Memory Exercises: Can They Really Help You?

If you search the internet for “memory exercises”, you will find suggestions for everything from sudoku to chess. You will also find special brain training programs or applications that promise to enhance memory, attention and more, regardless of your age.

But do memory exercises or brain training really work? The answer is not white or black, it is not yes or no. Exercising your memory can be helpful as part of the overall set of things you do as you grow older, along with exercise, good nutrition, a good sleep schedule, and generally maintaining cognitive or mental activity. There is a lot you can do to stay healthy and exercise your brain can be a part of that.

That said, many applications promise that if you do their exercises even for a few minutes a day, “it will prevent dementia”. But the reality is more complicated.

So before you run to start the memory exercises, It is important to know that there is no scientific evidence that these exercises can help you in your daily life.

Scientists say that brain training works for some people and not for all. Also, is there a limited understanding of why the memory exercises work for some and not for others?

However, there are accumulated indications that some memory games may be useful. That’s why it’s not bad to try to play them. But, no test or game can guarantee that you will not get dementia. Science does not work this way.

In fact, instead of using brain training programs, it may be best to do things that generally make you learn and incorporate them into your daily routine. Such as learning a musical instrument or a foreign language or engaging in creative artistic activities.

Keep challenging yourself and change it often. Do not stick to the same things and do not do the same sudoku or crossword puzzles over and over again. For example, when you exercise you do not do the same exercises for life, the same goes for your brain.

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