My Two Alphas Chapter 14

Getting to their packhouse, I growled when I saw Melana’s car parked in the driveway. This was exactly why I didn’t want to come here. I was not listening to the two of them go at it all night. The thought alone made my blood boil.

“What is she doing here?” Ace said with a sigh.

“You best get rid of her, Ace. I don’t want her around the packhouse,’ Tyson told him, pulling in next to her car, the paint flaking off where I’d squirted the brake fluid.

Great, now I get to listen to her b!tching and m0aning.

Ace jumped out as soon as the car stopped, marching around to the front of the packhouse. I remained in the car, and Tyson looked over the backseat at me.

“Come on, Lucy,” he said, opening his car door. I remained in my seat, not wanting to go inside if Melana was staying. I’d much rather go to the river than listen to her all night.

Tyson opened my car door before looking at me. “Are you coming, Lucy?” he asked, and I shook my head, glaring at her car.

“Not if she is staying,” I told him, and he sighed before looking toward the front of the house.

“Ace will make her leave. You don’t need to worry about her,” he said, yet by the sound of her screeching at Ace, that might take a while.

“Come inside,” Tyson said, and I huffed, annoyed, but got out anyway. Looking down the driveway toward the front of the house, I could hear Ace and Melana arguing. She was angry about something.

Walking down the driveway, they were arguing on the front lawn. Melana’s face turned red as she screamed at him.

“What do you mean, Ace? What? I am suddenly not good enough for you? I have been for the past five years!” she screamed at him.

“You knew this, Melana. This was only fooling around. I made that crystal clear. You have a mate out there somewhere. We agreed this was nothing more than s*x. Now leave, please,” Ace argued with her.

“Come,” Tyson said, tugging on my arm when Melana’s eyes snapped to me.

“You! This is all your fault! If you had just stayed at school, this would never have happened!” she said, turning to me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her, stopping on the bottom step of the porch.

“Melana, time to go. Now!” Ace said, becoming angry. His body started to tremble, and Tyson tried to pull me inside.

“No! F*ck you, Ace! Everything is always about her! I am f*cking over it. Five years and you toss me away like f*cking garbage!”

“I told you so many times already, Melana. This was nothing serious. Now, time to go. Don’t make me command you,” Ace told her, walking toward the house. Melana grabbed his arm, and he tried to push her away when her hand suddenly connected with his face. His cheek turned red from her slap, the noise loud as her palm connected with his cheek. The sight of her touching him was one thing, but seeing her hit him made my blood boil. I didn’t understand my actions, yet I still couldn’t control the burning hatred that swept over me before I attacked her.

We both hit the ground in a heap as I landed on top of her before punching her in the face. She growled as her head whipped to the side before punching me in the boob. I grunted before she kicked me off, and I fell to my side.

Low blow, I thought to myself before getting to my feet just as she shifted. Her patchy brown wolf lunged at me, and I stumbled back out of her way. Ace and Tyson rushed toward us, trying to break it up, when she lunged again. I was faster, being more vampire than wolf, and I kicked her in the ribs. Her body hurtled into Ace’s car parked on the grass, an outline of her body crinkling the door.

Melana shook out her fur before turning toward me, about to attack when Atticus jumped in her path. His teeth bared as he snapped her, and she whimpered, baring her neck to him and lying on her stomach.

Tyson gripped my arm, ripping me toward the house and up the steps when I saw Atticus walk over to her, sniffing her, making me growl at him. I couldn’t understand my sudden surge of jealousy at him being so close to her. Atticus growled at her, and she darted off up the side of the house just as Tyson pulled me through the front door.

“Lucy, enough! Let Ace deal with her.”

“I don’t want him f*cking near the whore!” I yelled at him, struggling against his grip.

“Enough, Lucy. We have had enough drama today,” Tyson said, pushing me onto the couch in the living room.

I heard car tires screeching outside before hearing the sound of metal on metal, making me jump.

I could hear Ace had shifted back and was yelling at Melana. Tyson walked off quickly to the front door before I heard him use his Alpha voice. The screen door banged as he threw it open.

“Enough, Melana! Leave, or I will banish you!” Tyson snapped at her. I shivered, feeling his aura even inside. The revving of her car stopped before I heard her leave.

“Was that f*cking necessary, Tyson?” I heard Ace yell at Tyson.

“Well, you weren’t going to do it,” Tyson told him, walking back inside.

“I said I would handle her. You had no right meddling in my relationships!” Ace snapped at him.

“She isn’t yours. But, hey, you want her? Go right ahead Ace, and mark her,” Tyson told him. My chest lurched at the thought of Ace making her, nausea filling my stomach at Tyson’s words. I didn’t understand why it bothered me so much.

“I wanted things to end on good terms, Tyson. Not cause more conflict.”

“I warned you about this, Ace. Now get inside so we can speak to Lucy,” Tyson told him. I heard Ace growl before hearing footsteps of him leaving.

“What about Lucy?” I heard Tyson call after him.

“We can deal with it tomorrow. I need to fix this sh!t because you just made things f*cking worse!” Ace snapped at him.

“F*ck her, Ace. She doesn’t mean sh!t. Get inside. Melana can drop off the face of the earth for all I care,” Tyson told him. I got up, not wanting to hear anymore, and knowing Ace was leaving to see Melana ticked me off.

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