My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 70

What is this man doing? Is he trying to show off how fast his car can go by speeding all the way from 30 miles to 70 miles?! Man, this is giving me a heart attack!

Elliot curled his lips into a smile before he said, “I thought you were mute.”

Anastasia looked back at Elliot, feeling annoyed that the man sounded like he was cursing her. “You’re the mute here,” she retorted.

Nonetheless, Elliot wasn’t angry but he was instead amused with Anastasia’s response as he reacted with an even wider grin. As the car slowed down on the road, she decided not to entertain him anymore and kept quiet until they arrived at the Presgrave Residence.

Upon looking up, she was greeted by the sight of the magnificent-looking gate in front of the mansion. It was then that she finally realized how wealthy and powerful Elliot was when she linked it to what she heard from the media that no one could accurately estimate how much his fortune was worth. After all, what they had discovered about Elliot’s fortune was merely just a tip of the iceberg.

Soon, Anastasia quickly fixed her attire, hoping to present her best self in front of Harriet.

In the meantime, Elliot walked through the door with Anastasia following right behind him, as if they were entering a garden in a royal palace with all kinds of expensive landscapes and rare plant species around the area. Meanwhile, Harriet was talking with Hayley when she heard about Elliot’s arrival from the maid. While Harriet told Hayley to excuse herself, Hayley seized the opportunity to ask the maid, “Did Elliot bring Miss Tillman along with him?”

“You know Anastasia, Hayley?” A stunned Harriet turned and brought up her puzzlement to Hayley.

“Yeah, I do. She was my good friend when we were in primary and high school.” Hayley smiled and added, “We subsequently drifted apart from each other due to some misunderstanding, though.”

“Does she know what happened between you and Elliot?” Harriet asked.

“Yes, she does.” Hayley nodded.

Harriet let out a sigh, finding it hard to believe that Hayley, the lady who gave her

virginity to Elliot, was the former schoolmate of Anastasia whose mother had saved her grandson’s life.

When Elliot and Anastasia showed up at the parlor’s door, the man was stunned at the sight of Hayley sitting beside his grandmother because he had no idea she would be there. At the same time, Anastasia couldn’t find Hayley’s presence any more annoying as her eyes filled with bigotry and hatred whenever she saw Hayley in front of her.

“Why are you here?” Elliot approached Hayley, looking like he was interrogating her.

“I’m sorry, Elliot. I just wanted to meet your family, so.” Hayley bit her lips and looked down like she was afraid of being scolded.

On the other hand, he fixed his gaze on her face, thinking that she must have said something she shouldn’t have to Harriet.

“Here you are, Miss Tillman. Please come in and have a seat.” Harriet could barely hide her liking for Anastasia.

Anastasia politely greeted the old madam. “Good day, Old Madam Presgrave.”

“Miss Tillman, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Now that we are standing here face to face, you look even prettier than I imagine!” Harriet complimented Anastasia, indirectly expressing her liking for the latter.

On the other hand, Hayley, who was watching their interaction, couldn’t help but feel jealous of Anastasia due to the notion that the Presgrave Family was in Anastasia’s debt because her mother had saved Elliot. For that, Hayley wished she could swap places with Anastasia and claim her place as the Young Mistress of the Presgrave Family.

“You’re here, Anastasia,” Hayley greeted Anastasia.

Anastasia only gazed at her coldly before turning her attention to Harriet. “Old Madam Presgrave, we’d like to speak to you in private.”

Upon hearing that, Elliot squinted as he wondered whether Anastasia was going to turn down his grandmother’s favor.

“Sure! I’d like to have a word with you, anyway.” Harriet seized Anastaisa’s hand. “Come. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Soon, Anastasia and Harriet made their way to the garden outside the living room

where there was a comfortable couch with some beautiful scenery. Not long after that, the maid thoughtfully served the two ladies with some fruits and pastries. “Here: is your tea, Miss Tillman.”

“Thank you, Old Madam Presgrave.” Anastasia raised her teacup and took a sip of the tea that was radiating a pleasant aroma.

“Miss Tillman, I’ve been wanting to thank you for the time when your mother saved my grandson back then. While I’m sad about your mother’s passing, I’ve actually been trying to look for a chance to make it up to you and your family,” a sincere Harriet said.

Sensing Harriet’s guilt, Anastasia shook her head and replied, “Please don’t take it to heart, Old Madam Presgrave. My mom saved your grandson because it was the right thing for her to do.”

“Girl, I want you to know that the Presgrave Family will always be your second home as long as you don’t mind it. Meanwhile, I would like to be your grandmother and do my best to take care of you and your son,” Harriet tearfully noted.

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