My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 50

That night five years ago, Anastasia was already tainted after being violated by a jerk. Ever since then, she had no interest in men anymore. Her son was everything in her life, and she didn’t need marriage, love, or men.

She had always regarded Nigel as a friend. When she was on the way to meet a client, she met him while he was involved in a car accident. Seeing that Nigel’s car was filled with smoke, she rushed over without saying a word and dragged the injured man out of the driver’s seat.

In less than two minutes, his car exploded on the spot. At that time, she was drenched in cold sweat and was extremely afraid. Had she died there, her son would’ve been orphaned.

Since Anastasia and Nigel had nearly faced death together, their relationship was deeper than other friendships. After rescuing him, she left. Later on, Nigel found her and kept chasing after the woman to repay his debt to her. Gradually, they became acquainted and made friends with each other.

When Francis came home in the evening, Naomi asked while picking up his bag for him, “I’m going out to meet some friends the night after tomorrow, Francis. Do accompany me to attend the event.”

“The day after tomorrow? What time?”

“We’re just going to have dinner that evening!”

“I won’t have time, so I can’t go.”

“What? Do you have to work overtime?”

“No, I need to take care of Anastasia’s son. She has to work overtime at night, so I have to take care of Jared.” Francis didn’t treat Naomi as an outsider, so he was forthright with her.

Naomi’s face turned ugly all of a sudden. She snorted and replied, “You only think about your elder daughter all day long, don’t you! Don’t forget that she’s the one who messed up our family.”

“It’s difficult for her to raise a child alone. Naturally, I will try my best to help her,” Francis said helplessly.

“Help her? You know how to help her, but why don’t you help our Erica?” Naomi immediately snorted, looking extremely upset.

Francis was also stuck in the middle between his family and Anastasia, but he still firmly wanted to help the latter because he owed her a lot in the past five years.

Meanwhile, Erica overheard their conversation on the second floor, and she knew that her chance had come.

Soon, Francis took a shower and sat in the study room on the second floor to watch the news. After a moment, Erica came in with a plate of fruits. “I see that you haven’t gone to bed, Dad.”


“Dad, I heard that you want to watch Anastasia’s son for her. Actually, I want to take care of Jared with you. He is my nephew after all, and I want to do my best for him too.”

Francis’ eyes lit up with joy; it seemed that his younger daughter was quite sensible! He then praised, “Erica, I’m very happy that you have such good intentions. Okay, you can come with me the night after tomorrow!”

Erica nodded obediently. “Yeah! That’s great, Dad, but don’t tell her first. I’m afraid she won’t let me come when she hears that I want to tag along.”

“Okay! I won’t tell her.” Francis didn’t see through Erica’s plans. To him, the happiest thing was that his two daughters could get along peacefully.

In the blink of an eye, Friday arrived. When Anastasia sent her son to school in the morning, she told him that his grandpa would come to pick him up from school in the evening. The little boy nodded sensibly. “Don’t worry, Mommy. I will listen to Grandpa.”

“Okay, I’ll go earn more money for us.” Anastasia patted his little head and was very happy.

Over the past two days, May had gone to Anastasia from time to time to ask for some advice. She also bought coffee and snacks to please the latter. Of course, Anastasia didn’t want to accept these favors, but she did so since May insisted on it.

At 2.00PM, Nigel appeared in Bourgeois while holding a gift and a bunch of flowers in his hands. In fact, he completely looked like Anastasia’s boyfriend. He was a handsome and cheerful man, so he attracted attention wherever he went. A group of

female staff were completely envious of Anastasia.

“Wow! Look at him sending a bunch of flowers again.”

“He’s hot!”

“Not only is he hot, he looks incredibly rich as well.”

“I think he’s from one of those super rich families. The watch he’s wearing is worth tens of millions.”

“Tsk-tsk, how did Anastasia get such good luck?”

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