Mbaka’s resurfacing saves major crisis in Enugu


Mbaka's resurfacing saves major crisis in Enugu

By Anayo Okoli, Dennis Agbo & Chinedu Adonu – Enugu

The sudden resurface of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, in Enugu, after his whereabouts was not known for over 24 hours saved what would have been a major crisis in Enugu.

Mbaka was said to have been seen last on Tuesday morning when he left his Adoration arena to answer an invitation by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu, Callistus Onaga, at the Bishop’s Court.

It is not clear if security operatives used the bishop to invite him for questioning over his recent altercations with the Presidency following his call that President Muhammadu Buhari has failed the nation and should resign or be impeached.

The Presidency, through Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media, launched an attack on him, accusing him of being angry because the President refused to give him contract, an allegation Mbaka has also denied.

The confusion over his whereabouts after almost 48 hours prompted the Adoration family to protest to the Bishop to demand the whereabouts of their spiritual father.

They accused the Bishop of inviting Mbaka and handed him over to the Federal Government to destroy him.

When the Bishop was nowhere to address them and nobody was delegated to address them at the Bishop’s Court where hundreds of them had gathered, they became violent, destroying windows and doors’ glasses.

Not satisfied, the protesters decided to move to Holy Ghost the Headquarters of the Catholic Church in Enugu. As the news of Mbaka’s unknown whereabouts spread, tension began to build in all parts of Enugu metropolis.

Tricycle riders in their numbers with fresh leaves hoisted on their tricycles as a sign of solidarity joined and led the way to the Holy Ghost.

However, as they were making their way to the place news filtered in that Mbaka has come out. The news was received with jubilations as the crowd went into frenzy and they decided to make their way back to the Adoration ground where they are still waiting for him as at the time of filing the report.

Mbaka said he was not deterred but rather happy that the truth is “heating the Presidency hard”.

According to him, the three people referred to as contractors by the Presidency were people that came to help the country fight insecurity in the country during the first tenure of President Buhari, pointing out that “they had the gadgets and facilities to lift Nigeria out of security challenges”.

He maintained his position that “as directed by the Holy Spirit”, insisting that “Buhari cannot do it again; he should resign or be impeached”, adding that “age and health are not on his side anymore”.

“Fallacy cannot terrorize my courage. We are working under the law. They have never given me any contract but I want to reassure you even if 100 oil blocks are offered to me that cannot bastardize my prophetic anointing.

“With enormous joy, I am happy that the truth is heating them hard. No amount of money can merchandise the Holy Ghost anointing in me. Father Mbaka is un-bribable. Even if they come and build the highest university here, that cannot bribe me.

“When the Holy Spirit asked me to speak, I will speak out. So the statement is let them provide a job for you. Let them leave my people; they should not allow hunger to kill people, let them give you something to eat. Let them make our education qualitative.

“Healthy medical facilities; no longer for the rich going outside the country to treat themselves and the poor perish here; never again.

“The Holy Spirit is still saying what he said; if you are in a football match no matter how good the player is and has injury and can’t play well anymore, he will pack himself out of the field.

“The opponent is laughing and the international community is watching us. The country was named 3rd worst country on Wednesday last week.

“We are not afraid of them. Buhari cannot do it again; health and age are not on his side. We need a stronger and experienced goal keeper in a time like this.

“If they want to put it that it was because of a contract, let them come and build the highest university here and begin to mess up, I will still speak. I am speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit. I am not in any political party and not supporting anybody.

“I am not supporting any terrorist group, rather will I allow you to brand my people terrorists because they are not terrorists. It is very simple because like I said those who are carrying cattle and riffles killing people are they called terrorists?

“How can IPOB people who are walking about without a machete or stick called terrorists. Maybe they are not well informed. They are hungry people; you have to provide a job for them. Engage them and see if they can complain again.

“These are the three men that came in to handle insecurity for the country. And they have the gadgets and facilities and that was during the first administration.

“And they said that they will help them in containing insecurity, to help the country stop insecurity less than one month. And I handed them over to the federal government.

“I don’t know them but they came to Enugu and pleaded for me to link them to the government.

“Due to the level of insecurity and how Nigeria has been moving their oil to outside the country, they said they have all the apparatus to revive the oil and recruit all youths in the industry and the issue of insecurity and killing will die.

“These are the three people they rejected their offer. What will I gain from the people that came in for the purpose of securing the country? I don’t even have their contact”, he said.

He urged the Presidency and Garba Shehu to “challenge the truth not the messenger”, even as he dismissed Garba Shehu’s accusation as “childish and laughable”.

Mbaka warned that “he would be the last person this administration would attack because the wrath of God would befall them if they tried it again”.

“You allowed the truth to be hidden; then you started attacking the person who said the truth. You don’t attack the messenger, challenge the truth whether there is insecurity or not, whether there are good hospitals in this country or not.

“What are you talking about? While God has loved us and saved us from the coronavirus and some of our leaders are becoming the coronavirus that we are suffering.

“What are we talking about? Is there employment opportunity for the youths as it should be? The money they are parking for the 2023 election, if they use it and build industries and recruit our youths there will be work.

“I don’t want to talk about that because it (allegation) is a laughable and childish accusation. Whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and shame to the people he is representing. Fr. Mbaka’s voice came from the spiritual, so what I’m saying is unchallengeable. Why I have been silent and waiting for them to change until God says speak.

“There are some messages that can be as dull, some are like rain but some are like thunder, anybody knows that challenging such a message is challenging God of thunder and should be careful.

“The Fr Mbaka who was speaking is not just a Priest but by the special grace of God, the father, son and Holy Spirit under the Holy Ghost anointing. He is the job provider, yes to the glory of God those that are benefiting from me every month, direct salary earners are not less than 23,000 people.

“So if I have been paying salary to no less than 23,000 direct workers every month; direct workers not indirect. My packers and loaders, I pay them every two weeks. I thank Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State for giving us an enabling environment”.

“The three men they talked about, I am not here to defend anybody to stupid allegations but thank God for using that man to tell the whole world that Buhari have not given me any money.

“You see his God works. Shehu, thank you, for telling everybody that you have not given me any contract.

“If they are angry that I am blessing Nnamdi Kanu, wherever he is, is God not blessing him? He is breathing and healthy. Is it not the blessing from God? Or is he not my brother and spiritually is he not my son?

“What is their problem? They are busy branding people and communities terrorists, if what is happening in Kano, Kaduna, Nassarawa, Maiduguri, Benue, Niger and all the states are branded terrorists, is the whole Nigeria not being branded terrorist? They should be careful with the choice of words and be wise. Shame to them; I do my charity without their support”.

“The insecurity I am talking about can affect them also. They can kill Shehu. There is no level of security used in securing the House of Assembly and Government House that can secure them better than giving jobs to unemployed youths.

“How is it that the whole Nigeria can’t afford a befitting hospital that when the President is sick, he will be flown abroad for treatment? Shame on them!

“The last person this administration should fight is Fr, Mbaka. If they speak against me again, the anger of heaven will fall on them and the end will shock everybody because I represent the poor, the less privilege, unemployed, sick de-humanized, the down trodden in this country; I am their father, so when my children are crying, I can’t be silent.

“I have not been silent in speaking against evil governance. If this country is better, our children outside the country will start running back. We have all that it takes to make the country better”, he said in the long sermon.

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