Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 82: Abbie POV

I couldn’t explain what she did; it made no sense as I watched her pass out. I could feel her in my head, feel her essence or presence tainting and touching the darkest parts of me, twisting and manipulating. Lifting the weight of my past from me.

I felt free.

It was as if I no longer was trapped in the nightmares I survived and was now merely an observer, dissociated from them. I still remembered everything, but the feelings that hunted and trapped me were no longer there. As if she erased those completely.

When she passed out, everyone went into panic, while all I could do was stare. I thought I killed her, but Trey Gannon was quick to whisk me out of there and away from everyone. Yet I wanted to check Azalea. Needed to know I didn’t hurt her.

“She is awake, Abbie. Damian just mind-linked me.” Gannon tells me. I nod my head, staring at where Tyson lay on the bed, nestled between out pillows.

“You need to shower. You’re covered in blood, and I don’t want Tyson waking you up seeing you like that.” Gannon tells me.

“It was Tyson we fought over, then Sia. I recently learned my aunty was Gannon’s true mate. He killed her. Yet I felt nothing for that woman. I hardly remembered her, my mother and she fought, and that was when we left my grandmother’s house. Left the pack we lived in and went on the run.

It was also when we met up with Marrissa; at that time, I knew her as Della. We were attacked by bandit rogues, and Della and Jason came to our aid. After that, we remained with them. I was beginning to realize how small the world truly was. How interconnected all pasts were. But it left questions remaining, one I wasn’t sure I wanted the answers to.

“Why did you kill her? Was it just because she left you?” I ask Gannon. Gannon sighs, kneeling next to me where I sat on the couch by the small bookcase of children’s books that Gannon got for Tyson. Most of them were pop-up books.

“Abbie, you don’t want to know the answers to these questions. They will do more harm than good.”

“How can they? I didn’t feel sorry for her; I barely knew her. I just need to know,” I tell him.

“Why?” he asks.

“To make sure that isn’t the only reason you want me, because you couldn’t have her. Because I look like her.”

“You are nothing like Sia. Not even close. You have the same hair and eyes, that is it.”

“Then tell me.” Gannon sighs, dropping his head onto my knees.

“When I met Sia, I was visiting her pack. I had to take a message to the council for the king. I stopped over at her pack and met her at the tavern.” he tells me. His brows furrowed together as if he was trying to remember some detail. Yet my eyes were trained on his chest, the deep crevices that marred his skin. Skin tore apart by his claws when he tried to rip his own heart out.

“Anyway, Sia and her mother were being kicked out of the pack for something your grandmother did. She told me the council had found them another place in a pack closer to here. I helped her move on the weekends, yet she kept insisting I change her. I don’t know why it bothered me, but

for some reason, her insistence did. She also wanted to meet Claire and work at the castle. Another thing I didn’t like.

“Why did she want you to change her so badly?”

“Because your grandmother was dying, that is why.” Gannon says. So you never changed her.

“No, she kept mentioning it, and I lost my temper. At the time, I still hadn’t told the King. Once mates are usually found, especially when you are part of the King’s guard. The King does background checks, and most of the time, unless the King knows them, you need permission to change them. I never told the King about her or anyone. I knew something was off about her, and I was afraid of the King refusing me if I asked or finding something that I began to suspect about her. So I told her no, and we had a fight. She then rejected me.”

“What did you suspect her of?”

“Working with the hunters,” Gannon says.

“That’s why you didn’t want to tell the King, because he would have killed her?”

“Yes, and you mustn’t tell the King, Abbie, not the real reason. You saw what he did to Azalea when he thought she was the daughter of a hunter,”

“So, how does Liam fit into all of this, then?” I ask, trying to work it out.

He lets out a breath. “Liam didn’t know about Sia, but the town she moved to was one he frequented a fair bit. He met her there, and they started dating. What I didn’t know was that Liam actually knew her first.”

“Liam knew your mate before you did?” Gannon nods his head.

“Yes, because your grandmother was human, her mate was a werewolf, and luckily passed the werewolf gene to his children. He then left her for his mate, but because she had children, she was allowed to remain within the pack. She was a witch, and also the same witch Liam used to visit her and get location spells done by her when we had trouble finding people the King would send us after,” Gannon tells me.

“So she was cheating on you with Liam?” I ask him, and he stands up. I move over, allowing him more space beside me, and he falls onto the couch next to me.

“Yes, we didn’t know about each other. I never went with him when he would see your grandmother. And a long story short. After two years of feeling her infidelity, I had enough and contacted her. I knew to break the bond on my side, I had to kill her. But when I rang her, she told me she had changed her mind, that she wanted to be with me. Little did I know that she told Liam I was her abusive Ex and had been harassing her. He intended to kill me. I met up with her,

and Liam got out of the car with her when I did.”

“And he did nothing, just let you kill her despite loving her too?”

“At first, he was shocked, but a year earlier, he figured I must have found my mate. Because I tried to kill myself.” He pats his chest, and I stare at the scars that litter his skin. “Liam found me and stopped me from ripping my own heart out. I went mad with the grief of losing the bond. All night he sat with me, feeding me his blood so I would heal quicker. I never told him, but he knew had found my mate. He never asked, but he knew, and we never mentioned that night again. It’s also why we are so close. Him feeding me so much of his blood kind of made a bond,” he tells me. I chew my l!p. My aunty was a monster to do that. Cause someone so much grief.

“Anyway, when Liam got out of the car and saw me, he figured it out. He was disgusted with her, and she started screaming for him to kill me, but he stepped aside and he said to me. ‘I start digging a hole to bury the b**tch in, and that is what he did. I killed her, and he helped me cover it up.”

“You are nothing like her, Abbie. Yes, you have similar traits. At first, that may have been why wanted you, but you are nothing like her. Nothing like her, Abbie, even with my bond to Sia. I never loved her the way I love you.” Gannon tells me.

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