My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 91

On the other hand, Anastasia was lying unconscious in the backseat of the van. At that moment, her hair was let down in a messy manner, and her intrinsic facial features gave off an unguarded look for what was coming next. The two men in the van were sweating, as they weren’t skilled in what Hayley wanted them to do despite collecting money from her.

“She won’t wake up, will she? Was the drug strong enough?”

“I don’t know either. I only took the recommended dose based on the instruction book. If it was too strong, she’d probably remain unconscious for a bit longer.”

Once they reached the hotel, the two of them wore caps before dragging Anastasia into the hotel elevator. When they reached the presidential suite, Alice, who was in the place, opened the door for them. Although she noticed that Anastasia was dragged inside, she remained calm.

“Place her on the bed before you let her drink that cup of water on the table.”

After Anastasia was placed on the couch, she was forcefully fed with half a cup of water that was spiked with aphrodisiac. Right then, Alice chuckled coldly as she looked at Anastasia. This is what you get for trying to snatch the money away from me.

The two men quickly left after placing Anastasia in bed while Alice left after. I guess Ben will be reaching anytime soon.

As expected, Ben quickly came in after scanning his room card. When he couldn’t find Alice, he quickly contacted her.

“Hey, Alice, where are you?” Ben asked in a displeased tone as he sat down on the couch.

“I’m really sorry, Chairman Morris! I had to leave because of an emergency, but my colleague was still there. Have you seen her? She’s drunk, so you’ll have to take care of her!”

Upon hearing that, Ben stood up quickly from the couch and entered the master bedroom to see a woman with a slender and curvy body lying on the white bed. When he saw her face, he was completely stunned.

Ben didn’t expect to see a prettier and sexier woman than Alice on his bed. As he was

a perverted and daring man, he was happy that he finally had something to do for the night.

“Alice, you better not stand up on me next time. Is your colleague someone who is easy to get on with?”

“Don’t worry! Just do as you wish. I can assure you that it’ll be alright.” Alicè assured him.

“I’ll help myself, then.” Ben panted with anticipation.

At the same time, Alice, who was in her car, contacted Hayley. “Miss Seymour, I’ve gotten the men to place Anastasia in bed, and Ben is in the hotel room now.”

“That’s great. After tonight, Anastasia will be ruined,” Hayley declared chirpily.

“Are you sure that Anastasia won’t try to pin us on this?”

Hayley chuckled coldly. “She won’t dare to do so. Since she still has to think about her son, she would choose to deal with the humiliation instead.”

Besides, this is not her first time getting played by men anymore.

Meanwhile, Ben was toying with the tools that he had brought over next to the white bed. As he was into kinks, he would often torture the women that he slept with.

At the same time, Anastasia, who was still in a daze, regained consciousness after feeling a sudden surging heat. After opening her heavy eyelids slowly, she was shocked by the luxurious-looking hotel chandelier above her before she got up in an abrupt manner. Then, she turned around to see a man toying with a bunch of disgusting-looking tools next to the bed.

“Who are you?” Anastasia asked weakly.

Since Ben was a recidivist, he obviously knew that this woman was placed in front of him without her consent. Still, he wasn’t planning on letting her go, as it had already come to this point.

“What… What have you done to me?” Anastasia felt dizzy as she held her forehead and tried to get down from the bed. However, her legs gave in almost immediately before she fell to the ground.

Right then, Anastasia came to a horrifying realization that she was tricked when she realized that she lacked strength and could feel a familiar burning sensation within her body.

“Hey, pretty girl! Why are you so anxious? I’ll be sure to be nice to you later on,” Ben said before he tried to hold Anastasia.

“Do not touch me! Get away! Stop touching me…” Anastasia pushed him away harshly before she staggered out of the master bedroom and tried to look for her bag to get help.

However, Ben, who was behind her, dashed out and ran after her. Although he was already in his fifties, he was still stronger than Anastasia because he was a man. Nevertheless, Anastasia’s fight-or-flight response was triggered when she had a devastating realization that Ben was about to drag her back into the bedroom.

Immediately, she bit Ben’s hand harshly before she dragged her strengthless body to the couch to grab her bag. However, Ben was already waiting for Anastasia with a smirk on his face at the entrance of the suite when she wanted to make her escape.

“Where are you trying to go, honey? Why won’t you let me love you?”

Anastasia felt revolted when she heard Ben and felt like she was about to puke what she ate yesterday. Upon seeing that her route to escape was obstructed, she turned around and noticed the washroom before dashing over and closing the door before locking it.

Immediately, Ben ran toward the washroom and banged on the door. “Open up, honey. You won’t be able to escape me tonight.”

At the same time, Anastasia was rummaging through her bag anxiously. When she found her phone, the first person that came to her mind was Francis, but Francis was still taking care of Jared, so she decided to call Nigel instead. However, no one accepted the call despite the call being connected.

Right then, Anastasia had her heart in her mouth as Ben’s angry shouts and door banging kept ringing out.

She knew that she could lose her consciousness again anytime soon as she was still feeling strengthless after drinking the spiked drink, and she thought of another person before she quickly grabbed her phone and contacted Elliot.

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