My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 44

“Anastasia, have you missed me after we’ve been separated for so long?” Nigel held his chin and looked at her affectionately with seductive eyes. Anastasia retracted her gaze, and when she looked at Nigel, she smiled.

“Of course!” Then, he took out car keys with an attached crystal keychain. “When I miss you, I’ll take this out to look at it. What about the one I gave you? You didn’t throw it away, did you?” She was slightly embarrassed. “I think I forgot to bring it back here.”

“You! How could you not properly keep the gift I gave you? I’ll buy you another one later,” he scolded with a smile. “Is it necessary?” “Yes. I’ll buy another pair. One for you, and one for me. When we don’t see each other, we can look at them and resolve our lovesickness.” Nigel was also quite the romantic and all his thoughts were now on Anastasia.

“Okay! I’ll select them and give you one.”

“They must be a matching pair.”

“Okay.” Anastasia nodded as she smiled. As she looked away, her eyes had once again met the cold eyes belonging to the man sitting not far away from her. For some reason, she felt that Elliot’s gaze had become icier as if someone had offended him.

Rey was called over for lunch by Elliot today, who said that he had some work to discuss, but after waiting for a long time, Elliot didn’t talk about work at all. Instead, Elliot’s expression had suddenly become worse, Rey had been with him for 5 years, and he was the closest person to Elliot, so he knew why Elliot’s expression was dark.

Soon, the sumptuous lunch came. Anastasia was hungry, so she decided to quickly begin eating

“This is delicious! Taste it.” Nigel picked up some food with his fork and held it in front of a startled Anastasia. She subconsciously opened her mouth and took a bite.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” he asked with a happy smile.

Anastasia’s face warmed slightly; she realized that this was something only couples did! However, she still nodded. “Yeah, it’s delicious.”

The man on the opposite side looked at their lovey-dovey manner with a gloomy face. Facing the lunch in front of him, he had no appetite.

“Sir, have some lunch! We have to go back to the Presgrave Group for a meeting in the afternoon.” Rey tried to persuade his boss. Elliot shouldn’t refuse to eat just because he was angry about Anastasia’s public display of affection!

Anastasia had just finished eating a cheese shrimp, and she accidentally had a little cheese sauce on the corner of her mouth. She didn’t realize it, but Nigel on the opposite side saw it. Thus, he immediately narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Don’t move.”

Anastasia immediately stopped moving. She then blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at him as he stretched out his long arms to gently wipe his fingers across the corners of her mouth. “You have sauce on your mouth.”

At that, Anastasia’s face flushed red; she hurriedly grabbed her napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth elegantly. Nevertheless, her current expression was extremely shy and dainty in the eyes of those who saw her. Not only was Nigel attracted by her, but even the man at the table opposite them also narrowed his eyes at the sight of her.

“I’m going to the restroom.” Anastasia got up and went off.

Not long after she left, Elliot also followed suit. When Nigel turned around, he saw Rey alone.

“Where’s my cousin?” he asked.

“President Presgrave went out to take a call,” Rey replied, although he saw that Elliot was clearly going to the restroom.

“Oh!” Nigel didn’t think much about it.

In the restroom, Anastasia had just come out after washing her hands when she suddenly saw Elliot smoking in the smoking area next to the corridor. His long fingers were pinching the cigarette as he blew a cloud of smoke that hid his cold but handsome face. She pretended not to see him and passed him while pretending to tidy her long hair.

However, just as she approached him, the man’s hand elegantly snubbed the cigarette out and as she passed him, he grabbed her with so much strength that she had no way to resist. Thus, she was pushed against the far wall of the smoking area.

“Elliot, what are you doing? It hurts…” Anastasia felt that her bones were about to be crushed by him.

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