My Two Alphas Chapter 24

WewaitedforRayan to finish school, and Tyson told Ryker he would pick him up. I was too chicken to face my mother, but I knew I could do anything with Rayan by my side. Rayan was my go-to when sh!t hit the fan. He never judged me despite what my parents thought. Rayan was quiet, an observer, and my parents didn’t realize how much he truly knew, he was smart.

Rayan knew information was the key, and by always playing in the shadows, he saw a lot of things my parents didn’t know. But most of all, he saw me, saw me for who I was. He didn’t see me as a problem child, didn’t see me the way they did. He only saw me as his sister.

“Hey, sis,” Rayan said, climbing in the back of Tyson’s car. He leaned over from the back seat, wrapping his little arms around my neck, nearly strangling me against my chair, or at least that was what it would look like for anyone looking in the windshield.

I patted his hand before he k!ssed my cheek. “Are you coming home for a while or just dealing with mom?” he asked, sitting back and clipping his seatbelt in.

“Not sure yet. It depends on mom. Did you get in much trouble covering for me?”

“Eh, don’t worry about it. Mom should be fine. Feels terrible for not listening to you.” He laughed humorlessly. “Like anyone could get a word in even if she was listening,” he said with air quotes.

“What about Dad?”

“Mom and dad have been fighting like cats and dogs. Mom even asked for a divorce. Like that would happen,” he said, and he was right. They were mates. Dad would lock her in the house under guard if she tried to leave him, not that she would. Mom had a tendency to speak before thinking.

“How was school?” I asked him as Tyson pulled onto the highway, heading toward the packhouse.

“Good. I got an A+ on my history paper today.” He laughed before rummaging through his backpack and handing me his assignment. I read it and laughed at what it was on.

“Hybrid mutations? Seriously? We have made history books now?” I asked, handing it back to him.

“Yep. It was easy for me seeing as I am partially one and you and mom,” he said, and I snorted.

“Don’t worry, got another one on the Hybrid Queen. Thinking of asking grandma to come in, be like a show and tell. Can’t ask mom. She will probably go into labor from the stress of being in front of everyone or turn up naked. The assignment will change to how to deliver mutation babies,” he chuckled.

“She would if you asked. She is always looking for an excuse to come visit. Mom would love it,” Tyson added in for the first time.

“So, what’s going on with you two and Ace? Sorted this mate’s business out yet?” Rayan asked.

“Kind of,” I told him, and he leaned forward in his seat, sticking his head between us.

“I’m still punching Ace in the face,” he said, and my l!ps tugged up. Tyson smiled.

“You do that, little prince. I will even pay to watch you smack him one,” Tyson said, pulling up out the front. He parked the car, and I stared at the packhouse.

“Want me to come with you?” Tyson asked when I didn’t get out.

“Nah, she is good. She’s got me,” Rayan said, climbing out before coming over to my door and opening it.

“If you want to come home, ring me or mindlink me. I will come to get you.”

“It will be fine,” I told him, not even believing my own words. Rayan tugged my hand, and I looked at him.

“Come on. You can use me as a shield if she starts throwing shit,” my brother told me.

“Yeah, right, like I would do that,” I told him, and he shrugged.

“Come on. I am sure Tyson will sneak in tonight anyway,” Rayan said, and I raised an eyebrow at my brother.

“What? He used to do it all the time while you were on holiday here. I thought you knew,” he said, smiling deviously, and I looked at Tyson, whose face turned a little red.

“Oh. You really did?” I asked, shocked.

“Yeah, used to watch you sleep, not stalkerish at all. It was creepy as f*ck,” Rayan said.

“If you knew, why didn’t you say anything?” Tyson asked him.

“I knew you wouldn’t hurt her. Besides, she would have freaked out if I said anything.” Rayan shrugged.

“How long have you known?” Tyson asked.

“A few years. I thought it was odd but figured you had your reasons. At first, I thought about saying something, but she always slept better and wouldn’t be screaming in her sleep about the shit they did to her in the facility, and I thought you just missed her.”

“I did miss her. and just so we’re clear, I didn’t watch her sleep. That sounds like I am a creep.”

“Yeah, because crawling in her bed sounds better?” Rayan teased back before tugging on my hand. I climbed out of the car, a little shocked that my brother was more observant than me. Not that it was surprising.

We waited for Tyson to leave before Rayan led me inside, and we went to the kitchen. He started rummaging through the pantry, bringing out bread while I grabbed ingredients from the fridge, just like we used to do everyday after school when I attended the schools here.

“Pickles?” I asked him, and he nodded as I held up the jar. “Mom still likes chutney?”

“Yeah. She ate a jar the other day with peanut butter,” he said, making a disgusted face.

We made sandwiches, and Jacob came in, grabbing one before pecking my cheek. “Lucy,” he commented, biting into my sandwich. I started making another before looking up when I heard movement upstairs.

“She was napping,” Jacob said. I felt bad for him. He got her worst sides constantly as he was always assigned to watch my mother. I grabbed more bread, smearing peanut butter on it before Jacob nudged me out of the way and smeared more on it before grabbing the chutney and spreading some on it too. He then sent me a wink, and I cut it in half, putting it on a plate.

That is disgusting, I thought. I was just about to bite into my salad sandwich when mom stepped into the kitchen. I could feel my brother and Jacob watching us while we awkwardly stood there staring at each other.

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