My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 36

Where did this boy come from? “Sir, please hurry up and take me there. I can’t hold it in anymore!” The little kid gripped Elliot’s pants as he shouted with a red face. Elliot responded in a low voice, “Alright, I’ll take you there.” The elevator doors opened with a ding. He bent over and carried the child in his arms as he strode toward the bathroom.

Elliot took the child inside and guarded as the little guy began to relieve himself. After the little guy was done, he sighed in contentment before he finally remembered to thank this handsome passerby.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“What’s your name? Why are you here?” Elliot couldn’t help but ask in curiosity.

“My name is Jared Tillman and I came to accompany my mommy to work,” Jared answered in a clear voice.

Elliot frowned. “Is your mother Anastasia Tillman?”

“Do you know my mommy, Sir?”

He was only taking a stab in the dark as well. Anastasia was a single mother, so her son probably had her last name.

The little guy ran out and washed his hands. As he looked at the reflection of the tall man in the mirror, he suddenly commented, “Sir, we look like each other!”

Elliot froze before he earnestly examined their faces and realized that they had indeed resembled each other.

Their eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and even the curve of their chins were exactly the same.

“Sir, are you single? Do you have a girlfriend?” The inquisitive little guy raised his head and asked.

Elliot could see what the kid was thinking behind those huge eyes of his. However, despite knowing the child’s intentions, he told the truth. “Yes, I’m single. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then, will you consider my mommy? She’s young, beautiful and has a good figure. She’s also kind and gentle on top of cooking very well.” The little guy began advertising his mother. He wanted to solve his grandpa’s troubles and also to look for a man to take care of his mommy.

Surprise colored Elliot’s eyes. This little guy is pretty interesting, he thought. He narrowed his eyes and responded, “Then, you’ll have to ask her whether she’s willing to marry me. If she is, I’ll be willing to take her hand.”

The little guy blinked with his large eyes, happy to know that everyone had loved his mother.

After all, this handsome man said he was willing to marry her right off the bat.

“All right, I’ll ask for you. What’s your name?” The little guy nodded earnestly, walking toward the elevator when he was done washing his hands.

“My name is Elliot Presgrave,” the man replied in his deep and alluring voice.

“Okay! Got it.” The little guy committed it to memory. For some reason, he wanted to stay with this handsome man for a bit longer.

“Sir, my mommy is in a meeting now, so can I go to your office to play?”

“Of course.” Elliot nodded. He was just leading the little guy out when two employees came walking from the other direction. They were instantly shocked when they saw the little guy next to Elliot. President Presgrave has a son?

“President Presgrave, I assume this is your son? He’s too cute!”

“Yes! He looks just like you!” The two female employees exclaimed in surprise.

Elliot frowned as he looked at the little guy next to him. Do we look so similar? Me and this kid?

Then, he looked at the little guy. Even though the child wasn’t his son, he somehow still felt attached to him and couldn’t help but want to pamper him.

His grandmother was right to urge him to take care of the child because he could feel an indescribable affinity to this child.

In the meeting room, Grace opened the door and rushed in with a panicked expression. “Anastasia, Jared is missing.”

“What?” Anastasia immediately rose to her feet and ran out of the meeting room without another word. She saw that her son was indeed missing from her office, and Grace had also clarified that she had searched the entire floor, but to no avail.

At this moment, an assistant arrived from the 8th floor to deliver documents and said to Anastasia, “Miss Tillman, I saw a child with President Presgrave just now!”

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