Azalea freezes in her tracks as her shock hits me through the bond.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t mean to, but she tried to leave…” he didn’t finish, and my heartbeat in my chest at seeing him in such a distressed state while Tyson wailed loudly. Azalea rushed over, ripping him out of Gannon’s arms, who growled at her when she did, trying to reach for him, but the poor kid was petrified of whatever he had just witnessed and clung to Azalea, his arms around her neck.

“Stand down!” Azalea snarls at him, and he freezes just as Damian comes rushing around the corner with Clarice and Liam. Everyone stops staring at Gannon while Azalea tries to calm Tyson down.

“Where is she?” she demands, fury blazing in her eyes. Gannon’s eyes darted to our bedroom door, and I looked behind me before turning back to look at Gannon. Azalea gasps, knowing he must have done something terrible for her to run and hide in our room.

“I didn’t mean it. I would never hurt her. She tried to leave me,” Gannon says, clutching his hair. I watch the fall and rise of Azalea’s chest, her eyes trained on the door before she moves toward it. She passes Tyson to me as she moves toward the door.

She stops next to it and grips the door handle before looking at her hand, which is covered in blood. She looks at me horrified before her eyes go to Gannon before she growls, shoving the door open.

She slips inside the room, and I turn my head to look at Gannon. “What did you do?”

“I tried to change her,” he says, dropping to the ground and f**ting his hair. My lungs compress in my chest.

“Gannon!” Clarice whispers, horrified, knowing precisely what that means.

“There was no way Abbie would have been ready for that after everything she had been through!” Clarice scolds me.

“She wouldn’t stop fighting me,” I murmured.

“Because you tried to f**king kill her!” I yell at him.

“No, she was trying to kill herself!” I whisper.

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