My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 80

At that moment, Anastasia received a call from her father. “Hello, Dad.” “Anastasia, your new house is ready, and I’ll send someone to help you move your stuff there in two days. After all, that’s going to be your home, so you need to make sure you’re comfortable with it.”

“Alright, I’ll pack everything and be ready in two days.”

“Anastasia, I’m sorry about what happened to Jared last time. That wouldn’t have happened to him had I been more careful.”

“It’s alright, Dad. What’s done is done, so don’t take that to heart.” Anastasia comforted Francis, thinking it wasn’t her father’s fault at all.

“Alright, when you’re done moving, we should probably have a meal together.”

“Sure! I’ll put Jared on the line with you, Dad.” Anastasia passed the phone to her son and proceeded to pack her clothes.

The next morning, the entire office was filled with an energetic atmosphere because

it was the day that everyone would receive their pay. Bourgeois was one of the few et companies that could provide promising careers and attractive salaries to its

employees, but ever since it was acquired by the Presgrave Group, everyone received an increment in their basic pay which made it even more lucrative.

At 8.00AM, most of the employees in the office received a text message informing them that their salary had been paid. At the same time, Anastasia also heard the notification alert from her phone, whereupon she opened the text message that mentioned her pay and bonus worth 68,000 combined. Although she had almost been taken advantage of by John, she was glad that he eventually paid everything he was supposed to; she was naturally happy about this because of the commission she was entitled to. After all, her basic pay was only slightly more than 10,000 without the commission. At that moment, she couldn’t help but feel sad for herself when she recalled the reward worth 1,800 that she had lost earlier.

Not long after that, Anastasia received another text message. When she opened and read it, she learned that her bank account balance had an extra 100,000. Wait a second. Did I just receive 100,000 from the company? Is there some kind of mistake made by the Finance Department? Anastasia was left with her eyes wide open, wondering where – the money came from since the commission was already included in her pay. Thus, she decided to confirm with the finance department in case it was a mistake as she

didn’t want to be disappointed. As soon as she called the finance department, her call was transferred to the director’s office.

“Hello, Director Evans. I’d like to ask about my salary because I just received an extra 100,000. Is there a mistake or something?”

“I knew you’d ask, Miss Tillman. Actually, the first transaction is your monthly salary while the subsequent one was made to you under President Presgrave’s order, but I’m not sure about the exact details either. You might want to ask him yourself.”

In that instant, Anastasia could only hear buzzing in her head, finding it hard to believe that she just received 100,000 from Elliot. Why did he give me so much money? She then hung up the phone and called the president’s office.

“Hello?” The man’s magnetic yet sluggish voice could be heard.

“Why did you give me 100,000?”

“I promised Jared to raise your pay, so here it is,” explained Elliot.

Anastasia was stunned because she didn’t think Elliot would really raise her pay by giving her an extra 100,000. While she would’ve been fine with accepting a few thousand or more, she found it hard to justify accepting 100,000 from the man. Since she was afraid that there were strings attached to the huge amount of money,

she immediately thought of the times when she reckoned Elliot was taking advantage

of her. Thus, it instantly occurred to her that him paying him such a huge amount of

money was not a good sign.

“I’ll wire the money back into your account. I don’t need a pay raise from you because I’m satisfied with my normal salary.” Anastasia refused to accept Elliot’s raise.

“Well, think of it as the payment for the meals then. I’m going to drop by for dinner pretty often from now on.”

“What?! You want to drop by my house for dinner? Are you kidding me? Since when did I agree to let you join me for dinner again and again?” Anastasia was speechless.

“I’m paying you 100,000. Is that not enough for you to prepare my share?” Elliot didn’t seem to understand Anastasia’s rejection.

“It’s not about the money; I don’t want to cook your share in the first place.” Anastasia grunted.

“Have it your way, but I’m still going to visit for dinner whether you accept my

money or not. By then, don’t you dare to accuse me of being a freeloader.” Elliot finished his sentence and hung up the call.

Anastasia was rendered speechless while wondering what Elliot was up to. Is my cooking so good that he can’t stop thinking about it? No way! Judging from the excuse he is using to give me the money, this man is doing more than just to repay me. At the thought of that, she decided to withdraw the cash and give it back to Elliot later that afternoon.

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