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Chapter 2: Bought A House – My Billionaire Mom

The Manager walked over slowly at this time. As a service industry, it was a big taboo to be rude to guests.

“What’s going on, Natalie?”

Natalie hurriedly explained, “Manager, this broke idiot isn’t trying to buy a house, but instead he’s enjoying the air-conditioning here. I’ll get him out of there immediately.”

The Manager eyeballed Chuck’s clothes from top to bottom and saw that he was dressed in ordinary clothes. Indeed, as Natalie said, he didn’t look like someone who could afford to buy a house.

More importantly, he was too young to buy a house as he looked just 18 or 19 years old. No one would believe he could.

Chuck did not say anything. He stood up and walked to the agency next-door.

“Can’t afford a house? It seems that you are not the only real estate agency here.”

Natalie looked down on him, “How is a poor person like you able to buy a house? I think you can’t even afford a toilet.”

Some employees also laughed at him, “he’s afraid of making a fool of himself, so he found an excuse to run away quickly.”

He said: he wanted to go next door, but he could possibly just be trying to take advantage of the air- conditioning there too.

“Still pretending even when you’re gone,” Natalie sneered. They were familiar with the next-door real-estate agency, and they also knew whether they could sell it or not.

After watching Chuck leave, Natalie hurriedly ran to the Fatty and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, boss. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The Fatty shook his head and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

However, no matter how Natalie greeted him with a smile, the Fatty never talked about money. In the end, Natalie’s patience was exhausted, and she even began to plead.

At this moment, all the employees of the real-estate agency looked outside.

Under the respectful guidance of the staff next door, Chuck got into the Mercedes Benz, which was predominantly used to look at the rooms.

What was going on? Generally speaking, only people who bought a house could enter this car.

Didn’t the next-door real-estate agency see that this little rascal couldn’t buy a house at all?

The Fatty saw that these people in the real-estate agency were distracted, so he quickly sneaked out. Natalie turned around and looked at the customer who had disappeared. She was so angry that she stomped her feet. She didn’t expect that the Fatty, who was putting on airs and graces, was actually here just to enjoy the air-conditioner.

Natalie Xavier looked at Chuck and disliked him even more. She sneered and said, “such a pretentious person, and even imitating others to inspect a house!”

At this time, an employee next door came quickly. He pushed the door open and said with a smile, “Thank you. You sent such an important customer to our company. We haven’t run into any big business in the past two years. Today is a big day.”

“Important customer?” The Manager’s face darkened, and he hurriedly asked, “what did he buy?”

“Hehe, he bought a house worth more than three million dollars with a deposit of one million dollars. This business should be successful! Thank you! I’ll treat you to a cup of milk tea later.”

After that, the employee got on the Mercedes Benz and took Chuck to take a look at the house.

“Really… bought it?” Natalie’s face was full of disbelief. Looking at Chuck, who was sitting in the Mercedes Benz with a smile on his face, Natalie felt very uncomfortable.

“How could it be possible! He is so poor, how could he possibly afford to buy a house…”


Before she could blame herself, the Manager raised his hand and slapped her in the face. His eyes were almost bursting out flames. “Look at what you have done!”

If the transaction is successful, the employees who have dealt with him will be given a five percent commission, which would be around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. As for the Manager, he would’ve gotten a ten percent commission amounting to three hundred thousand dollars…

But now, the Manager trembled with anger when he thought of the commission of 300,000 dollars gone with the wind. He kicked Natalie again and said, “get out! You’re fired! Get out!”

Natalie was also losing her mind. Ignoring the pain on her body, she quickly got up from the ground and ran outside, then throwing herself wholly at the BMW. She knocked on the window repeatedly and looked at Chuck, sobbing, “Sir, Sir, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I failed to recognize your wealth before, and I’m a snob. Please give me another chance. We have better houses here!”

Chuck shook his head and said, “it’s alright, you can save it for the other customers. See if they will buy it”. After that, the Mercedes Benz started up in a hurry. Natalie chased after him all the way and finally sat down on the ground. She looked weakly at the Mercedes Benz, getting farther and farther away.

Thud! The Manager threw Natalie’s personal belongings out of the door and yelled at her, “Get out of here! Don’t let me see you again!”

Chuck Cannon was quite satisfied with the house. It had three bedrooms, two living rooms, and two bathrooms. Located in the downtown area, the business district was more prosperous, and there was a lot of space for renovation.

Three and a half million dollars was paid in a lump sum graciously. The salesman had not seen such a rich man for a long time, and his face was full of admiration and envy.

He then took the initiative to send Chuck back to university. When he arrived at the gate, Chuck nodded and said, “You can drop me off here.”

The salesman smiled respectfully and said, “alright, take your time, good sir. The process of transferring the house should be completed tomorrow, and you should be able to move in the day after tomorrow!”

“Okay,” Chuck nodded and decided to stay at the nearest hotel for the time being for the next two days.

However, What he wanted to know more was what Yvette Jordan would feel if she saw that his house was three or four times bigger than hers. When they arrived at the gate, Chuck first took out 20,000 dollars before strolling into the university.

There were not many classes in the afternoon, but Chuck had already been absent for a whole class because he had been held up outside for a while.

Seeing Chuck walking into the classroom, Lara Jean sneered, “oh, who is this? Isn’t this Chuck, the beggar of our class? I’m telling you, don’t lend your money to such a person. When you lend him money, he acts as though you’re his savior and bows to you. However, when you try to get the money back from him, he acts shamelessly like a scam trying to cheat off your money. Speaking of which, he hasn’t even paid me back until now.”

“Oh? This guy doesn’t have parents, who know which bastard he learned these tactics from?” The whole class burst into laughter…

They all knew that Chuck Cannon was a poor man, as he only seemed to wear two different shirts all year round. Although there was no strange smell, the clothes were already so faded and torn that they were simply unsightly.

Someone asked, “Lara Jean, how much does he owe you?”

“400 dollars. It’s only a day’s expenses for me, but for him, maybe a month? Putting aside how much he owes me, this kind of person is really disgusting. He doesn’t even deserve to lick my shoes.”

Chuck’s expression was indifferent. He looked at Lara and took out 400 dollars from his bag, saying, “I’ll return you the money now. I was really grateful when you were willing to lend me some money when I was starving, but you just slandered me. Let’s call it off even now.”

Lara frowned and looked at the 400 dollars in his hand. She asked coldly, “where did you get the money? Did you steal it or rob it?”

Someone said, “let’s look and check at our pockets to see if we’re short of money.”

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