Mated To The King’s Gamma Chapter 87: Abbie POV

I was never drinking again! My head felt like it had been crushed in a vice, and my mouth felt so dry. How do people drink every day? This was horrid. I don‘t understand how Liam and the King managed to be alcoholics. I felt like death as my eyes fluttered open.

Yet instead of being in bed with Tyson, I was staring at the empty bed. Lifting my head, fingers trail down my spine and make me shiver when I use my hands to push up so I can look around. Only I find I am laying on top of Gannon. I peer down to find myself completely n*ked before dropping back down on top of him to cover my n*dity.

“I didn‘t sleep with you. Well, I did sleep as in the closed eyes kind of sleep in the dream state,” he mumbles, rolling on his side. I shriek, becoming trapped between his huge body and the back of the couch.

“Why am I n*ked?”

“You said you were hot and kept taking your clothes off,” he mumbles, yawning before pressing his l!ps against my forehead.

His !ips pull up in the corners. “I bet you have a wicked hangover,” he chuckles.

“My head hurts,” I tell him. He hums before sitting up slightly and looking over the arm of the couch. He reaches his hand over to the small coffee table, retrieving a bottle of water. Yes! Water! Liquid! I thought, snatching it from him and twisting the cap off.

He laughs, sitting up, moving toward the bathroom, and returning with Tylenol. Gannon pops two from the packet handing them to me, and I quickly swallow them before dropping back down on the couch. I planned on living here for the next few hours until this headache went away.

Gannon moves to sit back down, and I wiggle over so he has room, my ni**les going hard from the lack of body heat. He lifts an eyebrow at me as I pat the couch.

“You are going to let me lay with you?” he asks. Wasn‘t that what we were just doing? | thought to myself, a bit late for modesty, I slept damn n*ked on top of him.

“Ah, yes, I am freezing, and you‘re like a hot water bottle,” I tell him, and he chuckles before grabbing the blanket and laying back down.

“You could put clothes on,” he says, laying back down and tugging me closer.

“That feels like far too much effort,” I groan, snuggling into his side. “Wait, where is” “Clarice has Tyson,” Gannon mumbles, slipping his arm beneath my head and the pillow as he tucks me closer. I inhale his scent while his fingers draw circles on my lower back as he shuts his eyes, going back to sleep. Yet thanks to this headache, sleep didn‘t want me, so I found myself watching him.

His scent encases me as I watch his face relax as he tries to go back to sleep and I lean closer, pressing my l!ps against his. His eyes flew open at the action, and he jerked his head back. I giggle at the shock on his face, yet I feel different.

Truthfully, I had since whatever Azalea had done to me. As if all fear and weight of my past no longer suffocated me. It was still there but no longer at the forefront of my mind, and watching Gannon sleep, I realized he truly wasn‘t those monsters.

I slept n*ked next to him, and he didn‘t touch me or try anything. Just slept.

“Abbie?” Gannon murmurs as I sit up on one elbow. Gannon pushes my hair back behind my ear. His brows furrow and his l!ps part to say something, yet I cut whatever he was about to say off as I lean down, pressing my l!ps against his. He groans, and his l!ps part at the demand of my tongue as it slips inside his mouth.

His arm around my waist pulls me closer while the other slips into my hair as I deepen the kiss, my tongue tangles with his, but he lets me have control when I feel him smile against my l!ps.

“Are you feeling alright?” he mumbles against my l!ps, attacking his. I nod my l!ps, not leaving his, as I lift my leg over his waist to straddle him when he grips my knee and pulls away.

“Abbie,” he whispers.

“What?” I ask, smiling as I peck his l!ps but he shakes his head.

“We should stop,” he groans, moving his lower half away and making my legs slip off his waist.

“Isn‘t this what you want?” I asked him, confused.

“Is that what you want?” he asks in return, and I nod, moving closer when his hand grips my hip, and he clears his throat, stopping me from crawling on top of him.

“Abbie, stop. I don‘t want to scare you,” he says, his voice coming out more of a growled warning. I swallowed at the noise he made as he moved onto his back.

“Gannon?” I asked, confused by his actions, he always says I refuse to touch him, so I do and now he doesn‘t want my touch. I move to crawl on top of him only for him to move quicker and grip my leg before I place it over him.

“Abbie,” he says in the same warning tone, his grip on my thigh tightening as he held it off him.

“Gannon, I am fine,” I tell him and he sighs but lets my leg go shutting his eyes, and I drape my leg over his waist to find he has an erection. I gasp at the feel of it touching my n*ked leg and swallowed.

“See, that‘s why Abbie. You are making me aroused,” he says, and I chew my l!p, looking down at him only to find him watching me, waiting for me to flip out at him.

“I won‘t hurt you,” he whispers, cupping my cheek in his hand. I lean into his touch, loving the warmth of his skin and the scent of his wrist by my nose. Sucking in a breath of his heady scent I move on top of him and he adjusts himself, pulling me higher and away from his hard c**k. I wiggle lower only for him to grab my arse; his hand grips my a*s cheek before he suddenly freezes.

“Sh**t, Abbie, I didn‘t mean,”

“Will you stop? Do I look freaked out? I just want to touch you,” I tell him before grabbing his hand and placing it back where it was on my a**s.

“You want to touch me?” he asks and I nod. Well, I was trying to but he was making that difficult

“You know you don‘t have to?” he whispers.

“I want to, I want to be able to touch you, Gannon,” I tell him and he sighs and lets me explore his body. I had countless times, yet never did my hands wander the way they did right now as my fingers mapped out every part of his exposed chest and his abs as my hand moved lower toward the waistband of his p*nts when he wrapped his arm around my waist and sat up making me shriek not expecting it.

He sat there for a second as if gauging my reaction to his action as I straddled him. His erection pressing against my lower region makes me look down when he grabs my chin, forcing my gaze to meet his.

“I would never hurt you,” he whispers, brushing his thumb over my l!ps.

“We can stop. Do you want to stop?” I shake my head and my hands move over his chest to his shoulders.

“Then say it, I want to know you understand, Abbie; I want to know it is what you want?” he whispers as his fingers trail down the side of my neck to where his mark lay. I shiver as

his fingers graze over it.

“You won‘t hurt me,” I whisper.

“Never,” he says, tugging me closer before pressing his l!ps against mine softly. My arms wrap around his neck and I push closer so my chest is flush against his as I k!ss him harder when he stands, gripping my leg and wrapping it around his waist while not breaking our kiss. His fingers tangle in my hair as he moves toward the bed before stopping beside it before he sits on the edge of it

“Is this alright?” he asks around my l!ps, s*cking on his. I nod in answer, not caring where he puts us as long he doesn‘t stop kissing me.

Yet the longer he did, the less I thought of what I was doing, my mind solely consumed with him. I tug him closer when he suddenly rolls and makes me gasp when I find myself on my back with him pressed against me. He holds all his weight on his arms and peers down at me, his eyes move to my chest and back up.

“Am I allowed to touch you?” he asks, and I wiggle beneath him, feeling my face heat as I nod; I wanted him to touch me and feel his hands on my body. He smiles, leaning down and brushing his l!ps against mine. His tongue sweeps into my mouth as he kisses me deeply. His pelvis brushes against me and I find I don‘t shy away, not even when I feel his hardness press against me.

Gannon presses closer and a moan escapes my l*ps when he presses himself against me, touching some nerve that makes my hips buck and my eyes widen. I gasp, pulling away from him. “You like that?” Gannon asks, watching me as he rolls his hips against me again, making something tighten inside me as his c***k brushes the same spot.

I nod my head, shutting my eyes. “That‘s what it should feel like Abbie, pleasure not pain,” he whispers, and I open my eyes to look at him.

“So can I touch you, you can tell me to stop,” he murmurs, leaning closer, a smile on his l!ps as they brush mine. I nod he kisses me, plunging his tongue into my mouth and tasting every inch of it before his l!ps moved to my neck and over my collar bone; tingles rush over my skin where he touches.

I feel the mark on my neck warm, and tingle as his l!ps move lower and his tongue swipes over my peaked ni**le, making it h*rden impossibly more as he teases it with his tongue.

His l!ps move to the other when he moves lower, his l!ps and tongue running down my ribs to my hips, making me squirm when I feel his arms move under my bent legs, making me sit up. He kissed my knee, his eyes watching me as his l!ps trailed and sucked down my leg when I realized he was about to put his mouth down there.

“Gannon!” I hiss when I feel his warm breath sweep over me and I groan as he blows his hot breath over me.

“Do you want me to stop?” he murmurs, laying on his belly. I chew my l!p, unsure about having his face down there.

“I won‘t hurt you, Love. You can watch, say stop, and I will,” he ran his nose up the inside of my leg, making me shudder.

“And it won‘t hurt?” I ask him. He shakes his head before trailing his tongue down the inside of my thigh. My legs close almost entirely on his head when I feel his tongue sweep across the apex of my legs. His hands grip my thighs before I can crush his head.

“No pain, just pleasure, Abbie,” he whispers, looking between my legs while I think when I open my legs for him. I watched him, and he watched me back as he lowered his head before his mouth was on me. His tongue sweeps between my lower l!ps to my cl*t.

I moan at the feel of it, and I hear him chuckle before sucking it into his mouth, and my head rolls on my shoulders at the intense feeling of it before I fall back on the bed while he kisses my most private area.

Yet I couldn‘t stop the intense feeling building or the cries spilling from my !ips as his tongue swirled and sucked my flesh. When the feeling grew and became too much, I gripped his hair.

“Stop!” I shrieked, feeling on the verge of combusting, and I was worried I was going to wet myself or something. Gannon stops immediately.

“You don‘t like it?” he asks as I try to catch my breath. I shake my head. “No, it was just getting too intense,” I breathed. Gannon laughs, making me lift my head to look down at him.

“It‘s supposed to feel like that, Love,” he says. Am I supposed to feel like w*tting myself? I wondered if he was mad.

“Let me; I‘ll show you,” I shake my head. He has gone mad. He wants me to pee on him?

“Abbie, I can assure you whatever you are feeling or are currently too embarrassed to say is normal. It should feel like that,” he tells me. “And it gets better,” he tells me, making my eyebrows pinch.

“Do you trust me?” he asks, and I nod. I did trust him. I trusted him with my life.

“Then you know I wouldn‘t do anything to upset you,” I nod, staring down at him as he lowers his face between my legs again, giving me the chance to pull away. Still, when I don‘t, his mouth covers me again, and the feeling builds quickly, making me want to pull away as it climbs higher, making my muscles tense and quiver.

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