“My notoriety has given its name…”says Sery Dorcas about Zokora Didier

Invited on the set of Life TV’s “La Réunion” program, Sery Dorcas spoke about her relationship with former Ivorian international Zokora Didier.

Séry Dorcas, miss Côte d’Ivoire 2005 although having rebuilt her life after her divorce from the former Ivorian footballer Zokora Didier does not hesitate to speak about her relationship with the latter. She also returned to the subject during her appearance on the show “The meeting” on Life TV.

"  My notoriety has given its name..."according to Sery Dorcas about Zokora Didier

Following the question if his notoriety would not come from his former relationship with Zokora Didier, Séry Dorcas answers without language of wood. » He didn’t make me who I am because just before I met him I represented a whole country. I was Miss Côte d’Ivoire 2005 and long before I had foundations. So he didn’t pass me on the road and said to himself, I’m going to make you a star. I mean even pretending aside, it’s my notoriety stuck to his that made this union even grander and more glamorous. Long before he was married. Did you speak differently from him?

He had to marry Séry Dorcas, Miss Ivory Coast 2005 declared Séry Dorcas.

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Still in the same vein, Séry Dorcas adds ” in the end it’s true that he is a great man, he was a great footballer, he thrilled, he gave chills to many of us and me maybe in one way or another other but the notoriety that I have, this star it made his name even bigger. It is precisely for this reason that some of you have not yet detached yourself from this separation that, in short, it has given you a lot of goumin” she concludes.

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