My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 25

Yet Elliot allowed Anastasia to do as she liked. It was as if he was equally affected by whatever that she had ingested, and he felt like he was about to explode as well. Looks like this woman is good at seducing men other than causing trouble for others. “Are we reaching the hospital yet?” Elliot asked Rey, who was driving.

“We are almost there,” Rey replied before the car took a turn and reached the entrance of the hospital. Then, he quickly got out of the car and opened the door to the back of the car for his boss. Elliot got out and straightened his shirt before pulling the woman in the car out and carrying her into the hospital.

Ten minutes later, Anastasia ended up in the VIP ward of the hospital. After getting sedatives and an IV drip, she finally quietened down, and her eyes were closed while her face was flushed.

Right then, Rey gave Elliot tissue paper. “Young Master Elliot, there’s a bloodstain around your neck. You should wipe it off.”

Elliot wiped his neck with the tissue paper before seeing a light bloodstain on it. This woman’s teeth are as sharp as a vampire!

After Rey left, Elliot continued staying guard in the ward. A while later, Anastasia, who was lying in bed, slowly regained her consciousness and blinked. However, she was shocked when she turned around and saw the man next to her.

“You…” Anastasia’s face went pale as she still remembered everything that had happened in the car just now.

“This is the consequence of not listening,” Elliot remarked snarkily.

Anastasia had really underestimated John’s character. She initially thought that he wouldn’t attempt anything at her after telling him that her colleague was waiting for her outside, but she didn’t expect him to disregard her words.

“Thank you. Can I know the time?” Anastasia looked up and asked.


“I should be going home now.” She suddenly didn’t feel like staying in the hospital any longer as she glanced at the IV drip that was still half full.

“If you’re worried about your son, I can get Rey to take care of him until you finish your IV drip.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m fine now.” Anastasia insisted in a stubborn manner.

“You better think about the consequences of not finishing the IV drip. What if the drugs start working again?” Elliot gritted his teeth and questioned.

After contemplating for a moment, Anastasia glanced at her bag. “Can you please hand me my bag?”

After Elliot handed her the bag, she took her phone out and contacted Francis, trying to sound as natural as possible. “Dad, I might be back around 10.00PM, or later, so I’ll need you to help me get Jared to sleep tonight.”

“Sure. Don’t worry and focus on your work!” Francis enjoyed looking after his grandson.

“Alright. Sure.” Anastasia hung up before she looked up to see the man, whose face was illuminated under the light. She noticed that the top of his white shirt was unbuttoned, and there was a red mark on his collarbone.

Immediately, she was mind blown. That mark wouldn’t have been caused by me biting him, no? Besides, what we did in the car… Oh God, I want to disappear right now. If I recall correctly, I took the initiative to kiss him before he reciprocated it… I can still remember how his lips felt against mine… Oh my God! I need to stop thinking about it! Anastasia held her head between her hands before she felt the drugs kicking in again.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Elliot quickly asked.

“I’m fine!” Anastasia huffed before she buried her head in her chest. “I lost my consciousness, and I can’t remember what happened just now, so you don’t have to remind me about it. I don’t want to recall anything that happened anymore.”

Upon hearing that, Elliot smirked. Is she trying to deny what happened just now?

“What are you going to do to compensate me after you kiss me forcefully?” He refused to let things go and chose to make Anastasia recall what happened.

“1… Just decide on your own!” Anastasia snapped in an embarrassed manner.

When Elliot noticed that she was really embarrassed, he stopped trying to bother her any longer.

“You owe me a favor.” He harrumphed before taking a seat on the couch.

Anastasia was speechless.

Although she had heard of people owing favors because of money, this was her first time owing someone else a favor because of a kiss. Fine! This is a way to settle things as well, I guess. I bet he will forget about this sooner or later.

Then, Anastasia sat through her IV drip. Immediately, she got the nurse to remove the needle from her hand while Elliot was scrolling his phone the entire time. After that, he stood up to accompany Anastasia out.

When they reached the entrance of the hospital, Anastasia decided that she should stop bothering Elliot anymore. “I’ll take a cab home.”

“Let me fetch you home.” Elliot refused to let Anastasia go home on her own because it was too dangerous for someone with her looks.

“It’s fine.” Anastasia insisted.

Despite that, the man grabbed her arm forcefully and dragged her toward Rey’s car.

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