My Two Alphas Chapter 16


Melana wasn’t having it. Nothing I said to her was making her see reason. I’d told her plenty of times this was just fooling around, yet the hurt look she continued to give me as I stood in her kitchen showed me how much I’d truly f*cked up. She clearly didn’t see this as fooling around and thought we had something more than what I would ever give her, making me wish I had listened to Tyson.

Melana’s tear-stricken face made me feel like a piece of shit. “Is this because Lucy came back? I don’t get it, Ace. Everything was fine until she returned,” Melana cried. I looked away from her. Her wolf was shining through, and I could tell even she was hurt, but Melana was not my mate. Lucy was.

“Are you going to answer? If it is, let me speak to her. I know we haven’t always gotten along, but maybe things won’t feel awkward if I talk to her. I know she is meant to be staying with you for a while.”

“It’s not that, Melana. This was never going to work. I told you this so many times. You were never going to be my Luna,” I told her, and she started crying even more. Great, now I feel like a dick. Ah god, why won’t she stop crying? I don’t do tears. I just wanted to bail now.

“I can be friends with Lucy. I know she is family, Ace,” Melana said. How has she not figured it out yet? It had nothing to do with Lucy staying at our house. Melana just wasn’t my mate.

“Just stop, Melana. It has nothing to do with Lucy being your friend or not or you not getting along with her,” I told her.

“Then what? Because you were fine till she showed up!” Melana yelled at me.

“Is it because of Tyson not liking me?” she asked, stepping closer, but I stepped away from her. I could see the hurt in her eyes at my actions.

“Lucy is my mate, Melana,” I told her, getting it over with. She was going to find out sooner or later. It was better if it came from me than just waking up to find Lucy had suddenly become my Luna. Melana stopped in her tracks.

“What? Since when?” she said, outraged. It was clear she didn’t expect that answer.

“Since I turned seventeen. I have known for years, Melana. Why do you think I kept telling you this would never become anything more?”

“Wait! So I was just around to k*ll the f*cking time while you waited for her to what? Grow up? You f*cking pr!ck!” She had a point, and there was no easy way to say it, but she was correct.

“Well, yeah,” I admitted, looking away from her.

“You knew all this f*cking time?” she screamed so loudly I had to fight the urge to cover my ears, her voice making them ring.

“I should have told you earlier. I was planning to, but I didn’t think she would come back early from school,” I told her. Melana started laughing, shaking her head.

“Now I know why you would suddenly disappear every time she came back from school, and I couldn’t get a hold of you unless I showed up. You are a real piece of shit, Ace. I hope she f*cking rejects you.”

“You have a mate out there, Melana. Don’t act so surprised I would pick mine over you.”

She snorted, shaking her head, laughing. “This is just f*cking great, you son of a b!tch. I f*cking rejected mine for you, you f*cking as*sh0le!” she said before shoving me.

“You did what?” I asked, a little shocked by her words.

“I found mine last year, you prick. I rejected him for you! What a waste of f*cking time that was!” she screamed at me.

I didn’t know what to say to that, there was no way in hell I would reject a fated mate for anyone. Yet Melana did it for me.

“I never asked you to do that, Melana. Why would you do that?” I asked, baffled. How could she? The thought disgusted me. If I had known, I would have told her to go be with him.

“Because I love you, that’s why. He was a stranger. I barely knew him. I clearly read that f*cking wrong,” she told me. I swallowed, now feeling ten times worse.

“I need to go,” I told her. Nothing was going to fix this, so I just needed to get out.

“Sure, fine, Ace. Run back to your f*cking sl*t of a mate!” She growled at me, and I stopped. Atticus clawed at me and pressed forward, enraged she would call Lucy that.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. You want to run along after someone that’s been screwing her teacher, go ahead! Good luck with that.”

“Lucy is a virgin, Melana. Don’t be calling her names just because you can’t handle the thought of her being my Luna,” I told her, forcing Atticus down. He wanted to rip her apart and k*ll her for saying something so vile about Lucy.

Melana laughed. “Sure, believe what you want. Josey told me what she saw. Believe what you want about innocent little Lucy. She was the one f*cking her science teacher. Clearly, she couldn’t handle it when he broke it off with her, so she burned the classroom down. You’re pathetic. Go on, run back to your mate.”

“Josey is wrong. Lucy would never do that,” I told her, walking toward her apartment door.

“My sister isn’t a liar, Ace. She caught Lucy leaving his class half-n*ked. A week later, his classroom was burned down because he’d found his mate.

Think what you want, if it makes you sleep better at night. But it doesn’t change the fact that she is f*cking whore!” Melana said.

Atticus growled, and I forced myself out of the apartment before he k*lled her. I’d hurt her enough already, I didn’t need Atticus doing more damage over some lies Josey had told her.

Walking out of the apartment complex, though, I couldn’t get her words out of my head. Was that why she burned the classroom down because he’d found his mate? I just couldn’t picture Lucy sleeping with her teacher, yet Melana’s words had me questioning how much I really knew Lucy.

She had changed over the last year, and maybe this relationship with her teacher was the reason why. Stepping outside, I found it belting down with rain. The wind was so bad it was making the trees bend as I stepped onto the city’s main drag.

F*ck! I can’t run home in this. Looking around, I tried to find a cab before remembering Jacob lived nearby.

I opened the mindlink before feeling him become alert. “What’s up?”

“You home, bro?”

“Yep, I am not going anywhere in this storm,” he replied.

“Good, because I am staying with you tonight. I am stuck in the city,” I told him, walking down the street in the direction of his apartment.

“Okay, I will buzz you in. See you soon,” he said, cutting off the link.

I then mindlinked Tyson and Lucy to let them know. In a way, I was glad I was staying at Jacob’s. The thought of seeing her after what Melana had just told me had Atticus hackled up and on the verge of exploding.

I needed him to be calm before asking her anything about her teacher. I also needed to find out who the f*ck her teacher was.

He shouldn’t be allowed to teach if he was taking advantage of his students. Avery and Aamon would want to know of any misconduct, but the longer I walked to Jacob’s, the more it made sense.

She had to have been screwing him, maybe that was why she was so upset that she would burn down his classroom. Just like with Melana, jealousy tended to do some pretty horrid things to people.

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