My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 33

“Really? Then, is his girlfriend showing off their relationship on purpose? That would explain why she would leave a mark on a spot as obvious as his neck.” “Yes! This means that President Presgrave is a man as hot as fire. I wonder how it feels like to stir things up on the bed with him.” “Wait, who in our company has the ability to get on his bed?” “I think Anastasia has a good chance. She’s beautiful, of course, but she has also dodged getting fired despite all the trouble she caused.

I won’t believe it if she isn’t involved with President Presgrave in that sense. You do know that he fired Mr. Lawrence the other day, right? And Mr. Lawrence only committed a tiny mistake.”

“Could it be that the hickey wasn’t from his girlfriend but Anastasia instead? And she placed it there as a challenge to President Presgrave’s girlfriend?”

The three female employees allowed their imagination to run wild, as if they were actually writers of detective novels.

In the cubicle, Hayley’s expression kept shifting. She had already suspected that the mark on Elliot’s neck wasn’t due to an allergy, but she never expected it to be a hickey.

The girlfriend they were referring to must be Hayley herself, but the hickey had nothing to do with her. If it wasn’t her, then some other woman must have done it.

Who was with him last night? Was it really Anastasia?

Hayley was green with so much jealousy that it seemed to overwhelm her. If not Anastasia, then who? Was there any other woman by Elliot’s side that he would willingly get so intimate with?

No matter who it was, Hayley wanted her gone. Elliot could only be hers and hers alone.

She returned to the office to see Rey sitting on the couch, but Elliot was nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Elliot?”

“Apologies, Miss Seymour. President Presgrave had matters to take care of at the

main office, so he asked me to take you home instead,” said Rey courteously.

Immense disappointment welled up in Hayley’s heart. Although Elliot had fulfilled her material needs generously, he had never been intimate with her before. She felt like they were both close and distant at the same time.

Moreover, she had helplessly fallen for him. She would think about him every day to the point where she wished to offer herself to him as soon as possible.

She didn’t want some material compensation; she wanted his everything, to be his Mrs. Presgrave.

“I drove here myself. Rey, was Elliot working overtime last night?” Hayley asked curiously.

Rey nodded. “Yes! President Presgrave has been working overtime in the company these days.”

Hayley pursed her lips. “Then, tell him to rest more often, and don’t overwork himself.”

“Of course.” Rey smiled.

Then, Hayley took her bag and left. She couldn’t help but wonder who was the woman accompanying Elliot last night.

At this moment, Hayley’s phone rang. It was a call from Erica.

“Hayley, I’m sad! Drink with me, please!”

Hayley herself wasn’t in a good mood either, so she responded, “Sure, where are you? I’ll come and get you.”

An hour later, she had removed all the jewelry she was wearing and tied up her hair to meet Erica. When Erica saw Hayley, she felt that Hayley was much prettier with a clearer skin.

“What are you up to these days?” Erica asked as she sat with Hayley in a music bar.

“I’m frequenting a beauty salon these days.” Hayley also knew that she had become much prettier.

“Oh, hey, are you wearing that latest outfit from Chanel? I saw it online before.”

“It’s a high quality replica. It was difficult for me to purchase it,” Hayley immediately lied.

Erica hastily scooted over to touch the fabric. “This fabric is excellent; it’s like the real deal! Where did you get it? I want one too.”

“It was the only one in stock.” With that, Hayley changed the topic. “How are you these days?”

“That b*tch Anastasia ruined my family. My dad is spending less time at home now as he’s choosing to head to her place whenever he has the time. He was even at her place last night until around 10 something and it was almost early morning when he came back.”

“Why?” a curious Hayley asked.

“Anastasia said that she had to work overtime, so she asked my dad to babysit her son. I think she’s just ordering my dad around so that she can have fun outside.”

Hayley could feel her mind buzzing. Rey had said that Elliot was working overtime in the company last night and Anastasia was also working overtime-at the same place and time? Do such coincidences exist?

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