My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 73

As he watched Anastasia walk away, Elliot could sense the tenacity and strong will from her despite her petite figure, which made him feel helpless. At that moment, a maid came over to him and announced, “Young Master Elliot, Old Madam Presgrave is waiting for you in the dining area.”

While Elliot nodded and walked away with the maid, Hayley was on her way to the parlor but became lost in the huge garden. Therefore, she was forced to follow her gut while making her way out of there, somehow finding her surroundings rather quiet. Then, she saw an ancient-looking pavilion not far away and thought that she could ask somewhere there for directions.

However, just when she approached, she heard an old lady’s voice from behind the curtains. “Old Madam Presgrave, are you sure you’re going to make Young Master Elliot marry Miss Tillman? What about Miss Seymour?”

Then, the old madam firmly replied, “My decision remains the same. The only woman whom Elliot should ever marry is Anastasia. As for Hayley, I’ll make sure Elliot makes it up to her with money and comfort. For some reason, I just don’t seem to click well with Hayley as I can’t help but feel that she is a little too scheming and manipulative. Anyway, Anastasia is the only granddaughter-in-law I’ll ever approve of.”

Upon hearing that, Hayley held her breath in horror as soon as she recognized Harriet’s voice. Oh dear! Despite the show I tried to put this morning, she is still not satisfied with me? What’s worse is that she only wants Anastasia to be her granddaughter-in-law.

Hayley was overwhelmed by her resentment when she suddenly heard footsteps approaching her. Thus, she quickly hid in the bushes under a tree and tried to remain as still as possible.

“Are you looking for me, Grandma?” Elliot’s voice was heard.

Harriet looked at her grandson and lectured, “What happened back then, Elliot? How did you end up doing something as absurd as having a one-night stand with Hayley?”

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I was set up and deprived of my sober mind to think straight.”

“Well, you’re taking the responsibility you should for your mistake, so I don’t blame you for that, but how are you going to settle your issue with Miss Seymour?” Harriet -questioned her grandson harshly.

“I’m already doing what I can to make it up to her.”

“Alright, I’m not going to interfere with your matter, but I want you to remember one thing-the only granddaughter-in-law I’ll ever approve of is Anastasia. If she agrees to marry you, she’ll become the Young Mistress of the Presgrave Family, but if she doesn’t, you better treat her right for your whole life,” she spoke to Elliot in an unwavering manner.

Although Hayley couldn’t see the expression on the man’s face, she felt like she had just fallen into a pool of ice water. I only want to live a comfortable and wealthy life, but why won’t Anastasia stop getting in my way? No! I will not let Anastasia take away what’s mine!

Soon, she heard Elliot’s terse reply that sounded as if it was a sharp blade that plunged through her heart. “Okay.” So, Elliot has no plan to marry me from the beginning. Not long after that, she quietly sneaked away and ran into a maid, whom she asked for directions to make her way back to the parlor.

While lunch was ready a few moments later, Anastasia eventually decided to stick around due to her awkward schedule in spite of her initial reluctance to do so. After everyone had gathered around the dining table, Harriet politely told Hayley to dig in. “Please help yourself, Miss Seymour. Just make yourself at home.”

“Alright, Grandma.” Hayley smiled and nodded while hoping that the old madam was dead.

“You too, Anastasia. Help yourself.” Harriet gazed at Anastasia, as if she was her own granddaughter.

“Alright, sure.” Anastasia proceeded to help herself with the meal.

After lunch, Harriet went on to treat the two ladies to some dessert while Elliot made his way upstairs for some rest. Lying on the couch, the man appeared to be disturbed and distraught as he couldn’t stop thinking about Hayley and Anastasia.

The most there is between me and Hayley is the one-night stand we had five years ago, but I doubt I’ll ever find the same breath I had with her that night from now on. For some reason, it seemed to Elliot that Hayley felt more like a stranger rather than someone he shared a strong chemistry with.

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