My Two Alphas Chapter 22


I felt gutted knowing everything she said was true. I didn’t know why I doubted her. Maybe it was my guilt, or maybe I was just too blinded by my anger after what Melana had told me that I didn’t see sense. But now, I felt like a piece of sh!t for not believing her when she had never given me a reason to question her before. Lucy usually owned up to her wrongs, and now I was going to have to do the same.

Lucy stormed off to Tyson’s room, and I didn’t blame her; she hated me. I hated myself for what I did, but I never expected her to have the bond removed, and now I had to face her rejecting me all over again. Leaning on the veranda wall, I tossed my smoke. Ryker came out with Reika, and he opened the car door for her. A growl escaped him when he spotted me leaning on the wall. I watched as he shut her door before walking over to me. I knew what was coming; I could see it a mile away as he stalked up the steps toward me. I faced him head-on and didn’t even flinch when he raised his fist.

My head whipped to the side as his fist connected with my face. My blood trickled down my chin, where he split my l!p open.

“You knew she was your mate and fooled around on her. Then, to make it worse, you forcefully marked her,” Ryker growled at me, raising his fist and punching me again.

I spat blood on the ground, knowing I deserved it, but it still angered me. He was no f*cking saint either.

“If she rejects you again, you will not mark her,” he snapped at me. “Ace?” he screamed in my face, grabbing the front of my shirt.

“I won’t, okay? She rejects me again, I will leave,” I told him. He growled but nodded reluctantly before shoving me away. Tyson came out, looking at me from the door. He pressed his l!ps in a line but said nothing. I knew he was angry at me. He had always been the more selfless one out of us. He waited for her and would have continued to wait until she’d figured it out. I ruined things for him, and now it has put a strain on our relationship.

Ryker nodded to Tyson, clapping his hand on his shoulder before heading to his car. I watched them leave before turning to Tyson, who was blocking the doorway.

“I’m not going to do anything,” I told him. I just wanted to speak to her. He stepped out of the way, and I walked inside, about to head toward his room, when he called out.

“Leave her be,” he said, and I stopped, a growl escaping me before I shoved it down.

“You must be loving this? Loving that she hates me because you can keep her to yourself?” I snapped at him.

“I didn’t hurt her. You did! I may not like having to share her with my brother, but I would never do anything that would hurt her. If she keeps you, I won’t try to stop her. I accepted the fact we had to share her, understood it, but I won’t sit back and watch you destroy her more than she already is.”

“And if she rejects me again? You understand she can now.”

“She doesn’t want to reject you, Ace, but you forcing her will make her. Stop being selfish for once in your goddamn life, and let her decide instead of taking her choice away from her.”

“So, you expect me to sit back and watch you two cozying up together?” I growled at him.

“Yes, I do. Don’t make things worse, Ace. You didn’t just put your bond with her at risk; you put mine at risk too. This was never a normal mate bond considering she was raised alongside us, making it already more difficult enough than you screwing around with Melana. What did you expect to happen? Then to top it off, you mark her and choose Melana over her. You messed this up, not me. And I won’t be punished for your misdoings,” he said before walking off down the hallway toward his room. I watched him close his door. Jealousy coursed through me before I stalked off toward mine, slamming the door. I really made a mess of things.

“Just mark her,” Atticus told me, and I growled at him.

“Shut up. You have been no help at all,” I told him, shoving him back.


Everyone left while I hid in the room. Tyson came in, and I could hear him arguing with Ace, but he said nothing of it when he stepped back inside the room.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” he asked, lying on the bed beside me.

I shook my head. I didn’t feel like doing anything; I just wanted to get away from everyone, away from the drama. Yet being here that would never happen, and going home wasn’t an option either. Not yet, at least. Sitting up, I wanted to leave and see Mitchell but didn’t know how Tyson would take that.

“What’s wrong?” Tyson asked.

“I wanted to go see Mitchell,” I told him, needing my friend, my only friend. Tyson growled but said nothing. Instead, he got up, walked over to his closet, grabbed a jumper out and pulled it on.

“Where are you going?” I asked him, suddenly worried.

“I will drop you off,” he said, tossing me a jumper.

“Are you letting me go?” I asked, a little shocked.

“Yes. I am not happy about it, but I trust you Lucy. Just let me drop you off and pick you up,” he said, and I nodded, pulling his jumper over my head. I mindlinked Mitchell, who said he was about to catch the bus home from school, but instead, Tyson told me to tell him we would pick him up. Pulling up out the front of the school, Mitchell was standing there, and he looked nervous as he approached Tyson’s car.

Tyson had a tight grip on the steering wheel, and I opened my door and climbed out, and Mitchell gave me a hug. “So, why is one of the Alpha’s of Black Moon picking me up?” he asked.

I opened the back door for him before climbing back into the passenger seat.

“Alpha,” Mitchell said out of respect, even though technically Tyson wasn’t his Alpha; my stepfather was. Tyson nodded to him and started driving.

“So, what are we doing?” Mitchell asked.

“I am dropping Lucy off at your place. I will come to get her later,” Tyson said.

“Okay, am I missing something? Did I do something wrong?” Mitchell asked nervously.

“No, of course not. Tyson is just a little weirded out with me hanging out with you,” I told him, looking over the back of my seat.

“And why is that, Lucy?” Tyson said, and I knew he wanted me to tell Mitchell he was my mate. I sighed, it was going to come out anyway.

Mitchell was watching him, trying to figure it out. “Tyson and Ace are my mates,” I told Mitchell, who opened and closed his mouth a few times before he let out a breath.

“Okay, then,” Mitchell said with a nod, processing that information. Tyson glanced at him over his shoulder.

“Well, at least mom will stop pestering me about you,” Mitchell said, and Tyson growled at him. Mitchell put up his hands, shaking his head.

“I’m fine being friends, Alpha,” Mitchell said, and I sat back in my seat. The drive wasn’t long to Mitchell’s place. Getting out of the car, Tyson hopped out before walking over to me. He pulled me to him before pressing his l!ps to my head.

“Mindlink me when you want me to pick you up,” Tyson said, and I nodded. Mitchell and I spent all afternoon playing video games, and surprisingly, nothing changed with him knowing I was Tyson’s mate. He didn’t seem to care but was just glad to be spending time with me.

Mitchell told his mother, who seemed genuinely happy, and I stayed for dinner before we went back up and played more video games before watching a movie. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remembered was being woken by someone carrying me. My eyes fluttered open before I snuggled closer to Tyson, feeling cold air brush over my skin, and I knew we were outside.

“Mitchell rang me and said you fell asleep,” Tyson said when I looked up at him as he put me in the passenger seat before pulling my seatbelt across me. I leaned back in the chair and saw Mitchell come over.

“I will see you later, Luce,” he said, shutting my door, and Tyson nodded to him before climbing in the car and starting it.

“Why didn’t you mindlink me to come to get you?” he asked, reversing out of the driveway.

“I fell asleep.”

“I would prefer it if you didn’t fall asleep in another man’s bed, though,” Tyson said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how tired I was,” I told him.

“It’s fine, Lucy. I am not mad. I know everything must be confusing for you, and Mitchell isn’t as bad as I thought. At least he rang me,” Tyson said, pulling onto the highway.

“Ace?” I asked, and he growled.

“Feeling sorry for himself,” Tyson said, and I nodded, resting my head on the window.

When we got home, the house was dark, no lights were on inside, and I hoped that meant Ace was asleep. Tyson parked his car before hopping out, and I followed him to the front door and watched as he unlocked it, pushing it open for me.

I yawned, wanting to go back to sleep, but I also knew Tyson wouldn’t like smelling Mitchell all over me, so I walked back to his room, grabbing a towel from the linen cupboard on the way to his room.

“I will get you some clothes,” Tyson said as I stepped into the bathroom, flicking on the light. I turned the shower on, waiting for the water to heat up. Tyson knocked on the door.

“Clothes, Lucy,” he said, and I opened the door.

“Why didn’t you just come in?” I asked him.

“Because I didn’t know if I was allowed.”

“You’re my mate, and it’s just skin Tyson,” I told him, stripping off, but he looked away, turning his back to me.

“You are so much like your mother,” he muttered.

“You have seen me naked before Tyson, geez.”

“Yes, before you knew we were your mates, Lucy. Tyrant wants to claim you. I just don’t want to be put in a situation where he might when you don’t want to be marked yet.”

I hopped in the shower, wetting my hair before grabbing the soap and washing myself, ridding my skin of Mitchell’s scent.

Tyson remained near the door until I finished showering and talking about random things. Getting out, I dried myself and slipped on his shirt and some shorts.

“I’m decent,” I told him, and he turned around while I rolled my eyes at him.

“Are you sleeping in here?” Tyson asked.

“I wouldn’t have come in here if I wasn’t planning too. And Ace won’t come in here with you with me,” I told him.

“He would, but I wouldn’t let him mark you.” I nodded before stepping past him and into the room.

I climbed onto his bed, getting comfortable before he changed quickly and climbed into bed with me.

I rolled over, resting my head on his bare chest, and he reached over, flicking the lamp off. The slightly open bathroom door allows light to filter in.

“What do you want, Lucy?” Tyson asked, his fingers playing with my hair.

“I want things to go back to normal.”

“What is your idea of normal?”

I wasn’t sure anymore either. “Back to before when I used to come back for the holidays.”

“Before you knew we were your mates, before Mr. Tanner?” Tyson asked. I nodded, and he sighed.

“You know that’s not possible. I don’t want to be your friend, Lucy. Tyrant wouldn’t let me even if I tried. You are mine and Ace’s, just as I am yours, but I can wait,” he said.

I didn’t say anything, but at least I knew I was safe with Tyson.

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