Mohamed Hadid: Hadid’s father went bankrupt

The Hadid family is world famous and both sisters, Bella and Gigi, have managed to conquer the world of fashion – they even belong to the list of the highest paid models

They may be making more money than ever, and their careers may have skyrocketed, but not so with their father, Mohamed Hadid.

The millionaire manufacturer Mohamed Hadid, who has made a fortune building the most luxurious buildings in Beverly Hills, seems to have gone bankrupt. According to the Six Page, the father of the Hadid brothers filed for bankruptcy and was even forced to file the 267-acre Los Angeles Hills auctioned.

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The once successful builder made many mistakes in managing construction by violating several rules, something for which he had been fined, yet he continued to follow the same philosophy.

“It was not like that when I started with him, but I did not pay much attention to the licenses. He became more daring as he took out huge loans and his selfishness grew. I stopped when he went crazy with Strada Vecchia’s house. He went crazy doing what he wantedSaid Russell Linch, an associate who had worked with him for 15 years.

Something tells us, however, that Father Hadid is not going to starve, despite his bankruptcy.

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