My Two Alphas Chapter 47

Swiping up on his phone, it asked for a password, and I typed my birthday in as an eight-digit number before his screen unlocked.

“See? Tyson also uses it for everything, too,” he said.

“Sweet! Now I can snoop,” I chuckled, and he held his hand out for his phone, but I pulled away, going through his shit on his phone.

“Lucy!” Ace said, leaning over and trying to take it from me.

“What are you hiding, Ace?” I taunted, flicking through his messages, but they were mostly Tyson, Jacob, and his mother. I clicked out of his messages and snooped through messenger and a few other apps but found nothing, before checking his browser history, which also was boring as f*ck.

“Don’t understand why you got your knickers in a knot. There is nothing bad in here,” I told him, and he growled, holding his hand out for his phone.

“Though now I have to change my phone password. I wouldn’t want you to see the nudes I sent to Mitchell a few months back,” I teased when he suddenly jerked the car to the side of the road before slamming on the brakes

“You better be joking,” he said, snatching my bag off the floor from between my legs. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Nope. Not joking. I even sent a few videos,” I taunted as he rummaged through my bag. Bloody idiot, I thought to myself, he should know me better than to do something stupid like that.

“Ooh, I wonder if you have nudes?” I asked Ace, going into the camera roll on his phone as he grabbed mine and unlocked it. His eyes darted to me before he lunged for his phone, making me laugh as I turned in my chair and shoved him back with my feet.

“So, this is why you didn’t want me snooping. Will I find dick pics?” I told him, praying there weren’t nudes of Melana in there as I clicked on it. Ace tried reaching for his phone, but I kept shoving him back, and a laugh escaped me. He tried taking it from me with no luck. My face fell when I saw they were photos mostly of me, a few of Tyson, and one of Ryden with Rayan.

“Stalker alert,” I shrieked as he tried to snatch his phone.

“It is not stalking! You are my mate.”

“So, you take photos of me sleeping with your brother?” I told him.

“When you say it like that, yeah, it sounds creepy. But you wouldn’t let me near you,” he said before scrolling through my phone. I handed his phone back to him.

“You don’t seriously think I would send nudes to someone, do you Ace?”

“No. But I would like to see what you talk to Mitchell about,” he said, reading my messages.

“We will be late,” I told him.

“Why will we? How many messages have you sent him?” I shrugged, not knowing because there were too many to count.

“If you want, just keep my phone, if you want to read my messages. I will take yours to school,” I told him.

“Or, you can drive while I read,” he said, still scrolling.

“No license. And this is manual. I can’t drive manual,” I told him. I also sucked at driving in general, but didn’t want him to know I made no use of the driving lessons Tyson had paid for last year. He huffed before sliding his chair back, patting his lap. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You can steer then,” he said.

“What if I crash?” I told him, looking at this posh ass car that didn’t suit him.

“Then it looks like I brought it. You will be fine. I will be controlling the pedals,” he said, patting his lap again, and I could see he was too busy snooping through my phone. I sighed, climbing on his lap.

“Fine. But if we get pulled over, you are taking the blame. I am not losing my license before I even get it,” I told him.

I turned the ignition on, and Ace moved his legs and put the car into gear, his hand on my thigh while he rested his chin on my shoulder, looking at the phone and also watching the road, making sure I didn’t kill us. I pulled back on the road, and my hands started sweating instantly. I never wanted my license and hated the idea of driving.

“Slow down, Ace,” I told him, my heart racing as the car picked up speed.

“Lucy, we still aren’t even at the speed limit yet,” he said, changing gears again, and the car picked up more speed.

“Ace!” I squealed. He tossed the phone in the passenger seat.

“You didn’t do the driving lessons Tyson paid for, did you?” he said, remembering last year’s birthday present from Tyson.

“Nope, I don’t like driving,” I told him, and one of his hands gripped the steering wheel, the other pulling me back against him while he sat up a little.

“Pull over so I can get in my seat.”

“We are nearly there. Besides, you have the best seat,” he said, thrusting his h!ps up, and I could feel the bulge in his pants.

“Ace,” I said through gritted teeth, and he chuckled, pulling onto the road toward the school. I sighed, leaning back against him while he drove. My phone started ringing, and I glanced over at it and saw Mitchell’s face pop up on the screen. I reached for it when Ace turned sharply, the phone sliding into the footwell out of reach.

“You did that deliberately,” I told him, knowing that the corner wasn’t that sharp.

“Yep,” he admitted, kissing my cheek when it started ringing again. Ace pulled up at the school, and I looked at the dash to see we were five minutes late for the principal meeting. Yet many kids were still walking around just inside the gates when I knew the bell had rung ten minutes ago.

I shook my head and reached over, grabbing my bag and phone off the floor before climbing off Ace’s lap when he opened his door, thankful no one was actually looking this way to catch me sitting on his lap. Ace climbed out before grabbing my hand. He tugged me toward the school, and I dropped his hand. Ace arched an eyebrow at me before draping his arm over my shoulder and pulling me beside him.

“Ace…” I whispered when I saw a few kids staring, but he just tugged me closer, ignoring me trying to escape him. My phone started ringing again as I entered the gates, and I retrieved it from my pocket, glancing at it to see Mitchell’s face pop up again.

“Do you usually get this much attention?” Ace asked, making me look up from my phone, wondering what he was talking about. People were staring at me everywhere we turned, and at first, I thought it was because I was with Ace, but the whispers got worse as we entered the building. My phone started ringing again, vibrating in my hand, and I answered it.

“Yes, Mitchell?” I said, annoyed.

“Don’t come to school,” he said in a frantic, rushed voice.

“And why wouldn’t I come to school, Mitchell? Besides, I just got here,” I told him, seeing a few people whispering and pointing before Ace glared at them, and they scampered off. What the f*ck is going on?

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