My Two Alphas Chapter 13


I had around two hours before the sun went down as I gathered firewood. I hadn’t seen Rayan in days. After killing the rabbit, my bloodlust had gotten out of control, and I was desperate for blood but also too scared to leave the river, for fear of attacking someone.

Ravenous wasn’t even a strong enough word for how I felt. I was on edge, like a drug addict going through withdrawal. I was also becoming increasingly weaker, and after having blood daily, it was unbearable to suddenly go cold turkey.

I grew weak quickly, just looking for firewood was taking a toll on me, and I grew tired quickly. I never realized what an impact going without blood would have.

Giving up, I sat against a tree, leaning heavily against it. I closed my eyes, trying to catch my breath when I picked up a scent. The scent was filling my nostrils, and a growl tore from my l!ps, the noise startling me as I looked around for what had created the scent.

I noticed movement out of the corner of my eyes before seeing something dart between two trees, my eyes picking up the movement as I watched the rabbit scurry away.

I felt my fangs protrude, slipping from my gums slowly and painfully. My mouth was completely dry, and I crawled to my hands and knees.

I suddenly got a burst of adrenaline, fueled by my hunger, and darted after it, moving quicker than I had in days as I snagged it in my grip. I sank my fangs into it, not even paying attention to where I bit, as it shrieked and thrashed before I realized I had sunk my teeth into its side.

My canines were ripping it to pieces as I kept trying to drain it, my senses took over, telling me to feed. Yet, I couldn’t bite successfully into any artery, instead, I was just bleeding it out as I tore it apart. I licked my fingers, a m0an escaping my l!ps, when I heard a twig snap.

I spun around, a growl tearing from my l!ps. It was animalistic and guttural as I saw two black wolves step into my path.

One of them whined, but all I could think about was the intoxicating aroma coming from them. I heard the blood pulsing through their veins, and I lunged at one. I needed blood. That was all I could think about as hunger enveloped me.

I heard snapping while lunging at the one closest to me, the wolf stepping out of my way and off to the side, when I felt something grab me. I thrashed before the scent became so strong, and I turned, biting into soft flesh.

A m0an escaped my l!ps as its blood flooded into my mouth when I felt myself ripped away from them. A pair of hands grabbed my arms, yanking me away, and I growled before coming face to face with Ace.

Seeing him stunned me, and I realized why the scent was familiar and intoxicating. Looking over my shoulder, I realized I had bitten Tyson, blood running down his arm from his bicep. I attacked him.

“Lucy,” Ace said before I looked back at him. Yet the hunger didn’t leave, it only got worse knowing I was drinking their blood.

“Lucy, wait!” Ace said, his grip getting tighter. Moisture touched my l!ps as Tyson’s scent wafted to my nose. I grabbed his wrist that was pressed to my l!ps and sank my fangs into him. But he didn’t pull away, pulling me against him instead, and Ace let me go before I found myself sitting in his lap as he leaned against a tree.

“Drink, love,” Tyson said, yet I didn’t think I could stop even if I wanted to. I could feel his blood getting weaker as he did when Ace suddenly bit his wrist before kneeling in front of me. I let Tyson go, grabbing his, and he pushed me forward into Ace, who grabbed me and pulled me closer. My hunger finally calmed down as I leaned on Ace, his body warm, and I felt myself relax against him. My fangs pulled out of his wrist, and I saw Tyson leaning against the tree across from us, watching me, breathing hard.

“How long did you go without blood?” Ace asked.

“I just had a rabbit,” I told him.

“No, I mean a blood bag, Lucy.”

“Since the boarding school,” I told them before I felt him brush the hair out of my face as I tilted my face toward his.

He pressed his forehead against mine. “Why didn’t you come home? We would have taken care of you. Instead, we found out from Rayan that you have been staying out here,” Ace said, looking around as a growl escaped him.

Panic coursed through me.Does that mean mom knows? “Does mom know? Did you tell her?” I asked, worried she would become angrier. Tyson shook his head.

“No, but you are coming home with us, Lucy. You can’t stay here,” Tyson said, standing up when I realized he was n*ked. My eyes trailed down his muscular body before I tore my eyes away from him, my face heating when I realized I was sitting on Ace, who was also n*ked. I jumped up, moving off him.

“Please, shift,” I told them, realizing what an awkward scenario this was. But also realizing I was checking them out. I shouldn’t be thinking this way about them, let alone checking them out. They helped raise me.

“You’re coming home with us, Lucy,” Ace told me before gripping my elbow.

“Okay, but shift, please,” I told him, and he sighed, but I heard his bones snapping before feeling fur brush my hand. I looked beside me to see Atticus standing there. I brushed his fur, and he purred, rubbing his body against me.

Tyson also shifted. The sun had nearly set, and it would be dark in about half an hour. Atticus nudged me, and I shook my head.

“I’m not a little girl anymore,” I told him as he tried to get me to climb on him. He jumped up, putting his paws on my shoulders before l!cking my face. “Down,” I told him, and he growled but got down. Tyrant was brushing against the back of my legs.

“I don’t need you to carry me. I can keep up,” I told them, and Tyrant whined before darting off. Atticus nudged me, wanting me to follow Tyson’s wolf. I rolled my eyes before chasing after him. Atticus fell in line with me and remained with me until we hit a dirt road that joined onto the driveway leading home. I saw Tyson’s Mustang come into my vision before seeing him pull some shorts on while standing next to his car. I slowed down, eventually coming to a stop next to him.

“Come on. We should get back,” Tyson told me, opening the back door.

Ace came over as I climbed in the back, grabbing the door as I went to close it.

“When we get home, we have something to tell you,” he said before reaching down and cupping my cheek in his hand. I closed my eyes, sparks rushing over my face, and I leaned into his touch, his hand warm as he brushed his thumb over my cheek.

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