Measures against the high cost of living: Cosi-Benin invites the population to be vigilant

The Government of Benin took during the Council of Ministers of this Wednesday, March 23, 2022 a certain number of measures to ease the pain of populations faced with soaring prices on the market for certain consumer products. Interviewed this Thursday, March 24, 2022 on the national television channel Benign, the Secretary General of the Confederation of Independent Trade Union Organizations of Benin (COSI-Benin), Noel Chadare reacted. The trade unionist congratulated the government and called on Beninese to be vigilant.

“We can only be satisfied when we listened to the report of the Council of Ministers revealing to us a bacterium of measures that have been taken at this council to finally support the populations” declared the Secretary General of COSI-Benin. In recent months, the prices of basic necessities, that is to say the prices of consumer products, have been skyrocketing on the market. This is why, according to Noël Chadaré, “the government has shown itself to listen to these complaints from the populations and also from the trade unions”.

These trade union organizations which organized the labor exchange February 18 and 25, 2022 meetings “to ask the government to act quickly to lower prices”. “Somehow we are happy that the government has gone in this direction, has listened to us” specified the first official of COSI-Benin.

With the measures taken by the government to regulate prices on the market, the Secretary General of COSI-Benin, Noël Chadaré indicated that “the other pair of sleeves is the effective implementation of these prices which are fixed, to ensure, to follow that what has been decided has become reality because if it is not a reality, the suffering will continue”. For this purpose, COSI-Benin wants “accompany the government, the Ministry of Commerce, the population, everyone on standby to denounce the crooked traders who will continue to do things other than what has been decided”.

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