My Two Alphas Chapter 44


I woke in the middle of the night to this overwhelming feeling of dread. Sitting up, I found myself naked, and Tyson was fast asleep, pressed against my back. I tossed the blanket back before rummaging through the dresser, I grabbed one of Tyson’s shirts and slipped it on before walking out of the room toward the kitchen.

My stomach turned violently, making me wonder what was going on. My mind was racing and somehow kept going to Ace. I just had a terrible feeling something was going on with him.

I poured myself a glass of water before picking up Tyson’s phone and seeing it was a little after 2 AM. I drank the glass of water before rinsing it and placing it on the sink upside down. I then slipped down the hall, stopping out the front of Ace’s bedroom door.

I gripped the door handle and twisted it open. His scent was faint, and I couldn’t see him in the room. I flicked the light on and confirmed that he still wasn’t home. I sighed, shutting the light off and closing the door.

I wondered where he was. Maybe he was with Melana, and that was the feeling of dread that was consuming me. But then again, he now knew I could feel them together, so I doubted that he wouldn’t be that stupid. He would also know Tyson would lose it, and I would reject him if he did. Yet the feeling got worse, and I couldn’t place it.

I just knew it had something to do with Ace. Walking back to Tyson’s room, I climbed back into bed. I tossed and turned, trying to get back to sleep, but the sinking feeling in my gut was making me nauseous.

“What’s wrong?” Tyson asked sleepily, yawning as he rolled into me before tugging me flush against him.

“Have you heard from Ace?” I asked him.

“He still isn’t home?” Tyson mumbled, and I shook my head.

“He will be fine, Lucy. He will come home when he is ready,” Tyson said, k!ssing my shoulder when I suddenly heard the front door open.

“See. He is fine,” Tyson mumbled, and I heard the front door close before hearing footsteps walking down the hallway. I heard him stop at his bedroom door for a second before he continued, and I felt myself relax when I sensed a whiff of his scent seep into the room before the door was pushed open more. Ace walked in and leaned over the bed. I turned my face to look up at him, and he jerked back.

“Sorry. I didn’t realize you were awake,” he whispered, standing upright. Yet I couldn’t explain the immense relief I had upon seeing him. The sickly feeling in my stomach settled now that I could see him.

“Why didn’t you come home earlier?” I asked him as he turned around to leave.

“My car broke down. I only just got home,” Ace told me, and I nodded.

“Were you in my room?” he asked, and I realized that had to be why he came down to Tyson’s room. He could smell my lingering scent in his room when I went to check if he was home yet.

“Yes. I didn’t touch anything. I was only checking if you were home,” I told him.

“You can touch whatever you want, Lucy,” he said, turning around again. The moment his back was to me, the sick feeling returned.

“Ace?” I whispered, and he stopped, turning back to me. “Will you stay? Please.”

“In here with you?” he asked, confused.

“Just for tonight. I just want you close. Something feels off,” I told him, and I saw him bite his lip before he nodded. Ace sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and shirt. I moved over, pulling the blanket back, and he laid down. I moved closer, needing to feel his skin. I suddenly felt worried about letting him go, like he would disappear. I couldn’t explain the feeling, but something about Ace scared me, like he was leaving me. Or maybe it was because Tyson and I were talking about Ace in the shower. I wasn’t sure. Ace turned his face, pressing his nose into my neck.

“Tyson marked you?” he asked, though I could tell he already knew. I didn’t say anything, not wanting him to get upset and leave.

“Good,” he said, rolling over and tugging me closer. He k!ssed my forehead.

“I love you, Lucy,” he whispered, hugging me tighter. I draped my arm over him, snuggling against him and inhaling his scent. Nothing felt more right than being between both of them. Feeling both of them next to me like this was how it was supposed to be, and a part of me was sick of denying it.

Ace’s hand moved down my side to my h!p before moving underneath Tyson’s shirt, his hand moving back up, and he stopped at my ribs. Ace’s hand was warm against my skin, and he k!ssed my forehead, pulling me closer when I felt Tyson move behind me. Pressing closer and pushing me impossibly close to Ace.

I felt Tyson’s hand run along my th!gh before he lifted my leg, draping it over Ace’s h!p. Ace pulled me closer when I felt Tyson’s breath on my neck as he moved, before hearing his voice below my ear.

“I know you want him, Lucy. It’s okay to want Ace. I want you to want him too,” Tyson said, k!ssing my mark before s*cking on it and making me m0an. I felt my eyes roll into my head when Tyson’s hand moved under his shirt, stopping on his brother’s hand.

He moved Ace’s hand to my bre*st, and I felt Ace hesitate before palming it. I wanted them, wanted both of them. Tyson knew that through the bond, but he also knew I wouldn’t do anything about it.

Tyson’s hand slid across my stomach before moving between my legs. I felt his erection pressing against my as*s, his fingers trailing along the lower half of my stomach, yet he didn’t move them lower. I knew he wanted permission despite being able to feel my reaction to him through the bond, and I grabbed his hand, moving it between my legs.

He gr0aned when he felt how wet I was, completely intoxicated by their scent and my senses overloaded as my ar0usal spilled onto my th!ghs. They barely touched me, and I felt like I was about to combust on their closeness alone.

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